Wola Zabierzowska NEW Map fs19 1st Look Map tour #fs19modsreview

Wola Zabierzowska NEW Map fs19 1st Look Map tour #fs19modsreview

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Hello. And welcome. Today, we're, at voilá. As our bar zuzka, and, we're. Doing a first look map tour, now, this is awesome, pretty, big map huge, amount of fields, by, toilet zero for, who, also did, the pinkie and. Steroids. I think somebody else helped him on the, other one and, that venturi. Oh I think it was, anyway. So what, have we got with this map, there. It is. 211. Fields. And you see it's there's. A lot of fields but you, can see there's a lot of crops in them as well everything, is ready to go it's. Gone to the growth, or it is you, see as loads going on already stuff, ready to harvest, stuff. Nearly. Ready but. The only downside is you, see all the ones, we own are. Need. Pawan everything. Else is. Well, the one thing I was surprised about is the fertilizer states where we've got a couple of fertilizer different, states in a lot of these fields which, is always nice because, it. Always, be that there was never any fertilizer, states in them so, it saves you a little bit of time if you're gonna buy those fields they cost of every 10 so. They're the fields we currently own at the moment and, let's. Go on to that one they're safe and. That's 27,000. So they're not vast amounts of money. These. Small little parcels, and then. We got 114. Is 108. 1001. Next door 228. And another, big one was 86. Which is 249. So it's, not too much money but when you add all this up it does come into a bit of money you know that's what 98 grand and then, 71, grand, so. Yeah that, field alone all that section there. But. A huge, amount of fields huge, huge, amount of fields crazy. Maybe farms. Are split, up where you've got the farm, for the cage you've got the farm for the Sheep there's four different farms, and you've got four different farm, houses as well what you can actually sleep, at which. Is rare, most maps that'll only let you have one farmhouse, there's. A couple of maps, like that actually I can't remember top me ad now. Going over to a biogas already, bought but and it's. A, sixty. Thousand, eight hundred and thirty so, it's pretty pretty, cheap now. We have got quite a lot of woodland, areas, but, they are condensed, on these, areas. Here you can see that's two hundred and thirty sixth, and then if you want a smaller one one hundred and thirteen seventy. Eight and then a whopping five hundred and thirteen I don't, owe you come by that site I didn't realize that you. Could buy that side as, well for. 1.8. Million which, is all way in the edge. Not. Sure what you do, with that. There. Is a river, at the top here running past, and, we. Got quite a few different. Saddle. Points, dotted. Around the map so we would do at all the rain picking up each one of them I think there's about 14. Different points, of interest. And, you see they're not all condensed so it is going to be up and down so. We might have to do a bit of double, timing in between, but. Otherwise, this video might take an hour so. Let's get cracked on anyway let's get over to the prices, for selling, and there's. All the different sour points, so we've got three which. Are our main commodities. The distillery, grain elevator, east and the selling station, later. Prices, on too bad they're. A little bit low on the wheat and barley but they often are when you start a map, but. Going over to the soya beans and you look at the price of them and they're 1,400. 1900. 1600. Not. Bad at all, and. Then scrolling, over to the cotton, and the Cotton's, at two-and-a-half wore was at one point thirteen. Hundred and twenty-eight and their. Milks we've got one place of a selling the milk at 13 1947, and then. The surprising, thing is you've got biogas, there at the solid is yet 360. But the bonds, offering. More money in that and the. Same on everything else the band's quite a bit of money but you don't that's the only place to sell when you're but. You can put a play ball you. Know there's, plenty of places warm in your sound, stations, out there, if. You require but. There's enough to get going with anyway we've also got the sugar mill for. You sugar beet and you, sugar cane, so. I think this one was for, seasons, as well I'll. Double-check on that. So. We start off with quite, a bit of kit and, it's. All brand new and we got a couple of fertilizer tanks, and seeds and stuff like that lot loads are kept but enough. To be going on with. Then. Contracts. Why he's plenty of contracting you see their field of wooden 7 8 207. And, the money isn't that bad for it where a lot of these fields are not huge anyway so you're gonna get in and do it in sort of 5-10 minutes so, no. Issues, there is it all, right going in to slot, tank then there's. The garage and that's. What we've got at the moment 740. I got a dually which is 11 I think so it's a lot less than that now, if you delete everything you.

