Winter Mountain Biking Adventure | Blake's Epic Weekender

Winter Mountain Biking Adventure | Blake's Epic Weekender

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Welcome back you beautiful, people so my brother ray and I decided, to pack up the Jeep hit the road head over to Snowdonia, National Park. Which is in Wales a place that we've both never, been before we. Thought how let's go do some camping, let's do some / landing, we took her hardtails I'm, going to explore what. That place had to offer for trails so sit back and relax get. Yourself some popcorn and enjoy this. Morning. Morning morning morning. Okay. So we've got here it's taken five and a half hours, to drive all the way up and to look like, the middle of Wales somewhere, along the coast west coast just picked up some wood we're gonna gonna set up camp in this valley her brother Ray who stood outside there, he's gonna open the gate are we gonna find a cool campsite, there's a river that runs through this campsite, so we're gonna find, a cool spot pitch, up 10 on top of the car whoa. Wow, I can't wait and then there's a pub not very far from here, wicked. Get set up. All. Right yep, find, a spot. We've. Arrived in Wales, freezing. Yeah, we, found a spot we've gonna set up tent there and we're the only ones in the campsite but all to ourselves, you can ask for more yeah why is it for warmer. Weather more whether it's freezing, it's not bad it's not bad it's minus zero, it's - Sarah it's ice this look at the grass is white got a little fire pit we've, got some wood from the farm we're gonna set, up ten then go to the pub for dinner because hail, cooking, in this weather noise noise I'm. Just gonna sit by a fire in this weather yeah, and, drink. Hot chocolate right. Run, time-lapse, of us setting up camp right. Set, up my little front run a tent on the roof, that's all set up brace getting the bikes ready through, what the hardtail so raised running, the, new proof scout hotel, and I'm running my, new new, proofs carpark, tail. It's. Cold, I'm feeling the cold coming out the warm car out here it's, getting very cold we by the river which is making it even colder that water's freezing but.

I'm. Going in that in the morning we'll work you up right. Let's get this fire started. Rooftop. Tent that's all set up it looks freakin, cool I can't think of that this is the kitchen good a table, got. Our food oh, man. This we're gonna cook up breakfast, you're sleeping, upstairs. You. Got the bike set up we're, going to the pub so we've got lights on there I got my cool. Exposure lights banged. On the front I'm just gonna crack open a beer all, right I reckon Ray's gonna start that fire. Okay, right we're gonna go to the pub I'm gonna show ray the. Route that we're gonna be taking what mountain there who can have you hot and huh, what valleys, will be shredded down hang, on it but. Say. Anything about get up amount, mountain biking ray anyway. Let's. Go. At tents frozen. I just. Got back set. Up a fire you. Know warm up because, he is. So. Resumed, out yeah it's gonna be fun tomorrow it's. Gonna, be up here within. The downhills, I'm gonna be spot, on and it's hope so right yeah yeah they looks, good looks good I mean that the hills around here are massive so looking, forward to it it's however let's get warmed up from this. 500. All. Right Morris. The next day today's, the day we're gonna shred our heart tails up, in the mountains up here in Wales, get ready get suited and booted and, then catch. Wow. We're gonna go up to the river cuz, there's a cool trail and then go across the other side yeah I'll explain everything. Alright. We're. All set, dude up and. Ready, to hit the trail you, ready I'm ready, he looks very warm, I think warm let's go right yeah let's go. And. Fell over, lady L still, eager fry and race just bombed off up there okay. Going, for some. Nice. I had to get this view, look how insane this is that's, like an old sheep. Barn, or a Buffy. That's totally. Destroyed, we're. Gonna see a few of these on our travels, we're gonna stop at one and Cody Brennen we're, at the foot of Penn, gawa, Mount, I don't, know what Mount have I can't speak washed, anyway, I'm gonna catch up ray. I. Will. Just cycled up from, inside that Valley oh yeah, what a beautiful day we can't ask for any better weather right. It's. Not even windy. Touchwood. It's, cloudy temperatures. Pretty, cool huh I reckon it's about 1 degree it's.

