World's Most Dangerous Highway - Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

World's Most Dangerous Highway - Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

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Good morning. We. Are in the town of Sheila's. Right now it's, a big day because we're going on a hike, up the, mountain we're. Taking our van to some jeeps and then. The, jeeps are gonna drive up the mountain and, then we're gonna offload we, have some Porter's helping us carry stuff up the mountain and we're gonna camp out at, base camp on, one. Of the highest mountains in the world. So. Pretty. Exciting, stuff can't, wait. Ah. Wow. Pakistan, you're. Just full of views I have, never seen mountains like. This I've, seen a lot of different mountain ranges around, the world but. None. That. Were just full. Of barren, rock and so immense and so many of them like our whole Drive yesterday was. Non-stop. Mountains. These. Stretch all the way from, the, Himalayas, China, just. Massive. Their massive, mountains I. Promise. There's, a chance it might break but. Anything. For the vlog right anything for the boy you, know what this was the kind of stuff I would do before I was vlogging if there was a rooftop I'm gonna try and find out how to get there and then. And, then vlogging, just got to happened and you, can capture that. You, got this I'm not as brave as, the. Rooftop. Ninja. You. Got it boom look, at that, landed. It. Quickly, went to the shop to get supplies for our hike I got, I, got, some Gatorade, and. Toilet, paper that's. All I need it is bare essential. Toilet. Paper is, necessity. Especially, if you're not used to washing. Your tush with water. That. Is an acquired skill, how. Are you at washing your tush with water I'm. A pro pro I'm a season. But gun veteran. And. I'm not too shabby with the plastic, one as well or the one that you just toss, it with your hand impressive. Thanks man okay, we'll, get that tutorial later. This. Is your initiation into, vlogging here yeah, a. Bail. Warning, day I was. A little scary, we. Were unprepared for, the car to move. Dangerous. Being. Beat. In the back. What's, in that. These. Jeeps are from the 40s and 50s they, were bought by the Pakistani, army. To. Use from from the Americans, to use as military vehicles. Then, in the 70s, once who have made redundant nerve action they, were auctioned, and who all bought by tour operators, oh wow the terrain we're going on now after. Coaster the CPIC pop tour bus cannot go it. Has to be the stream has to be this Jeep very cool forties and fifties these are made in so we're talking like 60 70 years old yeah really. They're looking good look feel that. Beer. Steel. Thick. Thick, Jeep, wow. That. Hurt actually I knew, about the VIP one yes. I don't, know what that means, no. See where. Are we headed right now fairy. Meadows which. Is basically the the redundant. Base camp for, nanga. Parbat but it's the most beautiful one with the best view so, the actual one day that they use for the base camp now is on the other side the mountain gives, an easier climb but they used to think this one fairy meadows was the easiest climbs have you used to climb from here it's. Known as one of most beautiful spots in the country amazing. Have you done this before no I've not been in this area and you've lived in Pakistan how, long I lived, here 11. Years you, know let's say what we driven for 24, hours of pure driving at lea right. So. You know you got put in the work to come see this right right you, guys are, probably like. Pakistani. People I would, say not more than apart for the people who live here it's forest wise I wouldn't, say more than a couple, of million opinion.

