WTCR Slovakia 2020 - Race 1 Audio live

WTCR Slovakia 2020 - Race 1 Audio live

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Goodbye. Wwe. 2020. Fia, wtcr. Race weekend, number three, we are back at the slovakia. Ring not far from the slovak, capital, bratislava. With one of the longer laps in the championship. It's in equal parts, fast, and, tight, and twisty. And our championship. Points leader jane, ellesha, comes here with a 31, point advantage. Over his closest, rival, nestor gerald army, who is tied for second, with tempura, ivar muller just one, point, behind. Four race weekends. Remain, in the championship. How are we going to end up, well good morning everybody, welcome, to, what is at least for the moment, a bright and slightly, breezy, slovakia, ring overnight, rain has left the track, damp. Richard coleman and martin haven in the booth alex laguei, down. Amongst, the drivers, on the grid and richard this is. Going to be one of those. Head scratchers, for the engineers, and the drivers, do you go slicks, because it's not raining and will dry out. Do you go mixed, or or, can you gamble, maybe on a wet weather tire. Yeah if we didn't have a mixed bag enough yesterday, we've certainly got one now, uh it's very difficult to make the right call, and uh. Again it all depends on how much appetite, for risk depending on where your grid position is and of course where your championship, position, is, and uh i suspect, that uh some of those a little further down the order, perhaps a little out of position. Are going to uh, make a braver, choice. But uh it's quite quite chilly here in the morning it's only 11 degrees at the moment, and uh, the sun's, not long been with us, we uh. Take a look at this man, late for tom. It's been uh fantastic, through free practice, and uh, very much uh, got the job done did sort of a nine out of ten performance yesterday. In qualifying. And uh, you'd like to think he's got a decent chance, of uh winning our race one this morning, yeah qualified, on pole for race one also the fastest, man in the top five shootout, so he'll be on pole position for race, three. Nested, army tenth fastest, in qualifying, is our dhl, pulsating. Race, two. Alex, is hovering, so we'll get some thoughts, from nate's bearton, in a moment and of course. He did start on pole for the main race race three in zolda, didn't he, and uh rather infamously. Jumped the start giving away a chance. Of an early win in the championship, he's got nikki katzberg, alongside, who was a double pole sitter. Last time we were here, then jean carl verne in the alpha and shield magnus. In another, of the audis, then, two of the hyundai's, gabrielli, tarquini, and norbert michelets, they're fifth and sixth, ahead of nestor gerald army, and tom cornell, parallel, coronel, also. In an audi of course esteban, guerrieri. And santiago. Arusha. The only lincoln co driver who had any kind of qualifying, pace at all yesterday. Is the newbie who doesn't know the car the track or the conditions. Look at philippe, very pleased with his qualifying. Uh in the alfa romeo, ahead of tiago, montero, eva muller, and our points leader yan air lachey, who was due to start 15th for all three races, but a penalty, for atalatashi. Who lost all his times after spinning qualifying. Sees him move up a little bit michael ascona. Wild card peter fulin. Ahead of luca angstler, and aurelion, kontarelli, and khan saying that the, renault. Engine, for some reason didn't seem to be pulling the skin off a rice pudding they hope, that that will be sorted, out for race day, and then ted burke, at the back of the grid, with, gabor, kismati.

Well Bjerk, struggled. With driveshaft, problems for the big from the beginning, of free practice richard and just, never, came together, for him whatsoever. So, we'll have to wait and see what race day brings. This was a. Shocking. Weekend. Last time we were here for lincoln co they were. The last four cars in the field in every, race. So. They've got to do something to turn around their performance, they can't just take a massive hit especially that young man janae lachey. You know he's looking at, a lot of cars in front of him. And a few cars between him and really any realistic, points. Yeah and i think uh these kind of conditions, are probably what jan wants you know uh, clearly, that car's not there on pace this weekend, and uh for him, you know anything that mixes, up the order, and and, presents, options could only be a good thing for him. Um the sort of lincoln codes are almost in the wrong order, with. Uh. Two of his teammates, ahead of him, but yeah if you're necessarily, army you want it to be dry. Boring. Processional. Make up a couple of places at the start, and your championship, rival. Pretty much, finished where he qualified, but uh. I think we're looking for quite a spicy, race. Well there used to be a rule, that you had to have the same tyres, on the front and the rear axle, of your car so it's either all slicks, or all wets. Initially. In world touring car championship, it that wasn't the case but that was brought in, a few years ago tom carnell, memorably, won. In japan. With a mixed, set with wets on the rear and slicks on the front and richard it seems that most drivers. Are going with that explain. Why. That works. So in a front, wheel drive touring car, the front axle's doing all the work it's under all the load, so it's braking, turning steering it's very easy to get heat into the front axle, the rear axle is just effectively, keeping the rear end of the car upright. And it's very difficult, because, obviously you know it doesn't break or turn there's anywhere near as much as the front set and therefore very difficult to maintain, tire temperature. The wet tyre generally, you can get, uh temperature, into a lot easier it's obviously a softer compound. So, the