Pretty Cold it's still frost on the floor we're gonna head out there to this stone, arch thing, and hopefully. We can see the other side and, then the like. The s3 the. Big. River. Mouth which, we have to cross to get to the other side yeah, I'll see you at the top. Grass. Is frozen me. Okay. Well. Cycle from that peak, quite, far away down there now. We're. Gonna go across the valley to, those mountain, ranges over there so, we're gonna find our way down, there. The, footpath goes that way it goes downhill kid follow the valley down speed and follow the valley down we'll, find out nice. Let's, get some descending. Right. Do this road we're, going here to that bridge and then where's the trails, all, in here they're outside try running it up to the top of it at the top of that mountain now this is about another 20 mile or. A bulky. Right. It's. Alive on a. Bridge. Nice. So. That lovely lady down there just gave us a pound, for. Us to cross because we didn't have any change so thank, you very much young lady, it's, very card we just carry card right we're gonna cross this bridge is super, old it's from 1770. Been like over, a hundred ships, were built in this area using. The local oak in The Woodlands around, to. Build it's like pretty. Famous for their shipbuilding, around this area pretty crazy yeah yeah well, this part of Wales is super. Beautiful man we're crossing this Little River. Into. Kearney. Brennan which is over there and. Funny, that there that white building there is. The. Original, toll. Keepers. Heart. That from, 1770. So, so, old, crazy. We're. Gonna head up the value behind us I'm. Excited I'm gonna have lunch in a bit. Wow. Wow, wow. Look, oh. Yeah. I guess, it's worth it for that now, a hundred percent look at this view, and we just rode all. Over that. At. The foot of that, plane. Glar good, we have to google it right penguin. Or whatever yeah. I'm sorry for my Welsh. Pronunciation. But, we just cycled all of that to, bridge up here we're, gonna go over, all of this behind us over.

There Well. I think we're gonna have lunch. That's. That massive one over there was it called penny, gotta penny. Penny. Garden. Gotta. Mr.. Eshton's climbed that man. Yep four, hours to climb that apparently two up two down. All. Right so we got to the top while we're not fully, at the top that's the top over there, now we're just go to traverse, across because over, there is Glen Cody, Brennen not Glencoe, we're not in Scotland play, Cody. Brennen it's just over there. And. We're gonna cycle. Along there on that path, down, there and drop. In and then, the town the village is behind us which is just over there which we're gonna end up, for a nice, hot, chocolate. And. Back into town and, then back to camp and then tomorrow we'll. Hit up Tony Brennan because, it's pretty cool I've heard a lot about it yeah, I've never written. All. Right. There's. A number of these little. Tar roads in the back in these, valleys that link from trial to trial that wife, spotted, routed it out well, on there. We've, come to this, other. Trail now we're, gonna head over this, little, bit of ridge line mountain into, the next, Valley, this is Valley number three of day, one here is it well. Yeah. Highest climb over this once. Oh. Right. So we've come to a real tough, build a trail you can't ride through hiking the bikes up to this fire road which, we can traverse, down into, Coney Brenna you. Know just looking in the horizon, it looks super. Close. But there's, miles away, it's a beautiful hike oh. These. Memories. These, long as it's actually. Very. Mission. Wow. This, stuff's horrible, to ride on a SAR, well it's, Cody Brennen, right. Over there, we, gonna head down there the time is. Was. Half to ray the. Sun's gonna go down it hot in about an hour, and we are about. An hour and, a half to and, then there's a horrible tire road which is gnarly, that. Runs all the way through the valley back to where, we had dinner last night which. Were we gonna have dinner again but. We did say we're gonna cook. But. It's been a long day. Like. Okay. I'm a snack before I drop in here, all. The way down into this valley, ride. Back into town. There's. Gonna be a cool descent though you. Ready I'm. Ready. I'll. Look at this ray we. Write the tip of Kearney Brennan Forest Park this is, literally. This is probably a trail right here or anything yeah a red and a black trail but all these white lines are, all trails.