So. One percent of the population so. You guys are well ahead of most of them nice. Yeah. Amazing. Oh, okay. So this is the. Most dangerous highway, in the world and I. Can see why you, only have maybe three meters, before. This drop-off and that is, that. That's almost 90 degrees like you're. Going down if. You veer off the road a tiny little bit if. You have to swerve if, a rock breaks like this there's no surviving, that like you're. Tumbling. Tumbling. 500, feet. Which is breaking. Glad. We're not crossing that bridge that would be a little scary. Because. Nothing, we've done so far is being scary. They're. So close to the edge. Nikolas. One. One wrong turn. Things. We do for adventure. Starting. To make sense, why this, is called one of the most dangerous roads. In. Advance. What. Do you think crazy, I've never I mean look we did the other side of Pakistan but that wasn't as intense drive, I've ever done that was, like wow wow, oh yeah. You, lived men you live to, tell the story. More. To cover how, was that drive that was one of the best things I've ever done. So stoked right now amazing, oh. I loved it I loved it it it, was like part. Adventurous. Part scary, I'm, gonna die but I'll. Be happy. Yeah, my stomach. With. No safety barriers, no. One tried and tested it before the. Real-life roller coaster you just go and find out what's up I hope you enjoyed the ride. Dangerous. Road in the world which, a and now, we are starting, our three, hours hike and it's. A steady uphill walk. All the way to the fairy meadows the, world renowned most, beautiful, place in Pakistan with. Wonderful, views of nanga parbat so. We. Are walking to those cabins. And, in, ten minutes we'll get there where some, hot lunch is ready whoa and after enjoying this hot lunch we will start our hike. Before. Getting to the cabin above was a mobile idea would you stop you're right. Well. You, just can. Say. Bye bye and check off you wake up yeah yeah you, will be up there like couple, of hours before us so. Make sure you. Ask them to prepare some tea for us Yeah right there I will get your bed man I know you are going to get the best room up there. See. You taking a horse and. Then he gets the best room. I. See. It's. Our meal before, the hike. Cauliflower. Which, is aloo. Whose. Movie Oh potato. Okay. I'll. Go get it. Gobi. Is. Cauliflower. Even. Beyond sky's. The limit. Hastily we. Have, started our hike we're. Going to the very top that. Behind. Me, about. Three hours. This. Is uber uber Pakistan. I. Mean. What. Am I gonna ride a horse in the mountains of Pakistan again. Right. You got to take advantage we're. Going to be climbing, to, 3,000. Meters. That. Is three kilometers above. Sea level the. Other guys in the group are making, fun of me saying. I'm a deserter. But. Uh not. Doing the hike and, I'm on the horse I'm. Gonna do the hike I just wanted the experience of riding the horse, I'll. Just give it another minute well, that relax here. How about. Okay. So I got off the horse walked. For about 20 minutes I'm, back. On the horse, feeling. Very short of breath and my backpack is like 30 pounds. I'm. Not used to hiking and altitude we. Hike back home in Canada but it's. Not a high altitude that's. Like around lakes. So. And. It doesn't even matter if you're in. Shape. Altitude. Affects. Different people. No, matter no matter, what your weight no matter what your athleticism I've. Seen athletes. That, can't do, mountains and I've seen people who are way overweight, just. Fly, up mountains without a problem, so. We have stopped at the halfway point people are taking a pee horses taking a pee and. Let. Me just be honest with, you guys for a second I hate. Climbing. Mountains I've really, disliked it I've done a lot of mountain climbing in my life, I've. Cracked I've, climbed the Himalayas, have climbed the Tatras I've climbed the, Rocky Mountains, and. I. Just, I don't. Enjoy it the same way I enjoy, hiking through. Woods at like. At. Ground level that's, my kind of hiking even some, Hills but, hiking like super, high up I just. I can't do it I'm like catching my breath and I'm looking down at my feet and I'm exhausted, and I can't even take in the sights because. My, body's just. Absorbed. All my, energy, so I. Am, enjoying this horse put, it that way okay I am very impressed. That. You. Kept up with the horses. It's. Been ten minutes no one's come. Jump. You see, I. You know what she. Saw me the faucet what happened, no. No. Let's go see what, was a female and, the other horse wasn't me I didn't get this pot roast, okay I did get the audio spider room learning other, horse to go home. Got it, I'm. Off the horse again on. The horse off the horse and it's, our first sign of, snow. Whoo. Once. You reach a certain altitude, yeah. It's no snow-capped. Mountains. Look. At that. Beautiful. Oh, okay. So we've. Now dismounted, the horses and. We're on foot. The. Last little bit of the. Trek.