the rationale, is that you can put your slicks on the front, generate the tire temperature to get them in the window. You don't have to worry about the rear so much does give you a very odd car balance though. And of course the wet weather tyre you're not using it for grip, on the rear you're using, it because it it will hopefully, warm up so, the fact that there's a little bit less rubber on the road also helps that as well it sort of reduces, the grip level, and it helps the tyre. Get a little hotter. So, that seems to be the way that most of our drivers, are going, and i think you'd be. A bit of a fool if you went full wet. Today. Safety car waiting, at the front of the grid the dhl, pole board. Marking, out nate berton. In his equally, yellow, and red dhl, audi alex legui, is ready to chat him morning. And uh. I know, what she's gonna say first of all and i know what he's going to answer, so. Let's see what nate berton, has got to say for himself this morning. I'm hoping this gentleman, has had a good breakfast, and has been practicing, his starts. Uh nate. You have, the hyundai, of nicki, just beside, you but we've seen that you have the pace on the hyundais. Are you ready for a good. Start. Yeah, i mean. The problem, is, as you see the track is wet. And we are starting in the damp. Position, so. Yeah definitely, uh. It's not i think the best line to start. So we'll see after the first corner but uh yeah then i'm confident. Anyway, so it's, it is like it is for everybody the same. Good, elbows wide nate. He might have to have his elbows out. One of the. One of the advantages. Possibly, of starting on the outside line although it might be nominally, a little drier on the inside. Is that. You will be on the non-racing. Line and that's often what drivers, look for in the rain. And if you go the long way round right by the white line on the outside, you might be able to keep up enough momentum. To get the better of somebody who's trying to come up the inside. Of course you're then vulnerable, if they slide, wide. You're there catchment, area so. He's just going to have to. Try that line as they go away on the formation, lap with about as much vigor as he can possibly, manage, and. And try and make it work, at the real race start, and of course the the reason, why that is is that, that the circular, is a living breathing, thing it evolves, throughout the course of the race weekend.

And As we look at these good years, goodyear tires of course. During the course of the weekend that the rubber goes down and of course that gives you more grip on what we call the racing line, of course when it rains. Uh. Wet water just sits on the top of the rubber. And therefore actually the racing line can often, offer you less grip than than the wider line around the outside. So uh that's often why drivers look for for extra grip on the outside of the corner. But uh yeah. These are very tricky conditions, there's no real standing, water to keep the wet the wet tires cool. But of course with you know 11 degrees track temperature or something, it's very difficult to get uh tire temperature and one thing i would say martin is that you know given that uh we've got a new tire supply this year. In a coronavirus. Environment, there's not as much testing going on so i can almost guarantee, that most of these drivers will not have tried the whole. Slick wet combo. Absolutely, from front to rear yeah because there was nowhere at the nurburgring, where were you going to brave, a slick wet combination, tom cornell, was the, arch exponent, as we said of slicks on the front and wets on the rear, and used it to great effect to win in japan a number of years ago and it's sayat. Remember those. And uh. And that seems to be where you go okay the other thing of course you can already see drier patches, on the track the other thing of course is there's a stiff breeze. It's very flat there's no trees sheltering, it here like the nordschleifer. Or zolda. It's going to dry quickly. So. The slicks, are no question what you need on the front axle. Well here's, the only man really at the moment, who looks like he's going to spoil lincoln co's. Double championship. Bid nested tiralami. 61, points, tied for second in the championship, after two race weekends with ted burke. One point ahead. Of ivan muller. But they're all, 31. 32. Points, behind, jan elisha. Giroulami. Needs, a good weekend. If he ends up with a couple of zeroes, out of this then, the championship, is effectively, over because lincoln co will, uh, circle the wagons, around janae lachey. And, nobody will be able to to touch him in terms of points he's got a very, good head start. 31. Points. Is pole position. Plus, a race, win. That's a lot, of an advantage. Reigning champion norber nicholas. Well they often say carrying the number one is the heaviest, weight you can carry, because. Winning a championship. Is one thing it's taken him, you know a lot of time and effort to get to that place where he could sustain, the championship, challenge. All the way to the trophy. And then. Hanging on to it. In a lot of ways is is even tougher and asked isn't it, yeah i think this weekend, is probably, the pivotal, weekend. Uh, for for gerald army's, uh sort of championship, assault really. You know. Young's coming here lincoln co, not not going very well various reasons, not their track. Uh bop. Against them. And, you know he's, got what six seven cars, distance, between them he's got to score well this weekend. And uh, i think it's very very important for the championship. For him but of course, like we were saying earlier martin you know the end of the day he wants a very dry boring professional, race trying to take some points out of their lsc. Uh, and look at what we've got we've got these sort of damp, uh cool conditions, where uh, really anything can happen.