Man-made. Trails it's a trailer park so they take time, then it goes all through that fire, it is quarter, to three is a bit later we still got an hour to get into town but then we've got 30 minutes to get back to camp we did bring some ice we didn't think ahead we did all right can we head back into town and if there's a trail down here somewhere, yeah, we just ride down it there then tomorrow, we'll come back and write Tony Brenda Sal. Get it as low as a good trouser yeah I'm looking forward to some good ones. So. We found an alternative. Route the, 8470. Which is on the other side of the valley we found this route yeah this is maroon. 82. Which. Is a cycling. Route a lot more chill. Horrible. Fast-moving, road not, safer, as well. So. We got words two. Bags of it are. We gonna make a huge, fire tonight and, drink. A few beers. Celebrate. Our last night here yeah. Hi. Good morning it, is day two and, uh not. Gonna lie, last, night was freezing it got down to minus, three degrees everything. Is frozen the past rows in the tents frozen. Actually, we were all right we had full, thermal zone who are sweating, in these sleeping, bags but we've got the fire started phrase making coffee I need it we're, gonna pack down today because, we're gonna move out, we've. Got quite a long way to go today we've got five, and a half hours again to go home yeah. Cody. Brennen just parked up we're. Gonna go look at the trail map because we've never been here before so we want to see where we're going see. What trails. We want to ride, or. The biggest loop that's why we want to see. So. There's four different categories you've, got green blue red and black, so, from. Right. From beginner up to extreme, expert. Riders, you. Can ride house pretty cool caters, for everyone, I reckon. We should go and find Black Diamond right bit of red bit of blue that orange trail looks pretty sick we should going like that. It's. 20, 20, miles of trail. That's. It let's go, all. Right we're. Gonna do a Red Dragons. Back it's called yesterday's, cool fogs up. Nice. I'm. Gonna carry on up here oh it's, a short just try all of them or the red, it's got waterfalls in it before. That. All. Right, forgot. Your shoe. It's. Your size right put. Some cleats and that thing here. Tell. Me well there's. A good level of like. Balance between. Descending. And, climbing. Oh, it's. Like non-stop are. You thinking right. Tiring. On the. Little. Descends, a fun night little, hops, everywhere. It. Goes another one. Look. At my tripod, man a. Little. Shelf and everything I'm gonna put you on this little shelf watch, this action. Nice. All. Right yeah, see, that log a really. Wet one yep mmm. Good, try if you do it out there if. You don't do it I'll still do it oh this is the log of dude look guy, right you got it. Dude. Oh. Wait. I swear you slippery, yeah, let's get it it looks green Oh a, slippery, what if we just take this bit off you reckon still. Snuffy like that's made it worse. You've. Come, was that better or worse. It's. Cara riding the trail. So. We're following, Dragon's, Back which is a red trail and the Beast which is a black trail because, we've been climbing going, up and down like this following, this river it's so beautiful, that it's like we're in Canada no lie it looks insane look at it, so.

We're Gonna follow up this tar road feel like it's gonna be descending, all or back to the trail Center it's 2 p.m. we, haven't got much time, you ready right. So. This is a this, is a real, Buffy where. You. Can come and stay in seek refuge, of your hiking you. Can come. And stay here make a fire keep warm and, see how the cold correctly, we should do a trip to this Buffy we should do a hundred percent. So. It's scary and yeah it's. Like Blair Witch Project. Right. It's. Bit creepy it is creepy. All, right can we could for. Sure come, and step yeah, oh. The. Buffy definitely. A another. Adventure trip. Bike. Packing, in this area for sure but I've reached the top of the hill we're gonna drop. Down back to the trail center because we're a bit cut, for time so, hopefully there's some cool descents. All. Right I like. Like when you glass it's, a. Lot. I can't see anything. Yeah. These. Pyro's, are super, beautiful man they, like link from, one side of the valley to the other from, one trail to the other we're. On the beast or. The Dragons, back, but. It's a good combination of fire, road to trail you got loads of cool single, track trails. It's very rocky but. It's super fun we're, on our last bit of, ascending. Where. We gonna descend down to the, trail Center, for. A well-deserved. Cup. Of hot chocolate tea, or coffee anything, hot it's, freezing. It was really cold and we running out of snacks. Snickers. End of a little journey out here into Wales, Snowden. National. Park it's been insane. So, good it's been polls though it has been it has been very freezing, here hope, you enjoyed this video if you want to see more content like this in the future or if you, want to see. More of this less know in the comments down below but, if you want to see another rad video click, just down here don't forget hit. The globe I pick, gremlins face to subscribe to the channel because you miss out on some cool stuff give, us a thumbs up like and we see you the next one see, ya.

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Keep an eye out for the holy grail

Ma quanto dura la batteria al freddo?

I used to do this kind of ride in the Desert of central Arizona. Mostly in the 1983 to 1992 of ATB bike riding. Our old buildings dating back centuries were Indian ruins some still intact but mostly not. I saw the advantages of off roading as a way to explore and keep fit. You guys (and brothers at that) did this ride very well. I had old topographic maps and no Go Pro to record but it's in my memory. Places like Crown King, Bloody Basin Road and Tortilla Flats were great adventure places.

