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Think. About this words. These. Are, the days of, Elijah. Be, ferry the. Word. These, are, the days of. Your servant. Moses. Is this treaty restored. This Sunday's, hundred. Trials. So. We. Isn't, that dance. Because. Riding. On. Shiny. And. The tribe. I. Do. Believe. Beside the days of Izzie. The. Dayside. We come. His servant. David. Today. Oh. Right. Here. Jubilee. Sighs. We're. Clear, that there's snow they got. Would you say with me come on there's. No. There's. No, there's. No. There's, no gotta lied. There's no gotta lie to her. Cars. Riding. Shining. Ah. Right. Shiny. Like. He comes. Riding. All the class how many of you believe in shining, like the Sun. Had. The trumpet call, with, your, voice. He said he'll Jubilee. And. Out of Zions, Hill, salvation. Comes. Whoo. Hey. Man, these are the days. You the, saviors. Misfortune. To, name. Crimson. Indeed. Key for, the. My suit. Just. My. Pretty. Princes. Day. -. First it was so. The, one. Oh. Wow. Who. Paid. My debt and. Raised. This life, up. From, the dead o. Praise. The. One, who paid. My. Debt and. Raised. This life, up from. The. Dead. We. Have a God that is mighty to save amen. This. Is gonna be our last song as we prepare, our hearts as we open our hearts and open the door for the word of god to come in this more tonight and. I just pray that tonight. Would be refreshing. For. Your soul and refreshing, for your life. Encouragement. As the. Lord meets with us tonight, amen, amen. NEADS impasse. Look. That's never failing. Everyone. Needs forgiveness. The. Kindness of. A savior. Yes. I wanna see Clara God my. Savior. He. Can, know the mouth. My, god, is mighty, to save, he. Is mighty to. Save. Forever. Other. Heroes. And. Jesus. Naga. So fun. To take me. Find, me, all. My, fears fail. I. Give. Me my life. Everything. Now, eyes. My. Savior. We. Can, know the. My. God is mighty. He. Is, mighty to save. Jesus. Shining. By. Let the whole world see. We're singing for. The glory. Jesus. We're, singing, for. The glory on. The pants. If. You believe it sing it my, god. Say. He. My. God, is mighty, to save he. Is, mighty. Me. Rose and, God. Jesus. Conquered the, city. One which I. Saviour. He. Can move, the, mountains. My. God. Is mighty. Forever. Author. Of, salvation. He. Rose. And, conquered, the. Grave. Jesus. Conquered. The. Bridge. Hey, man, Jesus, thank you a. Man. You may be seated. My. Name is Philip Zaius, I live in Rockland County New York State, I'm. An architect by trade and started working for a large financial, firm, that, was based at the Trade Center in 1993, I, was, on the 56th, floor of the South Tower and.

On. Tuesday, September 11th. It, was a beautiful day beautiful, and sunny and. I remember coming to the office around 8:30, a.m. and. Quickly. It, became a. Nightmare. I could. See through the windows that debris was flying, everybody. On the floor was going crazy just looking for what, was going on and I. Remember, my. Wife calling me right away, indicating. That the, plane has hit the World Trade Center and that I should leave right away, well. I quickly, got my stuff and we walked, out my office and then the loudspeaker. Indicated. That we. Should not be evacuating. So. Myself. And, a few colleagues we went over to a conference, room to take a look at this. The the North Tower and we, could see that the building had gaping holes in it smoke. And fire was coming out then. I started, seeing. Many. Many people, just. At the edge leaning. Out the window then eventually jumping, to. Their deaths and. It. Really. Affected. Me and, dramatically. And, so. I stepped away from the window and just when I did that a plane. Hit our Tower the South Tower. And I was on the 56th, floor and, the. Plane hit the building on the 77th. Floor it. Felt like an earthquake and. My. Colleagues, and I we just looked at each other and we just said we need to run. For our lives so. We ran through the stairwells. It, was full of people but. It was very organized. The. Head of security had everything in order and I'm sure saved a lot of lives, when. We got out to the street level they led. Us into a safe. Zone, it's. Just chaotic seen in helicopters. Ambulances. Firefighters. Police. And only. Later that we realize. How. Close it was the. Building actually collapsed. 25. Minutes after we got out. So. Sells phones weren't working, so, my wife's didn't know what what was going on. My. Daughter Jasmine, who saw. That the towers fell was. Really. Brokenhearted about the fact that she knew I was in the towers and that, I possibly have died we, also needed to, see. What all of our colleagues were just. To make sure everybody got out okay. We. Later found out that 13, of our co-workers had. Lost their lives I. Knew. Five of them. You, know as I reflect back, when. I first became a Christian, at age thirty when. I gave, my life to God, and. I think back at 9/11. And how. God. Saved, my life for the second time. I can't. Help but to just be overwhelmed. With gratitude and. An appreciation. For what God has done I can't. Wait to go to heaven to be with the Lord and, I would hope I can bring, as many people with me as. Possible. So. When I think about 9/11 I just think about. Life. Is very very short, and we have to grab, whatever. Opportunities, we have to, help people, understand. The gospel come. To a relationship. With Christ and be, eternally saved, a. Soul. Is extremely. Valuable to God, enough. To give up his son to. Die for us and if. God thinks, that our soul is that valuable, then. Myself. As a Christian and all of us should. Do. Everything we can for our life I think. That's what life is all about getting to know God, the. Here and now but. Focus. More on eternal. Life. Indeed. Every soul has, value. Today. Is obviously the, 18th anniversary of, September, 11th, and although. Maybe not one of those things that we all want to remember, I remember, exactly. Where I was somebody all remember, where you were at that moment it's it's, probably one of those moments that you just can't erase from your memory, it's. Kind of one of those shocking type of things a does, it seems very surreal, and you kind of question is this actually. Happening or is this fictional, or what is this and, tonight. We just wanted to take a few, moments and pray for, the. First. Responders, and police officers, and firefighters the, EMT, and, just. All, those people that volunteered, and ran, towards, tragedy. When everybody else was running away from it and just give, just. A couple moments of silence, to think, about this remember, the, eternality of souls and how life can. Change so very quickly let's pray together father. Thank you for our Lord Jesus Christ thank you that. We can gather here, in this. Nation, in this church building and we, can worship you in spirit and, in truth, now, Lord we remember 18 years ago what took place in this nation was a terrible. Act, of terrorism and tragedy, for the lives of so many people yet. In some of the worst hours.

