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Winter in Dieppe and mankinds cruelty   HD 1080p

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Welcome to sailling yacht Fridá af Wisby   We left our hectic business life to go sailing  with Fridá af Wisby and our cat Litza our goal for the spring 2021 is to reach the mediterranean sea in our final episode in our 2020 season we reached Dieppe in Normandy in  France we decided to stay there over the winter   to let Anders back heal properly and we also  went back to Sweden for about two months    in the previous videos during this season we visited  the Wauquiez shipyard and we took a closer look   at the electrical system on Fridá af Wisby in this  episode we will take a closer look at the town due   to cover 19 restrictions all museums are closed  but we had to rent a car to go to the Wauquiez yard   so we decided to keep it a couple of days more  and drive to Fécamp, Le Havre and one of the d-day   beaches omaha beach so we will show you a little bit of that please turn on the english text  because this is partly in swedish I got out of the  gate from the marina I like the old buildings this is from when we first arrived in the Dieppe  and this is uh the marina from the marina office   uh unfortunately the guest pontoon is about  to say furthest away from the office building   which is maybe not so smart when we first  arrived the cafes were still open so we are having a coffee and we also managed to squeeze in  one or two restaurant visits before the lockdown now it's low tide and we have 2.4 meters waters here and earlier today there was  11.2 I think it was when i looked so super low from super high to super low Dieppe is famous for its uh street market that it has each Saturday so we decided to go up  and have a look and it was really fun because it's all over the place and they sell everything from  carved statues to clothes to food fresh fish and vegetables and well lots of different things uh we  decided to buy some fish this is filmed before the strict lockdown that was later implemented in France and the market was much more limited after that Anders and I have now been to the market and we bought some grapes, clementines lemons and fish lemon and plaice that we are going to eat tonight You had tasted the grapes They where great, really big and juicy mm clearly different from the ones you can buy at home mm they taste good they aren't cheap but really good The market was first we thought that the market was only the stands over there by the Parisienne wheel but that was some kind of book fair but up in the whole city center, along the pedestrian street and the square that lies here behind that block of houses there was market all over the streets Mostly just ordinary cheap market stuff but some cool stuff as well they are about to open the bridge I dont see it moving yes you can see its sliding now I can see it to it's sliding to the side the swing bridge is called Pont Colbert and uh  when it was built in 1888 in only four months   it was the longest swing bridge it's over 70 meters  long and it connected Dieppe with Pollet   which was an area where the fishermens and sailors  lived in the old days did they open the bridge for that little one? it's a rubber dinghy that comes it has to come something bigger no, now it slides back it was for them one rubber dinghy? (laugh) 2-3 dinghys and some small fishing boats like the ones that lays here huh you think they should had been able to pass below as you can see it's the beach in Dieppe  very stony so it's a stone beach   but in the other end near the hill  you have some sand as you can see here i'm not quite sure what it is the locals are   collecting but i think it's the  snails that you can buy on the market on the hillside there is uh some cool caves   but be aware there's 10 meters tidal different so don't get caught there caves august 19, 1942, 6000 Canadian troops  stormed the beach of Dieppe in what was   said to be a decoy operation to steal the German  Enigma machine but it was a steep price   because 4963 of them died Time to get the bikes ashore We have used one of the halyards to lift them on to the dock and unfolded them but one of the locks are missing so I'll go and look for´s probably in a bag