Ah an other winter ride with no snow or ice or rain. How do you find this weather?

Me and the lads in Llynfi MTB are planning this trip for the summer,it looks awesome,already in Wales so a bit closer for us.

Such a mint vid, just like a high quality edit of a down to earth riding weekend away. More like this please

Brilliant, that’s what it’s all about

Great bonding, you guys are great. I LOVE THE JEEP!!!!! Where can i see the customizations for a Wrangler? I would like a tent like that

Where are yall from ?.


This has inspired me to take my hardtail MTB out on an adventure tomorrow. Cheers guys.

You captured the spirit of UK Mountain Biking so well. Adventure and discovery on the wild trails, then followed up by trail centre ride. But it's always the wild rides that make the stories you'll be telling for the rest of your life.

I want this kinda vids this feels soo great to watch love it!

Hi, nice vid, but what is the name of the campsite please?

What app are you using to find the trails guys?

Great video guys! We did our first outing to coed y brenin the other week! Dragons bach was worth the trip!

When I went to Snowdonia to check out the trails everywhere was covered in this horrible fog. It was so thick you couldn't tell a rock from a bridge, and there's no signal in most places so there wasn't much I could do but leave it. I was on my own so it would have been pretty dumb to attempt a ride in those conditions, especailly as a beginner. I had to head back down south for the weekend and by then the fog had cleared so I tried out the Afan Forest trails instead. They were epic but Snowdonia looks better in my opinion! More rural and so much bigger. I'd appreciate if anyone could recommend me any Scottish trails? I'm heading that way in the summer but still need to settle on a destination that's close to all the best MTB routes!

great vid. what shoes do you use to ride offroad and hike in or do you take different types?

perfect thanks

Props for the million extra miles you must have done to get those wide shots! Great adventure.

awesome video guys looked so much fun Coed y Brenin was the first trail center

Outstanding vid guys. Well done

The way he pronounces coed y brenin

Could you make this tour public? I would love to ride it

To long

Olive car, olive beanie, olive bike - nice! BTW would be also nice to see review of the olive Paratrooper some day - looks like a hardcore bike

So cool video you brothers really love to see some more of those adventure trips PERFECT!

Ha, I’ve camped there by the stream- in summer the insects were murder.

Great video guys awesome scenery and fab tent

Excellent !! more of this type, please.

First GMBN vid ive watched that made me seriously contemplate getting my 99 Rockhopper updated. Cool adventure!

Nice video! Big fan. Whats brother's bike wheel size?

this video is the dream. great nature, great bikes, great guys.

Awesome video, more videos with your bro for sure!

good work. got me on the exercise bike watching this looking forward to spring

More like this!

Best video ever! Have at look at this for some Scottish info.

Considering buying my first good MTB...Not sure if I should buy a hardtail or a full-suspension bike

Hello enjoyed that . could you share the route of the first bit ?

Great vid guys

I only ride park! 0:40

Brilliant vid. This vid; the GCN 10k calorie challenge, and; OB’s Everesting have been the 3 best vids for a while. Keep them coming like this. How about West Coast of Scotland for awesome road and mountain biking?

That looked amazing

Had this saved to watch later - great job :) Brilliant filming and a lovely video. More of the same, please! :)

So its around 0 celsius,and you arent wearing a cap or beanie?Like how tf

20:42 Gods must be crazy reference?

love those adventures

Simply brilliant, I'd love to do this with my pals. Would be great if you could do more videos like this please.

"It's minus zero"

Brilliant video you are both great mountain bikers and have a great sense of humour! I will try and go to that National Park in Wales and seek out the trails.

Wicked ride thru the Welish landscape. Maybe that bunniehop over a wet log wasn't a good idea :-) You did say it was cold (-3) but the rider behind you had short bibs, hahaha Did a ride last weekend at -6 is funny how a trail works out at these temps. Keep up the good work (videos)

That bit around the 15 minute mark looked horrible! Especially after several hours of hard riding. You must both be crackers.

... but the trail at 21:30 looked brilliant, so maybe you're not as daft as I look! ;-)

What a wicked video I love watching these kind of adventure riding videos!! Lee doing them guys plz

EPIC ride guys, so much fun, who cares about the cold. More like this please.