Of The history of this church or, of this country God we also recognized that there were some of the most. Brave and courageous, people came from that Lord. We give you thanks for the the firefighters, and the police officers, that the, EMT, workers that ran. Into, that and, and and worked and did their job and sacrificed. And some of them even gave their lives so that others could, live. Lord. We pray that, this event would. Not. Be forgotten Lord, I know that, the, days and months after. That events, many people questioned, and many, people sought you and many people gathered. Together in your house and prayed and Lord. I am thankful that I, know many people turn to you during that time and God we pray that even, now many people would still turn to you God. Would you put it within our hearts to be a. Like, a light like, a city that's set on a hill that cannot be hid God. Would we honor, the lives of those that were lost may we live, our lives on purpose, to honor, them, a god many of those lives were cut short much, shorter. Than they ever expected, god, we know that life is but a vapor and we were reminded of that many, times since September. Back. Then lord I just ask now. For you to be glorified God. Would you continue to work in our country Lord I pray for our president Lord, I pray for our governments, I asked. That a righteousness, would exalt this nation, and that we would turn back to you use this church and other Bible. Based churches. Churches that seek your face - to. Reach their community, with the gospel of Jesus Christ father. We give you thanks for everything you're doing in and through our lives bless us now may your will be accomplished, this evening we pray in Jesus. Name Amen, amen. Thank. You all for being here on. This. Beautiful Wednesday evening I know a lot, of things start, up tonight this is the. First night, of a wanna how many all have a kid no wanna tonight, fantastic. Thank you for that I know we have about. 200. Children that, were signed up earlier. Today and I know some of you like to sign up when you get here so we, may even have, gone over 200, we have a hundred volunteers that are part of that so 300, people are in the building tonight just. Doing Awana over. Here we have our youth our junior and senior high, people. There's, another I don't know 75, 90 of them plus 25, adults, that, are trying to corral them and and, and. And minister them sorry I mean minister to them so, there's another hundred we. Have, Bible. Ins two classes, going on tonight I don't think healing journey has started yet but it's starting soon a lot of different, ministries. Happening, plus all, of you in here, tonight so I want to say thank you for being here as you came in you may have seen this, pamphlet. On the. On the table over there if you did not would you raise your hand and we'll make sure we'll get one of these to you okay. Can, I get a couple guys that will help me out and and pass these out to some of those hands. Right there just. An FYI if you ever see something. Sitting on that, little.

Platform. There just go ahead and grab that we want you to have those we're, calling this series. Of messages that we're about to get into our world, tour, series. And what. We're gonna do is we're gonna take you on a tour. Of the. World through. The eyes of, our missionaries, keep your hands up thank, you mrs., Glidden here mr. Willer who's over here. Up. All the way down here. Mr.. Saiga Foose picked, your hand right back up there miss there you go good. Anybody else okay one more over here mr.. Z all. The way over here there. You go look, at giving, this stuff away what a blessing. Okay. So I want you to open this document up now this little pamphlet up here and on. The very front cover there you're gonna see our itinerary, today's. September 11th we have Travis Dyke sits with us here he, is a missionary in Africa his, family, his. Wife and children are in Atlanta tonight but he is with us they. Are missionaries, in, Botswana, that are transitioning, to Ethiopia. So, turn it on to the next page and you'll see the passport, overview, page, and. We've set these all up to, kind of be the the same way and there's, a section here that we want you to learn, a little bit about each speaker, each week and then these field notes we want you to take notes maybe. Something that sticks out from, their presentation. Or for the message that they preach you can write those notes down there and then what we want you to do is to. Commit, to pray, for. The, dykes family, and for their ministry over. At least the next seven days and, you have a little boxes, at the bottom there where, you can check that you have accomplished. Your, commitment, to pray for, these people do you see what I'm trying to do here see what we're trying to do if, you read the if, you read the very front I've kind of given you a message. I'm not going to go that but what I believe is, the. Heartbeat, of God. Is, missions. And if. We can grasp. That, then our heart will beat with God's heart. And, when that takes place man, there is an abundance, in our life and we are living, for, a God's, eternal, Kingdom, and, there's a lot of value. In that so we've invited over, the next nine. Out of the next 10 weeks different. Missionaries, that are gonna come and they are going to give you a perspective, of, where they are and what God is, doing in. Those, places and I'm hoping, and praying, that, God, will begin to burn in our hearts, and allow, us to, feel. The same passions, and see. The same things and hear the same cries that, he hears, and that, burden that excitement. Would, compel, us. To, do something. To. Do something not. Just to sit but. To maybe go, maybe. To pray maybe. To give maybe. To be the next missionary, there's. A new. Generation, of missionaries that I want to see God call, out of this church and go, out into the world and preach the gospel of, Jesus Christ first, Bible Baptist Church since its inception in. 1966. Has, been focused. And committed on, global. Missions. On the evangelization, and, discipleship. Of the, world not just on Rochester, but, the world around, us and we have taken the commitment, we've, taken the command, that God gave to us to go into the world very. Serious. And and and we've put a lot of money behind that we've sent a lot of families, out but. A lot of those families are starting to come off the field now they're they've, they've, served their terms they're in that season and now I believe God is looking he's. Looking for a new generation to go out of this church and to continue, that work of, reaching. The world with the gospel so tonight Travis, dykes has become Travis is I, met, Travis this is kind of a cool thing when, I was in Zambia, in 2002. Bobby. Bonner and myself took a trip down to Botswana. To work with Dennis and Sue how many all remember Dennis and Sue Anderson okay they were missionaries, for a long time and. When. We were there in Gaborone. Travis. Was there with his wife and. When. When, he contacted, us to come to first Bible I said man I really feel like I know that name and, so, I called Dennis Anderson, I said do you know what Travis dykes and he said yes and I said okay good I want to make sure it's the same guy right, and so, now Travis, they've worked in Botswana, for some time and and he'll tell you his stories they've, planted some churches there working with the Deaf they're, now heading to Ethiopia.