Looking Here at our 2009. World touring car champion, the 2018. Wtcr. Champion. And on that rate, uh where are we going that 2027. Will be his next, touring car title and if you think he's not likely to be racing in 2027. You definitely, didn't speak to gabriele, tarquini, during lockdown, he said if this is what retirement, is like, i'm not, interested, he said i need to go racing. And he will be racing i'm sure. Certainly. Well up until i can't imagine him retiring, in the next three or four years, and and with hyundai, bringing. Undeathly, soon a new car, online, he will be one to be part of that as well and who knows he may even be involved in their pure etcr, program. Which was announced, on thursday, evening. So tarquini. Still, a very, redoubtable. Competitor. One of the best starters of the front wheel drive touring car ever born, and that's a worry when he's behind you on the grid. Because he often, doesn't stay behind you at the start. Row two of the grid. Third, fastest, qualifier. Ahead of shield magnus in the audi, is former, audi driver, jean carl vernae. In the alpha julieta. Now he will also be the test and development, driver for romeo, ferraris. For their, pure etcr. Program which will be the julia, which is the three box. Saloon. Rather than the julietta, which is the two box hatch. I suppose. One box but. So he'll be part of pure etcr, as well. And that is something that he is very excited, about. Starting on, third place on the grid, great opportunity, for the alpha to do well kevin che khan was very quick here last year marching quar, started. On pole position, having out qualified, everybody. And one race three so the alpha's got good, history, here. And so too is nikki katzberg, double pole sitter, last year. And he was. Very quick as well in qualifying. Like all the hyundai drivers had a bit of a problem. Carrying, the speed they needed, into turn two they've all done a lot, of gravel, trap rally crossing this weekend. And. Hopefully, for them the race pace will be just a little, lower and they won't be quite. On, that edge but. You may have to work hard to stay with nate berton, if berton gets his nose in front i think the audi's gonna be hard to beat richard. Yeah and i think the air is quite difficult to overtake, um, you know it's quite a slippery car, um. Uh you know baton's, not not exactly got a great reputation, for good stuff that's another thing to, to look out for and of course, you know at the moment. The very very difficult conditions, these kind of, bubble, crossover, conditions, hardly ever happen. Um, you know normally if somebody's going, slicks on the front wets on the back. It's a real punt, at the moment that that that's like the default setting for these conditions. Uh. You know if you're looking for, conditions, to test and feel that that out you'd be looking for this. As you see just the amount of wheel spin even just getting off the line there for berton. There's very limited grip available at the moment of course uh, early doors here in slovakia. Well it's. Easier. To spot who's on what when they're stationary, now because. The, goodyear, eagle. Dry. Weather tyre the slick has, yellow lettering. The wet weather tyre, thank you goodyear, has blue lettering. So. That makes life a little easier, to follow, well let's hear from. What it's like, down, on the track. Itself. Okay hello everyone. We are just. Going to turn raceway. Quite challenging, conditions. At the moment. In tough condition.

We Are doing, clicking the front. This area. We set some dry condition, at the end and i think it's the safer. For the championship. So. Hopefully this works, and. Have a good. Time. Like everybody, else. With. Slick on the front wet on the rear it's critical, you keep those, front, tires, alive, isn't it because, that's what's going to get you through. But there might be some fairly, tail happy cars, at the end of the race if it really starts to dry out, there you go yellow and blue, so slick on the front. Wet on the rear, and richard from the onboard we can see, some of the racing, line is really drying. But some of the, track is still very damp our dhl, pole says in nate berton, leads the field ahead. Of, nikki katzberg, john carbernet. And shield magnus then hyundai is gabrielly tarquini, norbert michelets, ahead of nestor gerald army. Tom cornell, esteban, guerrieri. Santi, arusha. Luca philippi, and thiago montero, on row six head of ivar muller and pointlessly the, lashay, betzer baldich. And atilatashi. In all hungarian, row eight ahead of mikalasko, napeda, foolin, in their cupras. Luka engsler, and aurelion, conte, with ted burke and gavel kismarty. Bringing up the rear. I mean, it's very easy, uh, you know sort of uh armed chair to look at this situation, but i think that uh, the way things look at, some of the circuit already. But i think full slicks, will be the choice but in this race it's just whether you can survive, the first. Couple of laps. And how much ground, you can make up, over a car that's, a bit sideways. With, less than optimal, tires. I sort of wondered where the coronel, might have gone full slicks, but he. Hasn't. So ted giving us a bit of an indication, of what it's like there. Oh, boy. He was the guy, that needed to go full slicks in my opinion, yeah. He's out of position. Uh all the way back there he needed to go. Full dry just survive the first couple of laps because what happens is martin is that, when it starts to dry, the softer compound, wet tide starts to to chew up, and it's literally like driving our marbles before you know you're literally losing. You know a couple of seconds a lap. And your easy pickings for a car that's uh slick shot, but yeah i think i think honestly the the way things look at the moment, is that that slicks would be the charge choice at the end of the race it's just whether you can survive. Well if you're doing the formation, lap now, if you're doing the outlap to the grid now. You'd be going slicks all around wouldn't you, but 15 minutes ago. And that's how much you said the trackers living thing that's how much it's changing. 