Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade at Universal's Islands of Adventure

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade at Universal's Islands of Adventure

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Hey Jared Lindsay here, heading, into island, of adventure in Orlando, Florida, and, today, we've, got two goals number. One I want to ride in the Incredible, Hulk because it's been a while since I've ridden it and, the other thing we want to do is we want to head back to hogs Meade it, maybe just go up it out a little bit should. Be fun although it's pretty, hot so. Lindsay. Doesn't do very well in the heat so we might be jumping, in and out of some air conditioned buildings so. She don't get sick, walking. In Thailand adventures, always reminds me of walking into like another mini, city. Walk you know I mean they got like a lot of other little, restaurants. And shops just like city wok. Yeah, well okay city wok in another country, or. In some mythical. Land. About, that one. Way or the other it's like another city well hockey. But. Themed alright. Okay. You, know for instance you can get fudge and candy. Or, you can buy a little knickknacks, and stuff or ear. So, it's pretty big, you. Know I mean you. Know saying oh what's that over there what, is that little card thing I've never seen that before. Yeah, I've always really liked the theming over here - this, is an awesome theme park. Here we go about jump on Incredible Hulk it's basically no way time right now which, is awesome. So. I kind of forgot well I've ridden the Hulk and loved it Lindsay had never actually been on the Incredible, Hulk before, and she didn't know it was a launch coaster so. What did you think of the ride though I thought, it was great I thought, that they didn't launch you until the top. But. You just barely get in the tunnel and then it was like oh hello. But. It was really good you. Go up in. Some fog and, over, water it's, just a really really awesome ride. Yeah, I forgot to tell her I've told her on the car when we were going into the hill hey by the way this is a launch coaster. It'll matter picture. Yeah what a good time alright moving on. They're ready to go into hogs meat, and. It's hot - so we're. Gonna take advantage of going into some of these shops for, the air conditioning and I think. We're try to ride Forbidden, Journey I. Love. That ride oh yeah. Look at that crowd coming, in actually. Leaving. Hogs. Mean fossil most are coming in it. Always good to be seeing all that snow on top of buildings yet it's like hotter, and hot outside. Yeah, good old Hogwarts, Express photo-op. It's. In your watching people take photos non-stop, with this yeah. That. Is quite a big train there green, engine. Oh look. Nobody's standing in front of the photo-op he's. The other side of it yeah. Some more cool luggage you can look at it's, like an owl cage over there. Is. This like my. Singing monsters going. On or something. Sort. Of singing monster there's like big fat singing, toads. I'm. Not sure what the heck dismiss. That's. Pretty interesting though. Allons always likes to get butterbeer here today and I'm betting based, on the temperature it is outside, she's gonna want a frozen butter beer today oh. Man. Check out how awesome, the. Hogwarts castle looks, like back here in Hogsmeade. You betcha I'm about to jump on this this is one of my very favorite rides of all time. We, are going into the, Hogwarts ride. You. Excited. Yes. 15-minute. Wait is amazing. Take. The guy the, mirror. That's, getting some light. Well it's hard to remember at all yeah. I just. Remember it being absolutely. Awesome. We, get to go outside. Geology. Class yeah. Thankfully. This queue line is empty. As, we only have a 15 minute weeks. Because it's a hot day outside today in. This particular part of the wait is. Outside. You can see class. All, night. It was a week. This, right will make you very very sick if you have any kind of motion sickness problems, Hotel recommended, even.