And They, want to do a work there. Now he'll, probably tell you this but the Ethiopian. Alphabet, has, 212, characters, in it it's. Considered, what you say one of the top five most difficult, language. For. English speakers to learn right there too. I. Wouldn't even be able to figure out the alphabet before I was finished right but, these are the challenges, that missionaries. Face and they're, going into the world so we're gonna go ahead and play the, the Travis's. Video. Right now and then Travis when that's done once you come up and you're gonna preach to us and tell us what God is doing all right all, right go ahead guys. We're. The dykes family Travis Mimi Nikki and Logan missionaries. To the dev serving. The countries of Ethiopia, and Botswana. Many. Times were asked the question why ministries, for the Deaf the Y, can be found in the numbers, if. You look at the population according. To the US census, there. Are over 360. Million deaf people in the world the. United, States has a population, of 325. Million so. If you took all the deaf in the world and placed them into a single nation, they, would be the third largest country. According. To the world deaf Federation. Only, 2% of the Deaf in the world are being taught in their own language, in schools, sign, language. Many. Christian organizations. Agree that only 1% of the Deaf are being reached with the gospel of, Jesus Christ. For. 36, years missionary, dr. Joyce Vick had, a burden for in, a ministry, to the deaf and disabled children of Africa, in the world as a, result of this vision bio missionaries. Are involved, in death ministries, in Botswana. Brazil. Central. America, Ethiopia. Mexico. Nigeria. The. Philippines, South, Africa, Tanzania the. United, States and Zambia, the. Joyce's. Kids program was founded in September of 2000. For, the purpose of continuing the ministry of dr. Joyce Vick to. The disabled, children of the world, the, Joyce's kits program provides, a way for your bio mission missionaries, to, minister, to the needs of the disabled, and bring. Them the hope of Christ within their families, and through their local national, churches. To. Do this we are answering, the Apostles pleading, question found, in Romans 10:14. How. Then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed and how shall they believe in him whom, they have not heard and how, shall they hear without, a preacher.

Ethiopia. Is the third largest nation, on the African, continent, and home to the African Union of, Nations. According. To the economic, news agencies, Ethiopia. Has the fastest, growing economy. In Africa. Ethiopia. Has, a very diverse culture. With over 80 spoken, languages, with M horik being the dominant language spoken. 50%. Of Ethiopians, are Ethiopian, Orthodox a, religion, that mixes some aspects, of Judaism, and Catholicism, 48%. Are, said to be Islamic both. Are very hostile, religions, and only 2% of the country make up other diverse, religions, including, the Baptist faith, the. Need for the gospel is great in Ethiopia. Victory. School for the Deaf was, the first school started, through the Joyce's gets program, it, was founded in 2001. By NGO mojit office for. Not only educating. The desk scholastically. But, also to teach them spiritually. It. Is our goal to work alongside NGO, majah in the day-to-day operations, of the school and establish. A Bible curriculum, there to further advance the call of Christ and the lives of the students. We. Are also excited about starting, a deaf church on the grounds, of the school to, not only be there for the students, but their hearing family, members as well we. Would like to begin deaf churches with hearing ministries. We. Will also be working with the Ebenezer Baptist Church and their church planning, efforts, Evon, easer ministries, was founded, by Pastor B's I you one, of the first national missionaries. With Baptists international, outreach, pastor. B's I you passed away but, the church along with his wife's a high are, continuing, the work there we. Look forward to assisting them in their church planning, efforts while we are in Ethiopia. In. 1996. Mimi went to the country of Botswana from, Ethiopia, as a missionary, after. We were married we served there from, 2002. To 2012. When, the Lord called us back to, the States for medical reasons. We. Are excited, to be heading back to Botswana, again, to continue the work it. Is our goal to be able to travel to Botswana every, three months to train the people to maintain the ministries, there, currently. We have five ongoing, ministries, in the country two, deaf churches a hearing, ministry, silent, joy Saturday, in our, new circuit writing ministry. Botswana. Is a landlocked, country about, the size of Texas the. Population. Is only about 1.8, million people and it is home to the Kalahari Desert that. Makes up about 72%, of, the landmass there. 79, percent of Botswana, claim to be Christian with, the majority being Roman, and Lutheran. 4.1. Percent or what's called bode mo this. Is a religion, based on ancestor, worship and witchcraft the. Need for the true gospel is great, in Botswana. One. Of the sad facts about Botswana's, our struggle with hiv/aids.