15 minutes ago none of them thought yeah this is absolutely, full slicks. But i i agree with you a hundred percent. Ted burke has. Nothing to lose, and everything, to gain, by having a massive, punt on. Slicks. Cars coming to the grid, at the slovakia, ring first of three races, this is race weekend, number three, of the 2020. Fia, wtcr. Points, leader jan ella shea buried in 14th, place on the grid the yellow audi of nate berton. And the blue, and red, of nikki katzberg, are your front row starters, ahead of jean carlton, in the alpha, and jill magnus, in the black. Audio. Laps of the slovakia, ring for race one. It's damp, but drying, fast, red lights are on and away we go lots and lots of wheels been from everybody. Watch tarquini, on row three great start from nestor dual army on row four watch the black honda, he's going over to the inside, line ahead of tom cornell. And the battle for the lead could well be won by nikki catchberg, lots of spray, everybody, on slick front tyres, and wet rears. The audi's sitting on the outside. Katzberg, and nate verton, the pole sitter in the yellow audi. Side by side up to turn two jill magnus, in third the alfred, fourth looking back from jean carl verne. It is hyundai, and honda side by side gerald army with the inside, line. And still. The front row men are door handle to door handle. Grip on the inside, might give the turn three advantage, to nikki katzberg. Everybody's, still on track. And it looked like a very quick start from santiarucha. The first of the blue cars katzberg, with the lead who's going off at turn three. No they're all holding it together, that's a, commendable.

Sang Four from everybody, there richard, in very, tricky conditions, on that one everybody away well and uh extremely, ginger on this opening lap uh of course uh definitely not the optimum. Tire for this stage of the race everybody just think oh and who's that that's one of the hyundai's, rounds, yeah that's luca ainsler keeps his foot in and uh keeps the thing pointing, in the right direction. But uh yeah other than that it's been a bit of pretty incident free i did think that perhaps, felipe, might have joined uh jumped the start he did definitely, nudge forward, a little bit, that's something to look out for, the uh light seemingly on for an age before the start of this race and uh he definitely creeped a little bit before we got going, well janelle, o'shea has all smoked from luca ainsley i think he'll be in the pizzeria. Who's got by luca philippe, he's also got by. Teammate, ivan laura which was a given anyway. Gabriele, tarquini, right behind, jean carl bernay, and behind him is nested chiral army. And of course as soon, as or eventually. When. Janae lachey, gets up to santiago, arusha the first of the blue cars he will get a free pass there but first he's got to get by tom coronel, and esteban gary. Garyeri. Moving up the order. He's going to try and get as close as he can to his teammate nestor gerald army, and try and get ahead of santiago. Arusha. Katzberg, leads from the yellow audi, black out in jill magnus, in third place under pressure from jean carl verne. The alpha, very quickly last year was a race, winner. Last time, here in the salzburg, ring as well. These kind of conditions, reward, confidence, and uh that very much. Is uh nikki katzberg's. Middle name and i think that's why he's just got his tires up to temperature. Allowing him to get the jump on nate. Moved bertone to third the alpha, straight by the audi in a straight line, fifth place tarquini. Sixth place. Is tiralami. And gary arias gone by santiago, arusha, arusha, not, sure, about this car, on its mixed, wets, and slicks combination. He didn't chase the car pre-season. So every time he goes out in it this is a learning, curve for him, and gary airy has moved up the order. But look right behind, the blue car is tom cornell, and then diana. So this is a free pass for elashay. He's going to follow coronel, through, and arusha, will roll off the throttle, early. And let his teammate, go by. Gurierry's, got a very important job this afternoon, or this morning rather, in that he's got to play rear gunner for gerald, army, if gerald, has got any chance, of uh, getting himself, into position to win this championship, he's got to really take some points out of there. This weekend, and therefore it's critical. That esteban, guerriero, keeps those blue cars behind him. Well gerald army has gone from seventh, to sixth. But at the moment. Janae, lachey, has gone from 14th. To 11th. So el osha making better, progress. In terms of points than. His, teammate, nestor joe his rival rather than esther gerald army, casper, league's bear tom vane, in third in the white alpha. And all eyes are on the man with the yellow windscreen, strip, here comes, michael ascona, dive bombs luca philippe. The cooper, was very, quick in free practice. He was the fastest, man in fp1, in the driving kellogg's going up to ted bjork, up to 13th. Uh i think he's wet shot, and uh. You know that that's a great great uh. Opening laps for him but i think already very quickly he's gonna be on the wrong tire i can already see, his sector times, uh, not really, anything above the slick shot cars, already. Mccal ascona, purple, sector one jean calvin, a purple, sector, two, on this lap. So those are the quick cars at the moment. And of course nikki katzberg, the race leader is now gonna have to cling on isn't he this is lap two of nine. And it looks as though already. The audi of nate bearton, which was the quickest, car, in single car qualifying. Is ready to try and make a move katzberg, gonna have to go, defensive. Deep, and often, here. Yeah i think uh baton's, got his tire temperature. In the window, now and uh very much. Holding off the back as we watch, as kona who's been lighting up the timing screens actually, very very quick. Uh he's the quickest of anybody in sector one so far this race. And ascona, up from.