Though It is awesome. Ever at one time. Just. Because I couldn't not I am a Harry Potter fan. But. I can't ever to attend it's not where that it ruins me. There's, tons of them. Yonghwa's. Does let's. Just hope it doesn't come down there last. Time. Sounds like another create, a violation, of, the Warlocks convention. Of 1709. But. Then again with all these models running about perhaps and Dragons just. Into safe Salazar. Super, dark in here what. We Angeles Caroline. It's, really hard to pick up on the camera but it all. Like. On. A platform moves. Employees, have to walk. And there's a bunch of floating candles, up there and I like you think I can see in this cameras, lights but they they, look like handle. Got, done with Forbidden, Journey that's, gotta be, top. 5 favorite rides of all time but you, will get accounted if you have any kind of motion, sickness. Susceptibility. That's. A cute little snowman, and it oh it's, cuter the Snowman there's. A little snow owl for. Me. Yeah I figured, you'd say that, this. Year is weird seeing a snowman in this sweltering need though. It, is always packed back here in Hogsmeade. And diagonally. There's. Just always a lot of traffic even on slow days in the park it seems seems. Like this ship extra people in or something. The. Owl pose. Check. This out here. Got a lot of reflection. On the windows but. Cool. Stuff what if this is one. Oh you, can actually go into the whole post. I've never been in there. So I discovered while using the restroom, I don't. Know I don't know if I just missed it last time but they, have Moaning Myrtle talking. And they her while here using the bathroom. That's. Got a creepy it's. Funny I wish I could've heard what she was saying but there's too much noise but I definitely, heard so. You're saying they're playing her but it's inaudibly. I'm, gonna tried really hard I probably don't listen to her. That's why here in Hogsmeade you get heat at the Three Broomsticks and. It's a beer I saw some people walking out with beer let's see what they got on their. Menu here. No, prices, but, sure, it's expensive. But, be pasties, I love be fast easy. Well I have a fit I'm gonna be purchasing some butterbeer for Lindsay here in like five minutes. From. That gigantic. Barrel. So, I've got two new experiences, today I've actually never had a butterbeer, Lindsay, always get some and. It's a frozen one and neither of us have ever had the pumpkin juice so we decided to get a squirter, didn't get uh pumpkin. Juice and try it out I'm hoping it's good I like the bottle take, that home with me. So. We were instructed, to flip. It upside down and shake it up real good, before. We took drink to make sure all the ingredients mixed, together I. Guess. I don't need a bottle all I could just take the pumpkin oh no. We're taking the bottle. It tastes like apple cider mixed with a can of pumpkin. Pie, filling. Yeah. It's good. It smells really good. Exactly. Like what you've set. But. It isn't bad it's, good not. Something bad at all it's very good that's just yeah that was exactly what it tasted, like. Apple. Cider and pumpkin pie because there's definitely spices, in there I've tried that pumpkin without, spices, and it's awful, there's spices, in there sighs okay, it tastes like apple cider with, pumpkin pie that's. Been baked with spices. Be. Nice. So, I've never tried butter beer because I always get like regular beer when we're. Here they like the wizard brew beer whatever they have which I might get one tonight so.

It's Very cold. Not. That big into that cold of stuff like that that's pretty good man that's very butterscotchy. It's. Delicious, I'm, day like today. I'm, just sitting back here relaxing. Behind the Three Broomsticks, some. Nice. Out-of-the-way. Seating, shaded. Seating -. There's. A nice little breezier, so that's keeping us a cool, on this hot day. Yeah. There's a good look at that Incredible Hulk coaster, we were riding earlier and, see if from Hogsmeade behind the Three Broomsticks really, well I can. Also hear the traffic park from music very. Clearly, from where I'm standing at, the moment. Just. Sucking down your butter beer huh enjoying, it yeah. Make, him about very cold. Put. This nice. Yeah, gave me brain freeze earlier. Okay, we're gonna head in at san'ko's. And. Honeydukes, to cool off, but. First. I wanted, to look at the little window here. It's, chess pieces move that's really fun. All right like those those. Cats they remind me of vintage Halloween decorations. If. That was an octopus tentacle, at first. No. Just. Cotton candy, for, candy floss. Yeah. These little windows seems to crack me up. Is. He gonna put his hat back on. I'll. Probably mess it. Hey. Those man look like gigantic, gummy, skulls, do. It again. There, he goes look at pecs, his eye out. There, you go then, he sucks it back in. We go inside of honeydukes I came in here he's Lindsay said she was pulled from her butterbeer so. I figured it's perfect time to go in here she won't want to buy anything. That's. Not. Now, we'll see. I think, we've bought of chocolate frog or two in our day what. Car did we get out of it when you remember. Grimwald, I don't know that is. Giant. Every. Beam display, every, flavor being this blur. Which, is it for a little bottle box of those means it looks, like it's 1095, here, see. There does, it tell you what flavors they could, be on the side. No. Does, not give me a list of possible flavors. And. We can get some you know Pooh. Or some pepper amps the. Reference I have, no idea that is. I like, the honeydew coffee cups they're $19. Pretty. Cool. So. This is pretty much it for hunting dudes. You. Know it's fairly large a good. Variety of candy. When. Are they fizzing, whiz bees they look like chocolate what do they do. Okay. I've, seen those before. I've, seen those over at Diagon. Alley what's that one called, this is honeydukes that one's called. Yeah. I don't know I can't remember the name I mean I'm terrible to remember names of things, and. Then they've got exploding. Bonbons. Oh dude. Look at this. White. Chocolate favored, skull sugar, skull and. That is awesome.