One. In three people have the virus, this makes them one of the largest infected, countries in the world percentage-wise. Being. Up against the clock in Botswana. It is crucial to get the gospel to people as quickly as possible, we. Do this through our church planning, and circuit writing ministries, we, currently have two churches for the Deaf established, with national deaf pastors we. Also have to circuit writing outreaches, as well in malwan, in the village essaouira we. The. First deaf Bible Baptist Church was started in 1998. This. Was the first church in the country for the Deaf God. Called pastor in Mullane Makoti who was one of the first deaf people that Mimi had led to the Lord, pastor. Emma Lang has been faithful has been a faithful minister of the gospel in, the village of Hermosa and, was the first deaf pastor, in the country, Emma. Lang also serves as a sign. Language instructor. For Botswana Society, for the Deaf where. He is teaching many older and younger deaf people how to sign who do not know sign language. Sanella. Was called in 2005. When he was still in high school. Sanella. Being faithful to his call attending, our Bible Institute and began to teach and preach the death in Gaborone. From. A small Wednesday night group sanella, was able to establish the first deaf Bible Baptist Church of Gaborone the. Second church for the Deaf in the country of Botswana. Sanella. Has a heart, for his people and desires to reach more of the country for Christ and has accepted the responsibility through. His church to lead. Our circuit writing ministry. One, of the things we like to start or deaf churches with hearing ministries, all. The death that we encounter, have hearing friends and family members we. Were burdened for the hearing while living in Botswana, and we started at Kings kids club in our garage, through. This ministry God, brought us karela he. Was about twelve years old karela has. Was. Saved and grew up in our hearing ministry, and led. Most of his family to Christ, curella has since accepted, the call of God on his life to become a pastor karela, is attending Bible, College and leads our hearing ministries, in remote swing Gaborone. He. Has also learned sign language and is being used significantly by. Not only God but, also is, interpreting. For the Deaf for government, events. As well as television, karela. Is leading many people, both deaf and hearing to Christ. It. Is our desire when we travel to Botswana to continue, to train the Deaf in teaching. And soul-winning, and work, with them to reach more about SWANA to Christ. Our. Newest ministry, is our, circuit writing ministry, on our, last trip to Botswana we, held a workshop and, talked about furthering, the gospel, in the country, pastor. Sanella informed, us that the village in the of a village in the north where. He knew of over fifty deaf that, does that do not even know sign language it, is our goal to begin a path to reach them by establishing, ministry, points along the way we. Currently have, two. Ministries, that Sanel o and some, of his church members are travelling to in the villages our way in my own. Silent. Joy Saturday is a yearly outreach, program for the Deaf we, invite deaf people from all over the country to join us for a day of fun food and fellowship the. Goal of silent joy Saturday, is to, learn more, where the Deaf are around Botswana, and to give the gospel to everyone who attends, we, have seen thousands, of souls saved through this event and no God will continue to use silent, joy Saturday, for his glory. Thank. You for allowing us to share our ministry with you and hold and always. Remember, as you pray and partner, with us though the ear can't hear the, heart can, be touched I. Want. To start out the night by saying thank you all so much for, allowing. Us to be allowing, me to be with you I'm used to saying us but I left the wife and the kids at home this time, but.

Thank You so much for allowing me to be with you tonight thank, you for the hospitality and, all, the great things that I've seen since, we since I've been here. It's. Hard you know sitting out there and watching, that it's you know I know a lot of missionaries, may say that but to, us a lot of those people especially the ones in Botswana that you saw. We. Raised most of those kids, my. Wife and I were told we weren't gonna be able to have kids that change. You can look at our prayer card and figure that out but, uh but. We were told we weren't gonna be able to have kids and so we put everything we had into those, schools they were boarding, schools most. Of the kids that we worked with their parents, didn't even know sign language they, didn't communicate with, their kids, we saw especially, send, ellos class grow up into their teen years we were able to be there through those crucial, times, and just explain, to them all, the different things in life that your parents probably would have sat down with you and talk to you about and. So. Our heart is is is really really. In and around these people that we work with. I'm. Gonna answer one one, big question before, I get started the. The number one question I'm usually asked, is is how many languages do you speak well. I'm gonna answer that I speak I speak for, I speak Botswana, and sign language I. Know. English you couldn't, tell that by listen to me speak but I do know English I, list, I know, setswana. Which is the language spoken in Botswana, and I, can interpret South Georgia redneck for you too if you need it okay all, right so, my. Wife actually is is the linguist in our family she speaks, four different languages she. Knows about six, or seven different forms of sign language, and just. A amazing to, watch her work wherever she goes she can, almost hear any language in the world and sign if, she sits down with a deaf person for more than five or ten minutes she'll be signing to him and be able to explain to him about, the gospel of Jesus Christ it's, amazing to watch her work and. I, do, two things in my ministry I sit back and watch God work and I sit back and watch her work and then I try to get involved however I can but. But, know the Lord is really, great, he. Knows what he's doing if. You would turn in your Bibles to Matthew chapter 16, Matthew. Chapter 16, and. In. Matthew. Chapter 16, we, have a very important, passage of Scripture we're gonna see. Kind. Of a question raised here a little bit but. Tonight and and this was not planned at all I didn't even know what video the pastor was going to be showing but, the title of my message tonight, is the value of a soul. My. Father passed away about a year ago and I was looking through he, was a pastor for about 35 years and then, he was the president. Of our mission board for. The remainder of his time here on earth and. He was in the ministry over, 50 over 50. Years in the ministry and, I. Was looking through his notes and I found, a lot of unfinished messages, but the one that spoke to me the most was this one it was unfinished he could tell he just jotted, down three points and left, it at that and the, Lord used that, to kind of bring, this into my heart he's used it ever since, and. I want to talk to you a little bit about the value of a soul. Everyone. On this planet I don't. Care what they say they believe in I don't care what they look like I don't care what they can do what they can't do every. Human, being on this planet has, value. But. That value can, only be seen. By. The Lord Jesus Christ. In. Matthew chapter 16, and starting. In verse 24 it says then, said Jesus, unto his, disciples any time we see that in the Bible where it says then said Jesus it's a good idea to pay attention. This. Is the creator of heaven and earth this is the one who knows everything about us even, things that we don't want anybody to know about he knows about it's, important, to pay attention to what Jesus, has to say he said, and then said Jesus unto his disciples If. Any. Man will come after me and let him deny himself and, take up his cross and follow me nothing. In this life worth doing, is, free. Everything. We do in this life requires. Sacrifice. Everything. That matters. Take. Up his cross and, follow me for whosoever. Will save his life shall lose it and whosoever. Will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For. What is a man profited if, he, shall gain the whole world and. Lose. His own. Soul. That's. The question that stands out to me in this passage of Scripture. What. Is this life worth, if. At. The end of it we lost the only thing in us that's eternal. Your. Soul is eternal. It's. Going to spend eternity in one of two places. We. All like to talk about heaven nobody much anymore likes to talk about Hell but it's a reality. We. Will spend, our. Life. Our eternity, in one. Of two places we'll spend it in heaven will, spend it in hell and that is true for everybody, on this planet.