Get This so. The slot cane is, 432. Maybe twelve hundred and ninety nine I've. Sold everything and I've got the million, and thirty seven thousand, and I still own all the fields so if you start and then you want to start from scratch you may as well use new. Farmer, and just sell all the equipment and keep the fields so, these are the bits of kit we got we got a Fender felt row then, we got a bison, super and then kraler. With a header a couple, of plays, cultivators. Know the players on it not, too close and then, see their fertilizer. Sprayer, and then, these are all bespoke. To. This map I've never seen these before so I take it they must be all for this map and. This. Is where a lot of those slots are so. We've got cow pasture, pig enclosure, sheep, pasture, horse. Paddock, chicken, coop I haven't actually found the chicken coop yet the grain silo, grains. The yellow grain silo, then there's another grain silo, and then, a small bunker solo garage. You, see there's quite a bit of stuff a couple of garages, quite. A few garages shared, more. Sheds. I don't. Watch it pile I didn't. Sit find that either I don't come on site yet we've. Got slide and then some fences, a sun pit and then, some. Dust. Bins or trash. Trash, cans and then, these are the four different houses which, is different, as well where most. Of the time they're the same one or we've seen him before while all these I've, never seen them before they're all brand new and you. Can sleeper all of them as. Well which is pretty cool. Alright. So when you do start off you are actually down this road here it. Just starts, off I think, it was Dane Dane, there cause I'm walking down this road but. When you load back in then. You start off down the bottom here which we go on the map you can see we're right down the bottom over, this, way and, we've. Got our Peaks, it this, is the pig farm basically now, this is one of your first houses for sleeping. Just. There and then. We've got our bung. Our, solo, just. Here would. You drop off into there and then it fills. Up buckin your trailer here I don't, know if those doors open yet, they do I think. Most, of these doors opened up I've opened them all up see what's going. On so, we didn't spend those a time walking through anyway, going out the back this. Is where the. Pigs. Are so. Bringing your Pig into, here just like. That buy them from there as you trough for them that. Might be actually no that's grass grass. Straw. There's. Your water trough. And. Then your food trough is over this side. Just. Over here and then. We have the slurry, point just there with. Them in your. Looks. Pretty nice like that. So. Like I said this bit is on that lower bit of the farm and I think, your own this bit some of them you own some and you. Don't so you're not gonna be able to delete and anything. Until you own, it after them no you will you be able to delete everything because I did delete everything and that's how we got this lot count number. So. Let's jump in, the. Doobly the, class colors I was. Able to get early release, of class but I have, no nothing so it's a no. Nevermind. Here's. Gas, station just, that. Yeah. We've got plenty, of a, are you going on there's. Quite a few trucks and, cars. Dotted, around, well. I and they don't wait for you. They. Don't wait they're like get out away. And. Like I said this is where we start off at the beginner. Looks. Looks, lovely really, does amazing, job. There. Is 12 o'clock so, it's quite, bright I've been on this map for a while someone, look keep, that on because I want, to look rain but we still, could get lost pretty quick. You. Can see it is a big map although is broken. Up into loads of different fields the fields are. Well. You can join them up no problem. So. We come to our first, sour. Point which. Is the barn. And. We got our drop off into here. She's. One way in. So. It would have been nice if you could have driven, well you probably can't you can't get rain there.