It's. Tough it's. Very tough Mountaineers, people who hike mountains why. Props. To you guys cuz, geez. Yeah. It's. Not easy, okay. I walked. About half the. Way up, the. Other half was on the horse but. Man I. Am. Sweaty. And, exhausted. I. Can't wait, to chug, like a liter of water and. Take. Off this backpack, geez, thing's, heavy. What. A. Gorgeous. Place to spend the night. The. Sacrifice, is. Worth the reward, right. Right, be sad yeah yeah. We're, still waiting on a, few. Of the people that that. Didn't. Take the, horse so. They're. There. Behind I just. Hope they make it before sundown because. It. Would suck to be climbing at night I've done that before, it's. Not fun at all you. Made it bro made. It. You. Did it. Killer. These. Cabins, were gonna be spending. The night in. Wow. The. Word awesome. Is. Used, too. Often. That. From. Moments like this and views like this get. Described, as awesome because they they. Create off and inspire, off. This. Is. What awesome truly, means. How. Crazy. Was. That Jeep ride that, it was like it was like them one of the most incredible, things I've ever done in my life. It was both scary, and adventurous. And like thrilling. And we. Were so close to the edge but, the views were spectacular, I, I've. Never done any my chairs, turning, I've. Never done anything, like that in my life and I don't know when I'm gonna have another opportunity, to do something like that these, are just some of the incredible experiences. That Pakistan, has to offer but, not a lot of people know because not many tourists, go there soon, they're gonna open up their visa application, process so it's gonna be a lot easier to apply and to get into Pakistan, but. I mean I hope you guys enjoyed this video the next one that's coming out is us coming down, the mountain so we're doing all that stuff in Reverse. Then we, go to Hunza. Valley. Hoons. Valley is one. Of the most beautiful, places on, earth it's. This like, tropical, little, valley it's this little paradise I know a lot of you watching are from Pakistan and, the surrounding, area and it's amazing, to hear your feedback on the places that were visiting, and get, your comments, and interaction. Because. This channel is worldwide, its global it reaches everyone. So, I love that you. Guys are interacting. And we want to interact with you as well so let me know in the comments where you guys are from and tell me a little bit about where. You guys live, tell. Me about your, city or your village, I would love to know and we're, gonna do our best to read and try, and answer every single one of your comments, that's. It for today's video tune, in next, week where we head down the mountain more. Crazy Jeep rides, and. That's. A wrap.

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Well i have just been there and the view is just breath taking i even went to Skrdu and Hunza

We as pakistanis would love to take care of you all and show you how beautifull this country is. Come without fear. We are here to serve you❤️


We, proudly, present our Foreigner Corner to our foreigner tourist in which we shall give an opportunity to explore the untold stories of Pakistan that is surely not presented in international media. Pakistan is no doubt enrich with culture, tradition and history. A number of tourist from all over the world travel Pakistan and found it a safe country with an amazing location that leave an impression of their memories. Initially

Welcome to pakistan .K2 and Concordia, Chitral Kalash,Kalam,Swat velley and the Hindukush, Rakaposhi and the beautiful Hunza valley with its hospitable and loving people, Nanga Parbat and the Himalayas, such are the names of the places which may make you feel a craving for their love.

Hi Kristen I'm from Karachi Pakistan please do eat some food if you guys love spicy food try some cause they are awesome

It was nice to see u guys happy and enjoying ur trip to Pakistan and NORTH.

This is awesome truly Means. Pakistan Zindabad.

pleasee come to punjabbbb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

levelll ,,,,,, love from pakistan

Hope in near future we might get pakistani visa.....

Wonderful journey buddy... Please come again in Pakistan, best of luck for the next one

I feel like as an American its not safe to travel pakistan solo! It’s better not to visit those worst countries


I don't think the road to ferry medows ( Jeep track) is a highway

Awesome work,the way u described seemed like i was travelling there nd the heights gave me goosebumps!


Beautiful Country

Mesmerising indeed. I hv tracked the Diamur side of Nanga Parbat. That side is equally scary & has equally breathtaking sights. I Love my Pakistan. One more thing , its just the beginning of great mountains of Pakistan. Hundreds of more sights & tracks waiting ahead.