What. We did here on earth is not going to matter much in eternity. When. Faced with one of two places. And. Jesus, asked what shall it profit a, man if he shall gain the whole world and, lose his own soul or. What shall a man give in exchange for, his soul for. The Son of man shall come in the glory of his father with his angels and, then he shall reward every man according to, his works verily. I say unto you there, be some standing here which shall not taste of death till, they see the Son of man coming. In his kingdom. Our. God our Father I thank you tonight your God I thank you for everything you do for us with us and through us dear God I thank you for this church I thank, you God for them. Allowing a missionary, to come and share his heart with them I pray dear God that tonight, you'll just put me to the side you'll take over dear Lord and let your word come out in Jesus, name I pray amen. You. See man is not a body that. Has a soul but rather a soul, that lives within a body I thank. God every, day this flesh is temporary. You. Know. With pastor and I were talking on the way back from supper, tonight and I was telling him when, I was in 10th grade I had already gotten a scholarship to play for UGA. My. My 10th grade school, year after football season I got into horseback riding I fell off a horse and I broke my back scholarship, was over. But. God. Has used that to lead me to where I am today I. Wouldn't. Trade that experience for anything in this world because. I got to meet people like you saw in that video I got. To watch God, do something only he can do and that is take the, most vile among us and turned them into something. That is honoring, to his glory. It's. Amazing, when you get a front row seat and that's all missionaries have you. Know we're all missionaries, you guys are missionaries here it doesn't do me any good to go across this world and tell people about Jesus Christ if y'all weren't doing it right here. And. All. Foreign. Missionaries, are or they're, just, people. Who get a front row seat to watch God work I. I. Got to the mission field and realized, how much I really didn't matter in this thing you. Know I never preached, a decent. Sermon in my life you, know and I got to the mission field and all of a sudden everybody's, looking at me to preach number, one I didn't know their spoken, language and I didn't know sign language and, everybody's like well why don't you preach and, I'm just like you know the interpreter, which was my wife could barely understand, my language South Georgia redneck and so. You, know it was just kind of funny and I'm just like how is this gonna work and then God's like it's gonna work because I'm here. But. When we look at it and we look at this. We. Start, to see in here, what, the Lord is asking about is what is the value of your, soul what, is the value of a soul found in his word what is the value of a soul in the eyes of God you say we weird, a body. That has a soul we're a soul that occupies, a body just like the family is not its house but the people that reside in it the same is with our body in our soul but, when we look at the value of something the first thing we have to look at is its price, I. Got. A 2011, Town, and Country minivan. My. Wife will tell you that is going to be the hardest thing for me to give up and go back to Africa this time I love that van I don't know why it just is been, my most favorite car it, is so you so Universal it I can do about anything I want to with it and I think it's worth a million dollars now who I'm here wants to give me a million dollars from my town and Country minivan.

Price. Isn't determined, by how much I think something, is worth price is determined by how much you're going to pay for it. Prices, determine, the. Price of something is determined by the value someone, else puts on it when, we look at mankind, we. Have to go all the way back to the book of Genesis, and we have to look into the book of Genesis and we have to see what, value, God placed you see when. We look at the creation account God, starts out you know and eating he's creating. The light he's creating the Sun the moon and the stars he's, he's, dividing the water from dry land he's, planting, grass he's putting animals on it and he did all that for one thing. The. One thing that he was leading up to with the whole act of creation, you. See the, Bible says that God spoke, everything, into existence but there was one thing that the Bible says that God formed. Man out, of the dust of the ground how do you form something. You. Got to get your hands dirty. God. Put his hands into that dirt and. He. Created his masterpiece. His. Artwork, and he. Formed man out of the dust of the ground then. It says they out. Of everything, in creation God. Breathed, his, breath, into. That man. The. Breath of life. You. See God created, everything in this world. For. Man. Nothing. Had value, until he formed man out of the dust of the ground, that, had value to God it. Was worth all. Six, days of creation just, to see that man get up and walk with the breath of life that God breathed into him. We. All know the story. That. Man betrayed his God. He. Sinned against God at. That, point most of us would be like oh well that he's got no more value anymore, he took everything I had and he just gave it away all. For, a bite of one fruit. He. Traded everything, in existence. For. That so. I'm done but that's not what God did. God. Didn't put a secondary, value, on man. Every. Drop of blood that his precious son had. That. Is the value that God has placed upon us. You. See when we look at the value of something, it's. All determined by point of view I remember. There's a kid in Botswana, and pastors, probably seen this too in Zambia, but they would take coke cans and they, would take those coke cans and they would actually build, their toys out of those coke cans they, would build these cars and they actually had a wheel that they could turn with a axle, and everything it was amazing, to see them build these things and so, one day I was just like I would love to have one of those and put it out on my mission table, so people could see it and so, I went down to that kid and I said how, much do you want for that car. He. Looked at me he said a thousand, Pula, that. Was over $100 at that time it's. Like I'm giving you a thousand, bullet but he wouldn't part with it. That's. How much he valued, that car that he built with his own hands, I respect. That. We. Would look at a coke can we don't see much value we usually just throw them in the trash or throw them in the recycling or, whatever we do with them and we just throw it away we don't think that has any value but yet with those kids while we were building that church they would come every day and they would clean us out of coke cans, to. Them that was all the value in the world because they could build something that they could enjoy I. Think. About our school in the Philippines. Carrollwood. Lee who is our missionary, there, came. To our church one, time and she was asking she said, we we I need potato. Chip bags I was. Like can. You take potato chips through the philippines', I don't want the potato chips I want the bags. And. I thought that was funny I mean she was paying over a hundred bucks just to ship a box full of potato chip bags to the Philippines. Then. She showed me what they do with them the. Kids in her school you, see all of our deaf schools the one in Ethiopia, the one in the Philippines and, our two and in Zambia we, don't just teach them, book.