It's. Quite a few of these trucks dotted, rain to make it look a bit more realistic. But, a train on it you, can see it's, got a bit of contour over there you can see they is. A bit of the farm over on the right there that's. Where we're headed next actually. And. There's. So many tracks running off everywhere. Big. Map brilliant, feels, big well it is big. So. This is the other farm. Which. In cine we're nearly, in the middle just. Over to the left of it so. This is AZ sleeping. And. We're not tired and then. We've got all these sheds, now a lot of these sheds are the ones what you can delete so if you don't want them you can't get rid of them but they're, nicely set a decent. Size. It. All depends on those slots. If. You start in the game you're better off just using a new farmer, and then, if you don't want the vehicles just go and delete them but. Then you've got some fields to begin on with because, any farm you're gonna buy it's going to have fields with it isn't it really so. We've got those storage there and then more storage over here. So. There's plenty of, storage on this bit of the farm. I'm. Off buying in the middle, so. Now we want to head our way over. To the dairy. Station. And, there, is one of our other solos, that you. Might have missed that I didn't see this here you was oh yes we got the Sheep over this way. Nearly. Missed it. So. We got a sheep pen and, the bring him in was here just, there. That's. Going to be our wool and. Then, was the trough there's. A food trough. And. The water just over yonder. Yeah. I was meant to come out in the back of that truck actually and then I would have seen, all this one night. So, here we have the, dairy, station. Which. Is all same again all-new haven't seen any of this before as you drop off the point just there. And. You can draw back through I like, that I like the driving dry weight and, then this reverse and. Arraigned. Monarchy. Alright. So now I've got my bearings back after getting lost a bit I didn't realize we had traffic, down here as well. And. Here we have where, our horses, are, located. No. That's the straw. Where's. He gone there, that's. The water. So. I went past it you know there's the trough further. Food so. To bring him in where's that gone. Because. I didn't, seek out water. Straight, past it not on that and I easy. As that you. Look, across the map and looks. It looks, lovely really. Good detail on it. Top. Job. Right, our next one is the, green elevator. East. Which. Is just up here on the left-hand, side. A very. Bright mapping. And. As the woodlands, over there you can see there's plenty of trees but they all are condensed we've got spruce and pine, Giants. As well they're all Giants. But. We have got fair few smaller trees as well planted, but. I'm not sure if they're going to grow or they just there. For show. So. There we have the drop-off for the grain elevator, east.

And. You. See all these other trucks like I said. Getting. In the way. And, on the top under them up here we've got a levy. Running. All the way over and you've got all these fields on the left-hand side which are all currently. Grassland. But. There you can see on the map there are quite big fields. And, you can also buy that but on the other side is Robert I didn't see that. And. There is actually there's, the road for getting, over the levy let's, get rid of that map. Alright, so next off we are going down to the. Other bit as a farm. Which. I don't think there was any yeah there's no animals on this next bit of harm, I'll. See you there in a minute. And. Here is the other bit of the farm so we, got on other. Go. At. The house we can sleep and, then. Our there's the wood chip piles I. Wonder. Where they were I didn't realize you can have that mess it doesn't, well that's bespoke to this map then I. Haven't. Seen them before and then we got all these sheds quite. A large size shed, over this way he's. Gonna get a decent. Amount of kit, there's, our pallets of seed ready to go and a, bit of fertilizer the. Other bits of kit we got oh, yeah. That was it for this one it's just a small, little area. Which. Of course if you start from scratch this has been, nothing here. Are. There's our bins. Then, we carry on all way, sites, which, will take us down, to. The sugar, mill. And. Not a huge amount of traffic. They. Did all get pulled, up earlier I see oh yeah, I got. In the way. There, we go. So, here's the sugar mill for. Your sugar bean and sugar cane. Sugar. Bean sugar, beet. P. Cuca. Kook. Cute. I'll do them. On. You I'm seeing any of this stuff before. Nice. Job I, said. Today. When I get in here it's how you write, go on then get on with it and then this oh okay, what you want reverse it. Alright. So moving on down and we have the sawmill, which is a, in. The middle of the back I know I'm not going that way it's just in front of me where am I going, it's. Just staying out of this way. So. You got a bit of traveling. Around to do being, there's all the wood well, not all the word the majority, of the wood is on the. Edges of the mouth so, we've got a sound point just rained here. And they're always noisy places. But. We don't see a whole lot going on on console. And then our wood chips it's, just there sorry. No is there was thinking ice on it that's a coil isn't big enough. So, that's this all know. The. Reverse is on right, don't select, yep. Let. Me know in the comments what you think in his map. Because. The, amount of fields, is gonna take you some. Time to complete. It all really, is get, those built, be. Interesting to see how much money it costs are but it's a fair bit of money it's. Even quite cheap but I bet. There's some money to be made, right. Cash, point just over here on the left hand side with. A load of guys who. Look exactly the same we've. Seen these guys before, the. Pinky, on. Steroids. See. The hose out delay okay there's like going. In get omelet, engines. Running. Alright. We've got the shop, just, here. That's. A little bit different this one. Well. You got your. Put. Your vehicle in there and then you go inside for, customization. Which. Customisation. Ones there, and, then. You shop icon, which is there a. Few. Bits and bobs on the shelf you can't take anything that it's all there fixed, and, we got a few. Not. The best-looking picture. There that one's a lot better. And. Also a few brochures, Dana, yep. And. I take it that is Lima. Let. Me know in the comments if that is lime. Right, so moving on around, and we go up to our next, selling, station. Which is the settling, station, -, which. Is just down here on the right hand side. It's. Just here. Just, take the right and. As you drop off there, now. We have got sheds here as well. Is. That I'm been into this one but they're not gonna open no we've. Got sheds to look the part but we're not using them. Much. But everything's just open like that. You. Can use in Lane County, yeah and holding up the traffic again only. One. Right, there my follow on this, road, up and. There's all these tracks going off everywhere there's loads of tracks, get. On the right side of the road. Darnay. And, there is the animal dealer. Quite. A big old building. You. Can try in the back you can get right in the back, more. Trucks a couple of cars. There. It is there's chicken, coop she she horse, neighs. Pigs. But. I still haven't seen where the chickens were I probably. Took going surrender. Right. Then we move on up to, our. Next. Farm and you see that actually. There's, something look over there you see all these trees they're. Just all lined up on the edge and there's, loads of them loads. Of money just suck they're nicely condensed, so. You can still look across the mountain look we can see right the way over to the other side there I, like. That pretty. Cool. Good. Way of having a lot of trees still, to.