Nine Uh seventeenth. On the grid. He's already, up into twelfth make that eleventh, as he just passed santiarucha. Into the first corner gerald army now, holding, off norbert michelets. But they can't, get away no norby's, gonna come the long way around the outside. Is he gonna make that stick, no nestor hangs, on. Can't get by jill magnus, and that's going to be a real problem, for gerald army, the audi is going to be very, tough to pass. Luka engler in the pits with alex. Leguige. What a disappointing. Start to this race talk us through what happened. Yeah first of all i had a really good start, i knew i knew now is the, time to take some risk, um, i was going through the pack like hell, um then suddenly, i got a big hit in the in the long right tender. It's a shame because the castle, felt straight away good and i felt that. Yeah we can go far but, yeah that's racing. Do you know who it was that hit you. I think it was thiago, but i don't want to point the finger at someone, if i didn't see it. Of course there was nothing to do for me i was fully on the outside was was, just overtaking, jan on the left side. Yeah it's a shame i mean. Three practices, were so strong then we tried something equally, what failed big time we saw but, yeah that's racing. Yeah he, saw thiago, going by him, as uh he was fully crossed, up. And uh, in classic. Front wheel drive touring carmana, keep your foot buried and let the front wheels, pull you out of trouble, well that's him in the pit lane and out of the race nikki katzberg, down to second john carter, going the long way round the outside, while we were hearing that, katzberg, is starting to struggle now, in fact katzberg's, not down to second he's down to third. So, yeah they better on the new race leader, and uh, ted ted bjork's, pace has now dropped off at cliff on those wet tyres he's uh, lapping a good four or five, seconds, off the pace, gerald army's in trouble further back as well i know he's not that's uh gary airy they're both hunting, wet patches. And. Tiralami. Has gone by the audi, as well, of shield magnus. So magnus. Dropping, down the order, so too is nikki katzberg. And sean carvernay. Goes by nikki katzberg, the third tarquini. Is second. From where was he fifth on the grid. So it's how you manage your tires early on and what you've got left them girl army trying to move up the order senses, that katzberg, may be vulnerable.

First Though he's got to go defensive, against jill magnus. And norbert mikulitz. And then his teammate, behind him esteman angerierry. And what about. Janela. Shea well, he's just set his own personal, best first sector so he's still got pace. Ted burke is in for a tire change richard. Perhaps. Unsurprisingly. Yeah i just have no idea why he you know literally he took the most conservative, route, and he i mean he had the worst qualifying, position he's had. Probably, you know in seasons, i mean. Just crazy to me that he didn't take. The more aggressive, uh approach he had absolutely. Nothing to lose, and if you get the tire set tie, right i mean for example it'd be very interesting to see now but i think, i think you know you'll see uh ted uh sort of you know three four, five seconds up the road. Uh, lap time wise by the end of this race but of course it's too late now he's taking that pit stop he just needed to survive. Even if he just you know trailed around at the back uh on the right tyre, oh, look at catchberg, the car's, backing, itself, in there, they've been complaining, about. Trying to hold on to the rear end of the hyundai, all weekend. And nikki katzberg's, car is steering. Very, strongly, from the rear those. Rear tyres, have just absolutely. Gone, way, beyond. Their comfort zone. And you said it's like driving on marbles, that the tire just becomes this gummy, mess that does nothing, for you. And jiralami. Will go by here won't you this long right-hander, is just gonna murder, what's left of nikki katzberg's, rear end. Yeah he's you can see the rear end on him moving around a great deal there and that's what he was talking about sort of driving on marbles. Of course you know it's compounded by the fact that the whole time, your, the sleep tires are coming to you you're getting more front tire temperature more and more grip at the front, and less and less in the back so the balance is constantly. Moving away from you katzberg, just hanging on this time around but look at how much that car is moving. Uh he's uh very much rear steering, around all the fast corners.