Education, We also teach them a trade we. Teach them how to do crafts or we teach them how to do something so that when, they graduate school, they got something to do something that they can make money with and and, so we, teach them a trade and her kids, learn. How to take those potato chip bags and make, women's pocketbooks out, of them and, they. Would sell them on the street and they would pay for their schools and pay for the shipping of more bags so they could do it again it's. Amazing, the value, of something we might consider has, no value, but in the hands of the right person has all the value in the world that, is our soul. We. May think that, individual, over there has no value, the. Homeless man on the street or the, deaf person or the. Mentally challenged, person you, want to know the. There. Is. We. All have Bibles, I hope, we all have Bibles if you don't you, know I'll buy one for you myself if you need it but. How. Many of us really take our Bibles for granted. I'll. Be honest with you I'm, a preacher and your pastor can tell you too sometimes we just take it for granted I know myself, I I have a ton of Bibles, I just, had to pack him up and store him so they wouldn't get messed up. But. There was a little girl that grew up in our king's Kids program and she was about five years old and so. What we would do is is when they turned about 10 or 11 they, would work that year for their Bible they had a whole, checklist of things they had to do they had to memorize it was over a hundred verses, they had to do a lot of Christian services, because we wanted them when they got that Bible we wanted them to value it we wanted him to take care of it it was something they earned and. So. This little girl of five years old kept bugging me I want to Bible I want a Bible and so finally I told her you know basically, just to get her to be quiet I was like well if you do everything that, those kids do you, can have a Bible that little girl learned a hundred verses. She. Did ten Christian services. She. Earned her Bible the. Day I handed, it to her broke my heart I handed her that Bible, the first thing she did we she put it up to her lips and she kissed it she couldn't read a word in it and. That's. How much she valued that Bible, she. Still has it I ran into her last time I was in Botswana she's, an adult. Now, but she still has that Bible she came running out of her house and Ruthie, I've got the Bible she. Still values, that Bible. But. There's nothing more valuable in, this world than. A soul first Peter 1:18 through 21 says this for as much as you know you were not redeemed with corruptible things, as, silver and gold from, your vain conversation received. By, their tradition of your father's but with the precious blood, of Jesus Christ. The. Most perfect, human being to ever walk, this planet who was not only man he was also God in flesh. Gave. Every ounce of his blood for you and me, that's. The value God put on our soul. Take. The focus off of that for a minute put yourself in, God the father's place I love y'all I love everybody I encounter, I love people in general I like to sit around and talk to people all the time knowing, people in the mall my wife won't even go with me anymore but, but I know people to that degree I just I'd like to me I want to hear their story I want to hear what they're about and.

In As. Much, as I love people I will. Not give up Logan dykes for anyone of you. That's. My son. But. God the Father sat, in heaven for over nine hours and watched them beat his son. Watched. Him lay him down upon, a piece of wood and nailed him to a cross. Heard. Him cry out Father forgive them they know not what they do and, sat. In heaven that whole day and watched his son suffer, and die for us. That's. The value of your soul. That's. The value of everybody's, soul on this planet. So. We see the value that God placed upon it in its price. The. Next thing we see is the value is in its preciousness. You. See when something's precious, is something that is greatly, loved and cherished it's something that means everything. To us. Consider. This consider, how precious, the soul is if both God and the devil want it I. Read. That on somewhere, and it just never left my brain but if you think about it your, soul is valuable, enough. For. Them to fight over it. The. Devil wants you to go with him and God wants you not to go with him. But. Think about how precious, your soul is if both the God and the devil wants it. Psalms. 116, verse 15 says precious in the sight of the Lord are the death of his Saints Psalms. 49 six through eight says they, that trust in their wealth and boast in themselves, in the multitude, of their riches none, of them can by any means redeem, his brother nor give God a ransom, for him for, the redemption of their soul is precious and it ceases forever. No. Matter what you consider, precious, on this earth it can't save you. Jesus. Christ is the only precious, Redeemer, for your soul it's the only thing in this world that can save you it's not about our success is about Jesus's, triumph. There. Was a story about a young man who. Spent. His summer making a little model sailboat, and. He. Spent. His money on the parts for it he built it he carved, some of the wood out on it I mean this thing meant the world to him he, took that sailboat and he put it in into the river and he, watched that sailboat float, then, it started going faster and faster and he lost it. That. Thing was precious to him and he lost it. You. See you and I we were precious to God he lost us. Later. That boy was walking down the road and he, saw in a pawn shop he, saw his boat. He. Went inside that pawn shop and he asked the man he said how much you want for that boat he said that thing he said I found it somewhere he said you you, can have it if you want it he. Said give me give me a dollar you. Know you're not gonna walk out anything free in the pawn shop but, he said you know give me a dollar and so, the, boy bought that, sailboat the boat that he built and he, got a tear in his eye and the guy asked him and he said well what means why does this mean so much to you he said I built it and I bought it it's twice mine. God. Built us, then. He bought us with the precious blood of His only begotten Son we are twice it is. It's. Awesome. The. Next thing we see, when. We look at the value of a soul is we look at its potential, I. Don't. Have much time I got, time for one I got, two or three stories I like to tell here because there's there's so much I can tell you but. We look. At the souls potential, there's. A little boy that. Grew. Up in our youth department, in Botswana. He. Had a some strange. Form of palsy they never did really figure out what was exactly wrong with him he could walk but he had, to have crutches his feet were like this his hands were like this he couldn't even sign he. Learned, sign language you, know through doing, different methods the Deaf actually developed, a other, form of sign language with this kid so they could talk to him and understand, him it, was just really unique to watch these kids I mean he grew up in that school in that boarding school, so they all grew up together and they developed, his, own kind, of sign language so they could tell what he was saying what he was doing he, understood, fluently, sign language he could read lips the kid was intelligent.