What if i say this is the 2nd most dangerous Highway, 1st one is not so far from this one, its a way from Karakoram to Desosai Planes. Believe me no one would want to go there, Death valley, Hot as hell, and when you close to deosai, its colled as frozen fucking refrigerator,

I'm proud of being Pakistani

Go to Haramosh you will forget fairy meadows and the road is very very dangerous but at the end it is worth it.

I'm out of words

I am traveling to Kashmir This Tuesday Now!!! Really Excited : D

Do you know you are into world highest mountains rang... Wow i traveled kkh on bike so much risk but great fun..

Love my country My city Abbottabad Love you my hero Great Imran khan.........

i was there in 2017

Please Visit Islamabad The Capital Of Pakistan.

I don't know why but that view from your cabins at 17:14 gave me goosebumps. Astonishing.

Cool views

I enjoyed this soo much! This was the best vlog I’ve seen, can’t wait to visit Pakistan!

I am from Pakistan. I did my scouting in Ghora galli near Muree and I was fortunate enough to visit Gilgit, Naran, Kaghan, Hunza and Lake saif ul malook in my teenage. Right now, I am living in Dubai. Great content guys! Keep up the good work.

Guys, which drone you have? Great video

Excellent vlog. Detailed and informative with superb videography. Keep it up

your pakistani hat is awesome

A Beautiful thanks with Beautiful Words for Beautiful Human.. Pakistan is very Beautiful and peaceful country..

Nice documentary

I live in Regina, Saskachawan, Canada but originally I am from Islamabad, Pakistan. I must say that you are doing an incredible work. Fairy Meadows is one of the most beautiful places on earth and places like these need to be exposed to the rest of the world. Do you know that Hunza Valley that you are visiting has another distinguishing feature? The culture and religion of Hunza Valley is different from the rest of South Asia let alone Pakistan. It is believed that people of Hunza are the only left decendents of Alexander the Great in the world.

can anyone plz tell me the music starting at 3:15

Omg wow

Hats off for the great work guys..I am a Karachi born (currently living in Canada) . I have been fortunate to explore the beauty of Northern Pakistan because I belong to Gilgit through my paternal side of the family. Every summers we used to fly north as we have family there and houses..I can assure you that you all have done a marvelous job in portraying the beauty of Pakistan! I love you all for that!

Brotherif you have some joints of merijuana here and rided on this road i bet you will have more more fun. #personalexperience

3:10 camera is necessary man

Beautuful video

Wooow scary...

Beauty of Gilgit Baltistan( Pakistan). Fairy meodiave raikot.

just returned from fairy meadows, it was amazing. The walk trail to camp 2 is much more scary than the jeep ride. Seems like u guys couldnt make it to that point XD Good vlog tho !

hats off to you guys for such an adventure....keep it up...

Welcome to Pakistan

I suggest u to visit kumrat valley in kpk swat u will also love it

Butt gun? Lol! Great TV my friend great TV.

WOW ... I watched all videos to see that place at the end .. it is a mazing and paradise !!!

Do you guys also love the music at 3:23? please if someone have a link to share

maine is highway per vigo uturn ki thi xD

Hey guuz...!!!! You're amazing. Welcome to PAKISTAN. That road is so dangerous.

It's a shame I'm 27 and never visited these areas of my own country.

The views were breath taking, I've been to Hunza and beyond and I wanted to visit fairy meadows. But unfortunately it was not possible for me to go there since we had a time constraint. But seeing you capture all the views and breath taking drone shots has made me realize that I should go there because this is not something that should be missed.

I turned back from challas 3 years before, I can't face this type of stupid challenge, it was meeting.with your death believe me, my blood was freeze when I saw too much heights, very very dangerous dnt use road ride

Wawaw just am from Fairy Meadows is my hometown...