Now we got them up on land we think they can stand safely here but the high water is not so far from the edge they where safe from the tide but not from thieves so one of them got stolen this is a little thing that makes life a  little bit easier it's a bading ladder to hang on small boats but we hang it on  side as a stair to make it easier to get up and down Hi kitty girl Litza is very busy to keep an eye on and scold at the seagulls is it big birds? are they really big? this is the church that is such a  landmark when you are going into   Port de Dieppe um it's on the Pollet  side and it's quite beautiful with   this style of ornament as well  and some beautiful stained glass here you can see the entire entrance to Dieppe   so you have the full view from the  church over the whole town and the port there you can see Fridá af Wisby   and all along the quay there are fish restaurants  that unfortunately were closed due to lockdown here's some example of the old fisherman houses  on the pallet side my way down back to here   they actually collected flintstone from  the beach and mixed it to save bricks here is another example where you  can see the flintstone and the bricks when we were in Dieppe there was a lot of  dredging activity to dredge the harbour and   also fishing vehicles come in at night to unload  their catch so be prepared that it can be a bit noisy are you helping me Litza? can you help me with my knitting one of the few restaurant visits that  we managed to do before the long the lockdown appelcider really good fresh yes it tastes like fresh apples we will let the lobsters live a little longer Scallops and Anders has a Sirloin beef (steak) really good really good time to try the scallops with cream and mushroom so good i have now been here at a very much  smaller market bought some fish here in Dieppe Fresh fish and some sea snails after almost three weeks and quite strict lockdown  we were only allowed to go out one hour a day   and only two kilometers from the boat we  decided to cheers us up with some Christmas  decorations 10 meter light rope i think  we can have light all around the boat ah Christmas feeling well i think it looks pretty   and we were not alone Dieppe city has also decorated  the trees but with the strict lockdown in France we decided that we wanted to fly back  to Sweden and also celebrate Christmas there   Anders parents greeted us at  the local airport in Visby   and they have been kind enough to drive there in two  cars and bought some groceries for us   so we could go straight home into self-isolation and the first  thing they asked about is where is Litza and normally when we travel i have her in a special back-pack which is allowed to carry on at airplanes totally wasted you look like you come from a different planet yeah we feel like it too after being on the boat for such a long time  it was actually great to be home and be able to   walk in the forest and we also celebrate Christmas  with Anders's parents and new year's eve we spent by   the fireplace but we did see some fireworks that  the neighbors had but after two months at home we felt that it was time to get back to the  boat but traveling in pandemic is a logistic challenge "Don't forget me i know we are not  flying until tomorrow but i'm laying here because i want to go to the boat too" i think that's what Litza is saying where are we going? now we're going to the airport to get to  Stockholm so we can catch the flight to our boat hopefully it's a little less snow down in France than its here it's like six degrees below zero here almost a half meter snow and very icy road it's with a  bit of a knot in the stomach we fly from our snowy little island and the plane set course to Stockholm because  we have not yet got the result from our pcr test and that was the only way we could manage  to get to Paris uh within the 72 hours that   is a requirement from France but it was negative so jippie here we come there..there she is yeah back to the boat there she is waiting for us we are onboard so let's just  see if Anders can find the key I've just done´s open it's open yes we are back finally after two months okay warm in here back at home it smells OK that looks a little bit strange what has happened here? or did we leave it like that? no we didn't we must have heeled yeah  here looks okay bathroom looks that's a little bit heating the dehumidifier so that  it can let the water drain out   how does it look? perfect no water  in the bilge which is what we want exactly what you want back on the boat we quickly  got settled in and Litza made sure she had front seats when we were watching America's cup we  tried to keep the good habit of walking and here we are on the outer pier in Dieppe watching  some of the locals fishing but we do think that the catch looks a little small to eat but  look how the currents make a line in the water Litza enjoyed being back on the boat and  she of course had to tell the seagulls   that the cat-tain is back we also made some  boat projects here we are installing some usb outlet and a 12-volt outlet in  the cockpit table so that we can charge our   tablets where we have AIS info etc while  we are on the way Let´s drive we have rented our car for a couple of days uh to we need to buy  some building materials because we need to   build some more storage space with uh which i  will show you in another episode and we also   needed the car to drive to the Wauquiez shipyard as  we has already shown you they could not help us to cut the big uh boards that we have bought so Anders brought his own tools and we bought  some bucks to put it on so we are standing  here on the parking lot   to cut the boards in minor pieces that we can  get into the car so we can get it to the boat now we are on our way for uh an excursion   we are going to drive first to Fécamp and  then to Le Havre and then further on via Honfleur to   Omaha beach and the memorial center  that is there to have a look at that   and then we're going to turn back uh to Dieppe  because we have to be back before six o'clock tonight this is the famous Fécamp where can be some  really tricky waves to get in looks very calm today let's see what happens to this  motorboat when it comes out he try to keep as far away from this  side where the current verbals is worse seems like he knew what he was doing we have actually been warned not to enter this  harbour due to it can have very tricky conditions   but nevertheless it's a bit of a  rocky ride out time for next stop back the road again today it's peaceful to walk here at the memorial  site but the allied intelligence had revealed that Le Havre and Cherbourg were heavily guarded  but that there was a gap in between which made   it possible to reach the D-Day beaches to get  the detailed information about how it looked   they actually looked at the postcards from before  the war of the North France coast from the french resistance they got the intelligence information  of where the defences were and what kind of   obstacles that would block the way the plan  was to first bomb to knock out the defenses and then storm the beaches but here at  omaha beach the bombing failed and the soldiers were pretty much left to themselves and once they passed the beach they had to climb those hills that was guarded with fully  operational artillery it must have been absolutely terrible over 3 000 men died here on june 6 1944 most  of them within the first couple of hours   it was really moving to see all those crosses   i couldn't help it but get a tear in my  eye the american cemetery at omaha beach after the visit at the memorial site we decided to  stop at the overlord museum despite it was closed   originally made to shoot down airplanes but with the right ammunition it was dangerous to tanks too here you can see examples of some of the obstacles  placed on the beach and in the water by the way   and a typical bunker this is a temporal bridge  that the engineering troops was carrying with them   to be able to drive tanks across rivers etc this one actually has no roof so you stand outside  and uh fight this one is much better protected Anders is showing where they actually could attach  extra shields to protect the people inside    it was time for us to turn back in order to be able to be  home before six and we had some celebrations to do   so when we got back to the boat we opened  a bottle of champagne to celebrate my   50th birthday but the big seafood plate that  i wished for i had to wait to another day   the next morning we were supposed to go up early  and drive to the Wauquiez shipyard but it was very   low tide and i encountered an early morning  problem when i got back from the shower the ramp was extremely steep and icy Now you are up to  speed with what we have been doing since october and if you like this episode  please give us the thumbs up

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