Esteban, Gary's, got by norby, he's still trying to get by jill magnus. Trying to work his way up the order as well. Gary airy third. In the 2018. Championship. Second, in the 2019. Championship, behind norby of course, was really hoping to go one, better, this year. Doesn't look as though it's going to be his season but now his efforts, and. Those of thiago. And, of atalatashi. Will be, trying to preserve. The championship, hopes of leicester girl army. Oh. Side by side with the out by the way. Fastest, lap of the race has just been set by the race leader nate bear tom, two minutes. 17.3. Shield magnus, two minutes. 20.5. 3.2. Seconds, slower, on one lap, in the same kind of car out the same garage. And with effectively, the same tyres, on so. See it's funny because at one point takuini, was just taking chunks of time out of berton, probably got the hurry up on the radio, but he's uh. He's such a fine line he's going to destroy those rear tires too early on which is effectively, i think what's happened to katzberg, and it's tire pressures, in that situation, having the tire, is one thing, that how they're pressurized. How quickly they heat up, maybe catchberg, started, and tarquini. Started with higher pressures. And now they're starting to overheat. Too quickly. Gary arie goes by catch burn. Tries to come back at him. More like rallycross, you'd think that cars rear-wheel drive looking at it at the moment, uh, this is good it's the championship, for, gerald army his rear gunner is now. Right behind him and able to protect him, uh which you know, still a long way to go in this race but uh, that's good for the championship and of course uh, gerald army throwing caution to win and getting on with things, um, yeah up into fourth place, meanwhile championship, rival, uh jana lashay, down intense. Yeah and ella shea, still going, quicker, with every lap but not noticeably. Quicker. No and there's nobody in front of uh. To uh. Get out of his way to give him more points at the end of the race or uh or be a battering ram for the cars ahead, everything is gonna be hard fought for him now but then if it was easy i'd be doing it his next target, is, nikki katzberg, tom cornell, is up behind norbert mikuletz. And they are being held up by jill magnus, who can't, quite match the pace of the cars around, him.

Fantastic. Changing. Scene, in this race, all the way through, just to recap there nate beton, leads in the algae by, 3.7. Seconds. Tarquini, in second. Still going quicker than almost, anybody else out there but nothing. To touch the race leader. And then all hell breaking loose right behind jean carl verne, is third. All the other place is changing, up the inside comes yamaha. So lsa, now moves, ahead. Of nikki katzberg. Up into, ninth, place. And el shea don't forget starting, in 14th. So he is scoring, strongly. He is limiting, the damage that necessity. Is doing to him and as you said richard. At the beginning. This is exactly, what he wanted a mixed up race, if it was dry. It would be harder, to make these positions. Because cars, wouldn't be losing, pace so easily. No it's uh it's, really interesting the way it's um. On the move again you know he's definitely been relishing, these conditions. Difficult, day yesterday, with a failure. And, uh yeah he's, a man on the move, and of course that's another threat to uh erlashey, because, uh, you know he's he's again. Losing points as a result but uh it's great for the championship. Race leader nate bearton. Beginning of lap 3.7. In front. And he set a series. Of fastest, laps through the race, there's the alpha coming under pressure from mickey katzberg. Luca philippe, going a long way round the outside, katzberg. Desperately, trying to cling to anything he can at the moment but it's just not happening for him. For the other lincoln, codes well elisha, is the only one on the move forwards. Santiarucha. Has gone, backwards, to 13th. Ivan muller is 17th. Tibia. Lighting up the timing screens, but still, on full slicks, not as quick. As nate bearton, was last time around. In that slick, wet audi, so it's the crossover, has happened later than i thought but uh but yeah this lap uh now he's up to temperature, he'll be setting the fastest lap of the race for sure. But yeah it's taking a bit longer than uh than i realized as well so definitely. The way to go was you know uh sticks on the front wets on the back which the majority of the fields have done yeah, and again can't understand, why they went ultra, conservative. Unless they expected, it to rain which nobody, else expected, from the clouds that you can see overhead. I think it was a major, error by ted burke and his engineer, to go full wet. It taught them something. But it didn't teach them anything, useful. Norbert michelin's, car number one under real pressure from tom cornell, for seventh, place, cornell's, addy, has been very quick all weekend. He's a past exponent. Of slick front, rears. But he doesn't really know the car he's only been in it two race weekends. Norbi of course in the third, season, the hyundai, i30. Much more able to, handle, this, odd car balance, now then here are the two hondas nested girl army with their stefan, gary. Right behind, him. Richard coleman the one thing that, he's not going to do is go by nestor. Please. Yeah. Esteban, has got there and maybe nestor was just a little slow off one of the corners, and, was it caught esteban, out, i think that's why he got alongside. I don't see, any way in the world, that gary airy who's going to pass, tiralami. Here unless gerald army has a major failure. It amazes me that uh jeremy's, even asking the question you think that most of that would be choreographed. Uh way before you got to this situation, but, clearly uh guerrieri, the faster, of the two but uh given the championship points he's got to do, his job, and uh, effectively, be his rear gunner. Tom cornell, has shaken, off norbert mickelins, and is now attacking. His, garage, mate, chill magnus. Meanwhile. Watch yan airlock show his hands. Ted bjork, uh now the back field for the second, a lot faster, than anybody, else on the slick, tyres. Sadly too little too late i actually think that it wouldn't have worked anyway, if you'd gone for the slicks, of course he. Would have got some temperature before now but uh, yeah definitely, having those wet rears. Has been the way to go, yeah he would he would, have been further up the order though than where he is now here's your race leader nate bearton, now four point, one eight seconds, clear of the field. Tarquini. Second jean calvin, a third. And there's, four seconds, between, them. Nestor gerald army, in fourth place esteban, gary aryan, fifth chill magnus. Down to seventh place behind, tom cornell, but, fights his way back, cornell. This is the battle for sixth. Goes through there. For tom driving incredibly, smooth the shots just before this little ding dong between. Coronel, and magnus, uh coronel getting the better of his uh, younger teammate, but uh yeah we're looking at baton, just so smooth on the throttle and steering, input and that's why he's looking after his tyres. So well. And uh yeah he's taking it he's got a commanding lead.