Thanks for visiting

Sincere Respect to all you beautiful and awesome people who are visiting Pakistan and enjoying it's majestic beauty ... Love from Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Pakistan is really beautiful

U took the horse seriously we climbed all the way up to fairy meadows on feet and we reached there at 11:30 pm

And I am that 1% of people who visited fairy meadows last month

AWESOME Indeed! BTW, that sawati cap and gown suit you so well! Long live Pakistan!

Amazing pakistan

Zee is very good at selling "Death"

Well done guys.Amazing scenes fantastically captured.

Whata adventurous country. Love you my motherland and missing my home town Swat Valley in Northern pakistan.

I have done the same adventure few days ago. Man, the jeep ride was really scary but adventurous. I went up to the base camp as well. That was one hell of an adventure. Thanks to you guys for coming Pakistan and showing the world the real image of Pakistan. Much love

U are doing great job


amazing video i m watching your all videos thanks for shearing good work

It's really mesmerizing These vlogs are like crazy Hollywood thrillers or something you wanna see all of them one after the other Great this surely is gonna reach InshaAllah Love your channel and CPIC


Beautiful ❤

Awosome , great pakistan

We dont indians here, they spill hate wherever they go

I am sorry mom,very beautiful I love u guys

I'm finally catching up on the Pakistan series. You did it, Pakistan is officially on my bucket list! The drone shots of the mountains gave me goosebumps, it's unreal!

Loved the video.

The best part of this wonderful adventure is that how safely you all managed this tour. In the past so many gruesome incidents took place here. Thanks to Imran Khan and his policies for tourism.

been there on 3rd june 2015, spent one of the coldest n amazing night of my life.

Thank you for representing my Country in the most beautiful way :)

Hi kristen im baltistani from Skardu, born and brought in Karachi and currently living in the UK. Love ur vlogs amazing work u have done. good to see u in Gilgit Baltistan

Just Amazing

I just say " waoooo"

When you come to Pakistan . Women must wear our cultural clothes out of respect for our country

My pakistani brothers i want to eat that spicy biryani!

Wow!!! Spectacular!

wow man thats pure true thrill in orignal raw nature- good place for hollwood movies .

i love Pakistan

But did you guys live though?

Gujranwala Pakistan, just completed a trip of Gilgil Baltistan -

Your toilet comments were not needed.No class.

who was the Asian couple?

Thank you sir for representing our Country. Most Welcome

Welcome to pakistan

Guests are god in pakistan . Pakistan peoples are very hospitable...


Mind blowing to watch these video I.never visit these areas very sad

best moments( This is uber in pakistan

The road to shimshal valley Is the worst

I love my Pakistan

Bro if they show their should not impact if our ladies go to anywhere else..they should not leave their culture...n that's what they are doing...n they should do...what they feel better to do

Been there, it's indeed scary !!! Love from Malaysia to the great people of Pakistan !!

Thanks for coming to Pakistan!!!!!!☺

You desrive 100 marks

7:35 i cant see again

Heaven is hidden that is pakistan

Risk of dodging death get paid off on my first sight at fairy meadows. Visited 3 consecutive seasons. Heaven on earth...

I did this last year. It is crazy and scary. But the end result, the view and beauty of fairy meadows is worth it. Pakistan is safe and beautiful.

Hello.. i am from KPK Pakistan, district Dir... i want you to know that we have a little place here in Dir named Kumrat valley, you can check it on google.. I invite you to visit this heavenly place, i bet you will be impressed.

for this kinda travel and memorable trips plese vist .....

100+ dislikes from BJP and RSS terrorist organizations

I am British Pakistani and I went to these areas recently people are so friendly and helpful. This is once in life time experience.. highly recommend however not for people with young family...

wow that is some nice melody playing when you drive that road. who's the author and what is the name of the track?

After sometime, Pakistan security forces are suppose to open up the tribal areas of Pakistan along the Afghan border for tourists. You will have a different charm there...

Don,t be afraid and worry ...its all lie and propaganda news against Pakistan ....We welcome whole world to....our beautiful Pakistan....

Wooow. The Beauty Of Pakistan is just un explainable, If you didn’t saw Pakistan You didn’t saw beauty completely. Nature of north Pakistan gilgit baltistan

Sorry this is Pakistan occupied Kashmir , its not Pakistan.