Make You some decent money, Wow. And. I is I am, a post. Magnet. So. Moving on to the next farm, maybe. This is where the, caves, are situated. With. The building ones are. Not the built-in ones they are mods so you can get rid of them if you want. And. We've also got the other silo. Down this way the, ban. And. Then. I am benign here yet so. I take it we can use these sheds yep we can't is. That another double. Yeah. A double sheds and double, share there. And. There's, our other farm, eyes. No. There. It is purse, wrong man should. Know what the buttons are and you've been playing it for five years. And. Then over this way. We. Have all kinds. Just, in here so. That's our food and, then our straw. And. I've already been in and, opened up some of the. Doors. So they all open up and then we've got our milk point, just, there. But. It's nicely condensed, these little farms dotted, around. And. The. Advantage is you get rid of them all you should have a nice just, flat area. To. Start with whatever you want to do. So, that was the last, farm. And. We've, got two, more which is biogas. And, the. Distillery. So. I will, see you there shortly. All. Right I got sure I didn't wear it I was up the road, to. Get in it on that side it. Looks like there's a little road there but it's not it's a nice. Nothing that's, why I went there, so. Boil gas 60, grand so not too bad and, how you drop on the floor there as well as loading in and, then. We've got our digest, eat point, just. There. Two. Large. Bunkers. And they, are huge on Lee you're. Gonna get a lot in them I love, a lot. So. That way is going. Nowhere. You. See we're right next to the trees now and then. You've. Got these tracks running through, and. That, is serious. Money. Serious. Money loads it loads of trees if. You like doing that let's see wasn't gonna stop whether you come up get, out of the way. All. Right so we need to head north 9:00 to. Our last point. Which is the, distillery. So. I'll see you there in. A minute. So, here is the distillery. Point. Same. Again this is all new I haven't seen any of this before. Desti. Learn, near. And. We got dove dove. Trucks instead, of Duff awesome. So. That's our point for there, so.

The Only lime station, we saw was the one dana is sharp, it didn't seem to be any lime, anywhere. Else. Why. Don't well that's, it for this Matt saw the, first look natural and if, you've enjoyed it don't, forget to smash that like button for me and, if you're new to the channel don't ever look at my hundred vanilla farming simulator videos, got laid to choose from loads. Of videos coming out this weekend trying, to catch up on quite a few mod reviews and various other bits and bobs don't. Forget to check that night. Right. I will, see you next, time thanks, for watching.

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