You Know. Four seconds there, and of course, what is aiding, him as if he got clear of nikki katzberg. Left everybody else to deal with katzberg. And once he had that lap where he got a second in front. Then he can ignore his mirrors and just concentrate, on preserving, the tyre. And, driving, neatly and tidily. And the more you can do that. The more, your tire rewards you for everybody, else, is scrapping, i mean look at ascona's. Car. Everybody, is, scrapping. Tooth and nail for every inch of tarmac. And as a result, everybody, else's tires are absolutely. Ragged. And that's kind of pushing all right which is why now he's uh, really starting to, to struggle with the rear and give he still looks like he's got some pace though, and that's going to be a headache for uh. I i think you're right i thought it would have come a lap or two earlier but i think you're right i think ascona, will probably get him this is lap age of nine, it's a long lap. And also his car looks tidier. And this is the moment that worried, nestor chiral army. Esteban. On the grass. Now why, on earth would you do that i. Must have been that uh he was a little bit slow there. Their time leads from tarquini. Verne, in third. Fourth and fifth. Leaving the pit lane in the background, i think. Oh. And there. Under real pressure from michael ascona. This could be a major. Moment. Well. I can't believe that gary aries. Is, even thinking of doing this this is ridiculous. I mean taking points off nestor now i mean this is absolutely. Ridiculous. Uh they're risking both cars, in these conditions, it's so, easy. To end up, off in the scenery, and uh yeah i mean. Absolute, beggar's belief that the pit walls telling him one thing do not worry about defending your position. And then the next thing is is. The honda management, watch on and. Man fish is shaking their head this is obviously not, choreographed. And uh you think they're beyond the uh, and they're importantly for the championship as well that's kona. Getting ahead of jan herlache. It's really really important, but. Guerrieri. Has taken more points away from gerald army. Than ascona, has taken away, from anxiety, from, uh. Erleshay, and they're not really under any pressure you know three seconds up the road from the uh the car behind, with only uh one lap to go so, absolutely, no idea what's going on there but, but blatantly, the uh. Breakdown, in communication. Because you know poor old nester jury army being told, his position. Does not need to be defended, and uh esteban, banging doors with him yeah, i, unbelievable. Oh. And is that luka rexler, no that's nikki katzberg. Casberg's, tyres have finally, given up and he was being caught and passed there by aurelion, comp for 17th. And you know it's crazy to think that he was our race leader and, uh looking like he was in a commanding, position, wow. Checking flag is out mate bear tom this time wins it from pole position. Great, results. For the frenchman, great result, for at the audi, team. Second, gabrielli, tarquini. From fifth on the grid, a quiet, race but an excellent start jean calvin, a third, i cannot believe, gary airy did that taking points away from gerald army. Absolutely. Cannot believe that, he didn't give the position back obviously as well. For a moment if he just wanted to make his point, and then, yield in the last corner but uh, yeah i mean that's uh that's not joined up thinking. At all, absolute. Insanity. And i think the thing for me there martin, is that you know i'm reading into that, not just the here and the now, but for the rest of the championship, you know it's quite clear that jure alarm is the only one that has a realistic, chance. Of challenging, for it and uh, yeah if they're not working as a team, then uh you know the sort of the odds of their success. In my opinion, uh diminish quite quickly. I don't think i've seen anything. Quite, so. Anti-team. Since rickard rydell in anderson. Yeah. I mean i i can't think of another, but rickard wright alan andersdorf, he was a he was a one-off, race. Uh in sweden, in his home country when he didn't have a drive. So, you know, whilst a lot of people can say yeah he did the wrong thing blah blah blah the other day stay out sport offered him a contract for the following year and he won his home race at the world championship. This is completely different, guerrieri, is not in a position, really, to challenge for the championship. Uh after a poor start of the year, um even though i would say, in my opinion he's probably the quicker of the two, uh but just the way the points have fallen, they've got to get behind gerald army and the lincoln code they're all working as a four. And these guys can't even work as a two so, yeah you know i'm reading into that now that uh, that that that puts sterile army at a really big disadvantage.