Went to hunza in 2017. I miss that trip so much. Watching these videos fill that void... *sigh*

if you get a chance to visit again do visit naltar valley

I've been there just a couple weeks ago. An adventure of a lifetime ❤❤

I reached here on Bolder Ridge road in 1994 first time and then 1997, 2001 Fairy Meadows to Nanga Parbat Base Camp. On those days nobody very few trackers knows about Fairy Meadow and Base Camp of Nanga Parbat

Check out my WhatsApp group of northern areas for gaining info about Tourism Thanks & Regards Shujah Irfan +92 323 2482 216 +92 355 4242 140

If you guys wanna to see more beautiful videos and pictures of Gilgit Baltistan please visit my page

i'm from gilgit,pakistan , its realy tremendous the way you took the shots at certain heights of fairy meadows .glad to see such an amazing content.

Thanks visiting our beautiful country Pakistan stay hpy. Blessed and enjoy

I visited fairy meadows a few months ago and i had a bag bigger than yours and i didn't even use horse plus i have no experience of hiking or tracking before. Trust me it's more enjoyable without horse riding

Incredible journey.

There is a small village across the way to base camp. It's called Byal Camp.. Nd I think it's wonderful.. And meadows right before base camp of Nanga Parbat.. I have no words...

Hello That was an incredible capturing... But the whole video I was waiting that u will end up at the killer mountain base camp.

i have been there in Fairy Meadows like in January 2017, all snowy and covered with snow literally a white snowy world, i think you guys should try that next time... btw watching my country through your lens is amazing

Proud pakistani ❤️

pakistan is home of world mighty k2,masharum,nanga parpat,rakaposhi,

We welcome you

Nice to see you in Pakistan

Please like my post who liked the beauty of Pakistan I am very grateful to those who have promoted tourism in Pakistan

From pakistan ..


Subscribed,love from Pakistan

Sincere gratitude for coming here and filming this. I have traveled this highway and yet never could shoot like this. We love you and we love the world. Our land is one of the most stunning in the world. We look forward to welcoming you all

Most welcome.

Wow but 18:26 OMG

17:37, what a view! :D And that music though, nooice! :) Where can I get it?!?

17:11, dat view though! :D

Welcome to Pakistan and thanks to come pakistan

Thanku for coming ...

guys this is beautiful but the tip of the iceberg.. pls just check out NEELAM VALLEY AJK Pakistan!

You all should go to fairy meadows. It's an amazing place. We visited it this July and it was so memorable. We hiked all the way

Jeep is a company not a name of vehicle if I am not wrong?

This is uber. uber pakistan. =D=D 11:40

@Science Geek kashmir belong to kashmiri people . pakistan and indian just occupy kashmir

@Science Geek this is also called pakistan occupied kashmir.

Occupied Kashmir is in India this is Pakista

Hahaha, hiking that little make you exhausted, what if you try to hike JahazBanda to katoora lake. This is awesome :x too.. 7 hours of steep mountain :O

I appreciate your efforts and thanks for promoting our beautiful country Pakistan

wooooow Pakistan is really awesome, such a beautiful country, greeting from Afghanistan

34 people fell from their bed while watching this video.