Easily the best ever GMBN video so far. Subbed ☺️ More like this please

+Michael Atkinson True. Scotland is a mountain biker's heaven! I prefer riding long distance rather than spending time on the more competitive short trails, but I love a few challenges inbetween even if it's just the odd obstacle or technical patch. So far I've only ever done blue or red routes. I know a lot of trails aren't graded but its super helpful when they are. Pretty sure I could manage a black route but it would be slow going and best to wait until I've mastered the mediocre. I'll definitely check out the stuff you mentioned

There is no one place in Scotland with all the best trails. I know more about the Highlands and for real stuff - look up the highland Trail 550 route - or a few other long distance routes. Not ideal beginner stuff. Plenty trail centres well documented to get skills up everywhere from Borders to the North of Scotland. Of course - there are loads of forest trails up here too that aren't specifically MTB trails - but give chance of long routes out. All depends what you want....

I love these series.

Which camp site is that?

I was able, after a lot of work, to follow you along on your entire epic ride using Google Earth from Vancouver BC Canada. You and your brother are "Canada Tough" ! Great ride!

Loved this video. Properly captured the spirit of the adventure. Nice one guys!

Love these type of videos!

Eddie The Eagle . Loved this vid man!

i live here lad its class and loads of trails to shred

Epic Blake, wanna go pack my bike up right now for an adventure ride. HT defo the way to go tho :) big thumbs up for that vid man

What is the make of the tent on top of ur jeep? Was looking for something similar for my ford connect van

Excellent guys more of it

Wow looks really great. Where are you there exactly? Regards JaxxBarrow

great stuff . ta

Looks freezing cold and wet. Idk just sayn doesnt look fun.

omg you literally cut out the best parts of the bike ride!!!!

Love the film and great to see you on hardtails I'm off to Snowdonia next week to ride my Whyte hardtail around Cody again and up Snowdon too which is on my bucket list ...

So beautiful! The trees and moss almost seem painted! Awesome video fellas.

hi sir im a poor kid that who wanted a bike for going to school if see this comment from philipines thank you..

Very nice, maybe I need to get the ferry over finally.. :D

What was the website they used for the bike route?

Great content and great example of a weekend away from the city! You guys gave me the will to go and do that this Easter with my girlfriend! We are going to pack and we will spend in Snowdonia park! I would like to know the place you guys parked and camped. I am living in London and I am trying to organise this weekend as is a long trip. Any other advise you could give me? Thank you once again for this amazing Video! :)

Interesting fun video, great filming, editing and a little bit of drone footage thrown in for good measure, I visit Coed Y Brenin often, great trails.

- by -0 do you mean -0 degrees c or -0 degrees f?

How much is a downhill bike?

Ive rode in coed y Brenin It means kings forest. Coz loads of welsh kings and queens

I live here

I very much enjoyed this video , much more engaging than videos trying to flog products .

Loved it matev

Thanks for taking us on your Welsh adventure. It's left me with a strong desire to talk my mates into something similar. Can't wait for the next one, but where next?

They took time making these videos good shots well recorded

Awesome video as usual, Blake! I recently did a 3 days MTB trip to Wales and absolutely loved it! :)

sub to sub you back

Sex wax

Great ride lads, more of these please :-)

awesome do heaps more blake you are so cool

Great video again guys. Loving the Slippery Log of Doom!

What an awesome tent

Who pays 700 pounds on ligts when You can have sigma ones for about 250 pounds

Slippery log of doom. Not rock of doom

I can’t believe u guys didn’t ride that roof

Dude You're funny... I like your videos!!! I'm a hardtail love as well what's the price of your Nukeproof!?

@Michael Atkinson True. Scotland is a mountain biker's heaven! I prefer riding long distance rather than spending time on the more competitive short trails, but I love a few challenges inbetween even if it's just the odd obstacle or technical patch. So far I've only ever done blue or red routes. I know a lot of trails aren't graded but its super helpful when they are. Pretty sure I could manage a black route but it would be slow going and best to wait until I've mastered the mediocre. I'll definitely check out the stuff you mentioned

"Its -0!!"

literally my back garden

Ride Germany!!! Abenteuer!

love the i only tide park sticker

That red trail is like absolute (newborn baby like) beginners trails in Gothenburg. You should try the really hard ones in Gothenburg instead.

And the black trail is like the good bits in Vättlefjäll.

Great video. Thanks for exploring and showing us these trails. Awesome Jeep btw.

Amazing video guys very nice!

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