WORLD TRAVEL LIFE AT 21. SOLO FEMALE VISITING AFRICA. best Zanzibar Tanzania |college dropout 2020

WORLD TRAVEL LIFE AT 21.  SOLO FEMALE VISITING AFRICA. best Zanzibar Tanzania |college dropout 2020

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I. Have. A big wait time. With. My, life and I. Want. To share I. Love. Living, I think, that's infectious. There's. Something that you can't. And. Am I thinking about you. Have. Something on my shirt, okay. Okay. A highlighter. I'm going to. Go. Out for the day. So. Just found this alley over here. Is. Where my. Hotel. Room is. Useless. Oh. My. God look like I haven't even had to. My. Gosh I was like Apple, way I should have an extra camera battery, and, I do I brought an extra camera about sorry but. It's, freaking Chinese and it's bootleg and so doesn't even work. I woke. Up at 5:00 this morning I. Was. Just fun. FaceTime. With my mom and I cause my job that was, good to be able to see you talk for, a while and. Now it's seven o'clock in about the house, like. I didn't feel like that's me like I want to be on the house setting 6 and 5:30, the soon as the Sun comes up I'm up. Santa, is reminding, me. It's, like oh. My. Gosh it's, crazy how. Josh. Displeases. Cuz. They have a really big market here, at night. And. I guess this is what it looks like in the morning people that I hear like sleeping it up and everything but I wish people would just like take care of the trash. Like. You have to make it like. It's. Everywhere, this is a whole market it comes out which comes a night and. It's like a whole entire. Know. How I think here it, comes at night and it's like a whole entire I. Don't. Know I'm. I'm. Gonna take you guys along with me and, I'm just gonna get lost. Where. Is home I don't even have them yeah. And. The. Me traveling, I'm, not like okay we're doing this at 8 o'clock in in and I look like we have this store and then at 10 o'clock we have this and I love it lunchtime in it so I look like we have this no. Make me I'm just going to go with the flow wake up and get lost and. Never. Know, what, life has to offer. I've. Answered, either. The. Part. That's. What. I believe I know right my movie what up all I need, that's how I do know something. Great. So. Somehow. Ended. Up. Thanks. Know I got, to. Separation. Of talent and skill is. One of these eases, greatest. Misunderstood. Concepts. For people who are trying to excel you every wanna do fake talent, you have naturally skill. Is, only, developed by. Hours and, hours and hours of beating on your craft. I mean, I've never really viewed myself as. Particularly. Talented. Where. I excel. Is. Ridiculous. Sickening. Work. Ethic you know while the other guys sleeping I'm. Work out the guy's easy I'm. Working, there's no, easy, way around it no matter how talented you. Are your, talent is, going to fail you if you're not skilled you, know if you don't study if, you don't work really. Hard and dedicate yourself. To being better every, single day you'll. Never be able to communicate with. With people with your artistry the way that you want so the only thing that, I see that. Is. Distinctly. Different. About. Me is I'm. Not afraid to die or trip you. Might have more talent than me you. Might be smarter than me but, if we get on the treadmill together, right, there's, two things you're, getting off first I'm.

Gonna Die. It's. Really that simple. You. To, ever tell me is, something that you can do you. Don't try to build although, you. Don't set out to build a wall you don't say I'm the. Biggest baddest. Greatest wall, that's ever been built. You. Serve I'm, gonna lay this brick as. Perfectly. As a brick. Can, be made and. You do that every single day. There's. A necessity to, make a difference, I want. To do good, I want. The world to be better because, I was here. I. Want. To do good. It's. Like it has if you, are not making someone else's, life better, then. You're wasting your time. That. Your life will become better by, making other than you know. Your. Life will be better, by, making other. By making other. Yeah. Many. Options. After. This. I'm Bobby over. I want. To represent an, idea. I want to represent possibilities. I. Want, to represent the, idea that. Make. What, you want I just believe. That I believe. That I. Can. Create whatever. I, want. To forget you. The. First, step. Before. Anybody, else in the world believes it is you have to believe it, there's. No reason, to have a plan because it distracts from plan a I think, that. This. Ability called, Creek Road Creek. On our device, all the town and Newton. O'Town. There's. A so, delusional. Quality. That. You. Have to believe that something different, than what has happened. For. The last. 50. Days will get in here cos of history, you have to believe it's something different. Confucius. Said. He. Who says he can, and he. Who says he can't, are both usually right. Being. Realistic, is, the most commonly, traveled road to mediocrity. Why. Would you be realistic. What's. The point of being realistic yeah, I'm gonna do it it's done it's already done the second I decided done there's already dinosaur, how we just gotta wait for y'all to see I'm gonna do it it's done it's already done. Yes. Yes. World's. Best. Just. Like Lucifer deuterium, and examples, are based. On. The chair. You. Okay. Okay. Avocado. Vegetable. Everybody. Was going to displace it was so popular and then I got sugarcane, juice which is a mix, of lime and ginger so, it's really tasty. Anything. The. Video. Greatness. Is not this wonderful. Esoteric. Godlike. Feature. That. Most. Will. Ever taste, you, know it's something that is. In. All. Of us very. Simple. Very, simple. This. Is what I believe. Sometimes. I love someone, but you. See. Both. Of 210, spices, and. The guys. The, guy. I. Want. To represent an, idea. I want to represent possibilities. He. Can't make what, you want that's, just I just believe, that.

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