But. He was born with this type of palsy, his. Mother told me that when, he was about five years old that she was cleaning the kitchen he wasn't deaf at that time it, is rare for somebody to be born deaf genetic, deafness is is very rare, but. His. His, mother said she was cleaning in the house at about five years old and when they cleaned the floors there they use hot wax and. She. Wasn't paying attention and she dumped, almost an entire bucket of hot wax on this kid. His. Face his. He was scarred. Not. Only did he have the, palsy, it also scarred, him and it, was because of that wax that he became deaf, now. You look at this kid. You. Don't see a whole lot of potential in him, what. In the world I mean what in the world could he do here in America much, less in a third-world country what. Is his potential. This. Kid got one thing that I know of in his life is he got Jesus Christ. He. Was. Waiting, for the, day he went to high school cuz you see when they were in elementary school, we would have to go to them they wouldn't let them walk to the church but. If when they got into high school they got to walk to the church. Every. Sunday, on his, crutches he would walk to church we. Would stop the car and say get in you know we'll take you you know no I've. Been waiting for this I'm walking, to church with, my friends. It. Was over two miles to the church from that high school and. He. Would walk to church every. Sunday. You'd. Never seen a bigger smile, on anyone's face I love preaching because that dude would smile you know sometimes you preaching nobody in there smiling you're like what did I say you know I'm not not that good but but this kid was always I mean he was the biggest cheerleader, I had he I mean it was awesome. When. He was in the 11th grade he died. And. So. He. Was the heartbeat of our church I mean there was no choice we were driving to his funeral and we got we rented a combi we were going to go to that's the mini like a van they drive over there and so, we rented this van and we were all going to go to the village to, his funeral it was about five hours away. We. Got to that house and, that's. The first time I met his mother. His. Mother and the the Catholic priest were there and, they. Walked up to karela and I and and she couldn't even speak English so karela was interpreting, she. Said I don't. Know anything about my son. The. Priest said I don't know anything about him either said would you do the funeral I said. Absolutely, because I know everything you need to know about him Carell. And I preached that funeral and about 72, people got saved that day. All. Because of this little boy that nobody saw potential in but God said he's got all the potential, he needs, he's. Got my son. Biblical. Illustration of, somebody's potential, is is look at Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus. The little man tax, collector, thief whatever you want to call him I mean nobody liked him I mean he was just a nasty individual. Everyone. In that village looked exactly as he's got nothing, going for him but, when Jesus walked into that village he looked up in that tree he said I'm going with you today. You. See Jesus. Can. Bring the potential it's. Amazing, what God can do. The. Last thing I want to see for. Sake of time is. We. Saw its price, we saw its preciousness, we saw its potential. But. I want to talk to you and I want to take this time right now to talk to you about the soul's peril, that. Your, soul is a fragile thing. You. Can break your soul with one choice, and. That. Choice is to deny the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew. 10:28. Says, in fear, and fear. Not them which kill the body but, are not able to kill the soul but rather fear him, which is able to destroy both body and soul in Hell Luke. 12:15. Through 20 says but God saith unto Him thou fool this night thy soul. Shall be required of, thee then, who shall all these things be which thou has provided so. Is he that layeth up treasures, for himself, and is not rich towards, God. Revelation. 20 14, through 15 an, account. That one of the jesus' apostles, saw with his own eyes said in death and he'll were cast into the lake of fire and, this is the second death and whosoever. Was not found written, in the book of life was cast into, the lake of fire we, do not like to talk about Hell anymore I, don't.