Pakistan ia too much beautiful. Wow . Love from london

I have seen almost all the vlogs of ur travellers...u guys had great time ...that makes travel more fun... Almost all guys presented their vlogs professionally...making viewers feel the part of ur journey...really incredible all of work with this drone technology presenting some fairy scenes....ooh that jeep ride...across those dangerous roads.....u guys crazy...wait...had I been there..I wud had gone along as well..rather I love drive in those rough terrain... Wow..I love nature...I am from indian occupied kashmir...wr currently India has launched terror...its ground forces have siged our cities and villages...taken our hotels hostels and offices...I don't know what my people are going is catastrophy...I hvnt spoken to my family since aug 5..donot know what is in store for our future... Anyways....This what you were filming is like what I have in my part of world...and I know how difficult is it to sum u feel...that sexy cool air breeze..the freshness of air...the cloud art in blue sky ...that just fascinates me anywr.....the sun rise and sun set in valleys ....lush green meadows.....carpet of white snow over the forest...ones moment of inertia NEVER finishes...the nature seduces u and ur eyes and ur heart demand more after every awesome sight...I literaly feel something soothing flowing in ur heart...well that is creators art..and that part of world is where I was born and grown up.... I hope kashmir merges with pakistan soon...together we will have lot to offer to the people like u...adventure culture and nature... All that said ...a tourist till he does not feel welcomed by locals ..all that charm of their world is gone matter how beautifull their place is...I feel pakistanis by large are making sure that donot let their pride down....and I am proud of them......thumbs up pakistan ...I love you..we Kashmiris love you...we are one nation... Thumbs up...vlogger.. I hope I have seen everyone's log of this back is

Very dangerous

I am from Pakistan KPK Khyber Pukhthoon Khowa And i loved your visit and i loved you enjoyed .

Superb bro LoL

sound name....?

Amazing video. Do visit Kumrat Valley in Kohistan. That is another side of Pakistan. You gotta visit Kalam and then head over to Kumrat from there. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it.

Pakistan is Love..

I born and lived 30 years in Pakistan, but now I can’t travel to Pakistan? Because I can’t say Assalamu Alakum to any one, I can’t say any one in Pakistan that I am a Ahmadi Muslim.

Pakistan Zindabad

I did the same Adventure in June this year . It was fun

Well come to Pakistan and enjoy yourself

I am from Abbottabad PAKISTAN please visit to our city and made a documentary on it. Hope you will be visiting to my city. Love from Abbottabad love from Pakistan. SAAD ULLAH KHAN JADOON

You look so beautifull


From Lahore pakistan. you guyz have done expectional job ...

Most Welcome to our beautiful Pakistan❤ Enjoy this view same track۔۔

It's name killer road

Love from Balochistan, Pakistan

Rawlakot, Azad Kashmir Pakistan , excellent job.

Awesome vlog man. Nice to see u guys had a great tour.

Love to Pakistan from Tennessee ‼️


Warm Welcome To my beautiful Motherland

Im from pakistan and thank you for exploring pakistan! Government is working on more facilities for tourists... Government also introduced E visa for tourists

Wow bro so beautiful and good job I Love my Pakistan

Thank you kristen & siya for visiting Pakistan

Wow Thanks For The Nice Video ❤

I belong to village of district khushab. This district is amAzings we have mountains with snow fall in winters. And a desert. 3 corners of my village are surrounded by green lush countryside. 1 side touches rhez deseet. Called Thal. I love my village.

In coming years you are going to see heavy investments in tourist destinations like this in Pakistan. Locals on this part are the most simple people, though with time they are changing as well.

"Mom I'm sorry "

My beautiful country❤❤

u r a brave man.nice tour

Come to soon valley

That is amazing

Pakistan Zindabad...

Im from Frankfurt, Germany. Currently in Madeira, Portugal


There are many ride in Pakistan which are way dangerous like you did, there is one I did when I was in School in Pakistan, nathia gulli to Aubia the whole time my feet were out side of the van, if for some reason van goes in the ditch, I will jump of it. I also went to Azad Kashmir in the bus that was fun as well.

I cry after watching this, became I lived 18 years in Pakistan was born there and never went to those places, now with the family very difficult to go there from California. My head off to you we are so busy in our lives and do not enjoy the time we have. Change settings to 1080p for full quality. Like share and subscribe Discover Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Please subscribe would help the channel a lot thanks

This is my Pakistan..

Which is the most dangerous country to travel 2019 | Iran, Pakistan or Russia?

I whent there it was so scary

I have went to ferry meadowsfor the first time and it was so nice to see the beauty of Pakistan

It's really breathtaking. I just loved your transition skills. Which camera you use ?


Will come to pakistan Brother

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