Or On the cauldron cakes we've had those those are delicious. Yeah. Just pop it into this Pavillion to get out of the heat for a minute Trey. Here in front of a dervish and bangs this is good man we, got out of the heating for a second. And. Standing, in this pavilion they've got owls everywhere, as, well as, our poop. Another, cool-looking owl. And another good lock is a decorative. Owl. We're, gonna pop into Darvish and bangs take a look around. You. Got the monster book in there I also got some little monster, books. That's. A phone case and a wallet that's. Cool, which. Is that guy. $37.00. All. Very cool up engineer and I got these animated, brooms moving, around, down. There. Tied down, moving. Around. Got. An animated, book in there, it's. Danger both my bite. He, said, the owls are moving and they are look, at that. It's. More I'll poop up there that one's chunky. Lots. And lots of packages in the Howell post. This. Is a little bit tight and crowded, in there but I wanted to show you that all, throughout Hogsmeade, and. Diagonally. They have these little things you can stand on wait. One of their interactive wands. And. Something happens inside the window, looks. Like this one's a dragon, chasin Ariana, boom baby. Oh yeah. Look. At that, man. They did a really good job back, here and then here you powder areas, haven't they. That's. Gonna do it for us today, and a hog demean I think now we're gonna jump. On the train and ride over to Diagon Alley get. Over to Universal, Studios for Halloween Horror Nights, this. Looks a lot like a Gerta for, Forbidden Journey her Forbidden, Forest ride they're putting in. Look. At that and, kind of see some of the track here through the trees it's a little bit hard to see I have. A hard time seeing it, and. Then there's a big old structure they're building right there that. Is gonna be an amazing ride I betcha. Oh here. We go I can't, wait to get on that train and out of this eat. Yeah, I didn't even look to see what the wait time was for this but it. Doesn't matter. I'm gonna ride it anyway. But I don't see anybody. So. I'm thinking it ain't gonna take very long. Wow this looks really cool I've never actually ridden the train before oh right. Into a rope wasn't. Paying attention to what I was doing. Wow. It, is way more crowded, on the diagonally side heading towards Hogsmeade than it was for us there. Was no line we got right on, ladder. A heading over there now good lord. Ah soccer, think I can I like exiting, this side I think this side looks better than the hogs weed side.

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Counting down the days till we get back and can't wait!!! Thanks for taking us there for just a bit! ~Dawn

I certainly will let you know! If not at the end of October I'll be there end of Nov-beginning of Dec!

+Adventure Mode Traveling lol yea, definitely need to decide! If you decide you are back in FL keep us posted!

I'm not sure if I am going to go to Florida or if I am going to head to Ohio for Kings Island and then scoot over to Gatlnburg for the end of the season. I want to go to HHN and I see that they added another date but I'm undecided at the moment. I may delay another trip to Florida until the end of November to film some of the Christmas stuff. I need to make a decision pretty quick though, lol.

+Adventure Mode Traveling will you be there again the end of the season for HHN? ~Dawn

Yeah, I love going there. The Universal parks are my favorites!

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