Like To talk about Hell that's not what Jesus was all about Jesus is about freedom from that place. But. I'm gonna tell you something we. Need to talk about it. Because. There are people in this world in, danger. Of going there. That's. The only reason I'm leaving this country and going to another country. Yeah. It's awesome to be able to work in schools I mean I did I tell people all the time I got the best job in the world God's gonna let me play with kids and pay me for it it's awesome. But. The reason I'm going to that country is is because 50% of that country or Ethiopian, Orthodox in, their religion, they cannot, get saved out of their religion. Forty-eight. Percent of that country is Islamic. We. Just watched a video about that, they. Cannot get saved in their religion. We're. Going over there because. Their soul is in peril. That's. The only reason for missions that's the only reason for you to cross the street and tell somebody about Jesus Christ is because their soul is in peril we don't like to talk about Hell but there is good news about Hell, there's. Great news about Hell, nobody. Has to go. Hell. Was a place prepared for the devil as his angels when it came to man God said I'm gonna make a way of escape. Jesus. Christ died for you tonight. He. Died so that your soul does not have to be in peril I'm. Gonna turn it back over to the pastor in a minute, I'm. Here yes as a missionary, I'm here because I need support I'm here because I need to get to Ethiopia, but. The number one reason I'm here tonight is because I believe there's somebody in this house tonight. That. Needs, to, accept Jesus Christ. Their. Soul is in peril you are one choice away from. Heaven. And you are one choice away from hell but remember the good news about Hell you. Don't have to go pastor. Thank. You brother Travis. That's. The the message that he just spoke is a message. That he'll speak in Ethiopia, it's a message that we need to hear even, here today right, the. Price and the preciousness the potential, and the peril, of all that and I would wonder if there is somebody. In here today that, needs, to receive, that. Message behind, me there is a cross, and, that cross, is a symbol. Of what has taken place it's a remembrance for us, reminder. That Jesus Christ died, on, that, that he was nailed there. Not because, he, committed, a crime but because he wanted to become the substitute, for. Our sins, he did that by shedding his own blood so, that we would have life, abundantly, in life eternally. The. Way we, apply. That blood, is by confessing. Our sins by repenting, and turning away from our sins and calling. Out. To. God for salvation, that's. It that's, all it takes, you want you want the gift of salvation you, want eternal life do, you want to, make. Sure you'll never spend, an hour or a moment in hell and that your eternality, will. Be in heaven. All you need to do is to give your heart and your life to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and to call, on his, name I, did. That in my life I was, not born, a Christian, I was. Not born. A good person, I was, born a sinner I had, many choices but. I chose to rebel against God and if, I did not turn from my sin I would, go to hell, I needed. To make a choice and I, had to choose the. Lord Jesus Christ anybody. Else want to testify and say they've done the same thing I know. There's a lot of hands up in here today and I know there's some hands that are not up in here today or, maybe you just raised your hand because everybody else raised their hand, and that's. What you feel like you're supposed to do but, maybe inside you're saying I don't think I can raise my hand and I'm not really sure the. Bible says you can know that. You have eternal life. I'm gonna pray in just a moment and and I'm. Gonna ask God to bless, this service tonight and if afterwards youth you think that maybe there's a shadow of doubt in your hearts and you're not sure what would happen boy we want to walk through, that with you you can talk to brother Travis, you can come up and talk to myself one, of the other pastors, that are in here and we want to help you even tonight all, we're gonna do is open up a Bible and show you some truths and then, you can make a choice, let's pray together father thank you so much for our Lord Jesus Christ thank.

You That you gave him as a sacrifice, for, the sins of all humanity that whosoever shall call, upon the Lord shall be saved lord, thank you for Travis, and the, message so clear tonight for the examples, that he's given Lord, what a what. A what, a thought, the, soul the precious, value, of a, soul god, I pray that you would speak into all of our lives if there is any here, tonight that. Have never received, your, free, gift of salvation Lord. I pray that you would work in their hearts, lord I pray their spirit, would challenge. Them and convict, them of sin and draw, them unto. You God, bring forth salvation, God, bring, us to a place of repentance and, faith help, us not to feign this god help us not to sit in apathy, any longer. But may we call on you even this night thank, you God for all the hands that have been raised we give you the glory for the work that you've already done in this room and we, praise you for it in Jesus name. Amen. We. Are going to receive an offering for Travis, and. For. His family and ministry guys if you'd come forward for that every. Time. We have a missionary we receive an offering you can give, to them in three ways you can put it in the plate as it goes by you, can go onto our website. Fpb, CDOT info, go to the gift section, select the Wednesday drop-down or you. Can text the word give two three three to twenty ten they'll, send you a link back follow, the instructions, put your credit card in there select Wednesday, offering, as well and we'll, make sure that money gets to, him let's, pray for this offering father again thank you for all that you do in our lives thank you for the the abundance and the riches that you've put in the pockets in the wallets of the people in this room lord thank you for their generosity I pray that gift, that we receive would be a blessing, and encouragement to Travis and his family and for the work that you've called them to in Jesus name Amen. Amen. Thank. You for your generosity and giving a, couple. Announcements, I know if the. If you are interested, in a Bible ins to class those are still open, you can register for, that today. Has been the this week has been the first week but, if you thought man stink I missed that go, ahead and sign up for that big picture Bible, study starts this, Sunday. So you have not missed that. We, are still looking for some people to. Help with Scrooge. That's. Gonna be taking place in December. We'll have four productions of that again last, year we had over 4,000. People come, to that almost, 80 people made a commitment, of faith during, that time we. Need. You. To, be a part of that and then there's these guys to back wave at me sound booth guys see those guys they make everything happy, in here okay without, them you wouldn't be able to hear me or see me. Okay so, they. Do a fantastic job but we're looking to get some help in that booth, if you, can turn a dial or move, a knob. You're. Qualified, okay. If. You have an aptitude for that type of thing. Where's, Aaron Aaron raise your hand, go see Aaron he would love to employ, you he, pays a lot, to. Get you back there okay what he's looking for is a once a month. Commitment. That's not a whole lot so please. Be a part of that Travis is gonna go and stand in the foyer he has a table, that has a bunch of stuff on it about Botswana, and about, Ethiopia. He has a little card like this he wants you to take this card, home. With you so that he will pray for him so, that you'll remember him. If. You're real sincere, there's an email address on there you can write him every so often and say Travis. The Lord laid you on my heart I'm just praying for you today and he, would love that it would be a very very encouraging. To him if you, came with children today and they're in awana or if you brought a teenager, with him go. Get him god. Bless you have a great night.

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