Well Enormous, disadvantage, i mean, the two of them, gary, and gerald army have been bosom buddies. You know they they, patriots, friends. Friends they live, close to each other in barcelona. They do everything, together. That is an utter, utter, breakdown, in that relationship. Happening. Right there here in slovakia, and janelle, jay. Still the points leader. And guerrieri. Started, today. 52. Points. Two. Race, wins. Behind, air lash a, and 31. Points. Behind his own teammate. Just doesn't, doesn't make sense, no. None at all if if, he was really a lot quicker. Then fine. Leads, girl army, and hand the place back at the line, but. Let's hear what uh jerry larry's got to. Say. And then again attack harder, putting a reach a lot of, points for the team so, i need to speak with him because. To win the championship, we need to be smart. And we need to follow the, rules but apparently, something. Was not, right, i would say. So, i don't want to say nothing in. High rpm. But i'm really frustrated. And. That's the very least of it i mean just look at this you would think that these two are battling, each other for the championship, and this is the last, race of the year. And honda have just said okay one of you is going to win, have attic boys but. That's the thing it's not like esther band just sort of you know uh you know sent out the inside and made a clean pass they're banging wheels yeah two three times two wheels on the grass, i mean this is just very very reckless when you're trying to, put together a championship. But i have to say, how unbelievably, sort of calm and measured considering, he's got you know have all the adrenaline. Uh, going through his veins at the moment he's very very calm about situation, and again. His view was. Tell me if i need to defend him so yeah he's been doubly wrongly, i'm asking, you again. Will he attack, no he won't attack, okay. It's. Not you know it it's square doesn't it on the one hand he's just not making the right uh the right call to be smart and on the other hand, he's been double crossed because he's been he's been told don't worry about it exactly and and even, if esteban, didn't have a radio. He knows the situation. He knows that nestor, is the guy who's got. The realistic. Chance. And they're both racing for honda they're in the same, garage. In the same. Team. Quite race on our uh, on our screens but gabrielle, tarquini, what a race he's i know i know uh one point i thought he might have the legs on burton, but uh, yeah great race from from him and uh very worthy second place. Well nate better on the race winner from gabby ellie tarquini. And john, carl, verney. So, a french, two french men. Uh an audi driver, a former, audi driver, an italian, driver, and an italian, car there's all sorts of combinations, going on there.

And Again you know you throw up the different. Track conditions, and all of that. And gabrielle's. Experience. Just, shines. Out doesn't it you know he made a great start. I i don't think there's a scratch. Anywhere on the car, he got by cleanly, picked them off. Realized, quite early on he was not going to catch bearton. Second place that'll do. And with all the drama that was happening behind, we barely even saw him but. Another, great race and sean carl verne. Kept himself. Away, from the hondas. To, take a podium, his first podium for alfred mayo so that's a good result for him, now the downside. For lincoln co yana lashay, finishing, in ninth. Uh. Santiago. Arusha behind, ivan muller they were 14th, and 15th. Fastest, race lap, by, miles. Ted bjerk. Yeah unsurprising. Really i mean well i know but don't, do that, because it all goes in, to the bop. Recognition, doesn't it not in a wet race, so um. You'll be okay on that but yeah i mean i think i think if you started the race on on slicks. It still wouldn't have been the fastest, way but if you're going to gamble from the last row that would you take the aggressive, route. No point being in my opinion conservative, now the only person who had any business being on all wet was the pole man, possibly. Where you want to be as as. Safe as you can but. Yeah it was never an all wets track. And it doesn't matter how wet it was where he was starting, you know there was just. It was, it was, definitely the place for a punt, he could have ended up. You know top ten quite, quite happily i would have thought. He's up to 13th on the opening lap i think yeah. And yet nikki katzberg, from second on the grid lead on lap one, ended up 17th. So that's how quickly your tires can drop off if they're. Not quite in the right. Tire. Pressure, and just get abused, a bit. So sean carver. Like, nate berton. Leaving on the left-hand, side of the grid, so they didn't have the best of conditions. On lap one, but they certainly made the best of them. Throughout. So there are the top three from our first of three races, here in slovakia. Our first three, race weekend of the season. Alex le guin, is with our race winner, nate berton. Oh i am delighted. To finally be able to, say this, nate berton, you are the winner of our first race here at slovakia, ring. That battle at the beginning with nikki, was brilliant, and then once you've got clear when you gained your first position. You were off, brilliant brilliant race. Yeah. I, mean, congratulations. To all the team. It's a teammate fourth definitely, and. And yeah the car was uh was amazing, uh the start was not that good but we were starting, on the on the wet uh wet side so i was expecting, uh much worse to be honest and uh, and finally, uh it was a very fair battle with nikki so, thanks to him it was, really nice i mean i like to to fight like that. And yeah i'm super happy of course to, finally, finish a race. Without any penalty, so, i hope, and uh, yeah very very, happy, now you just have to repeat this nate for race three, yeah of course i mean, this is in the plan but uh. I mean. The others are going fast as well so, i will have to. Again focus. On my job and. And try to. To take, advantage, of, the performance, we have. And i feel i feel great on this track to be honest and uh. Well, we'll see on race three but the race phone is done and i'm very happy, congratulations. Nate very very well done. Yeah worth remembering, that he will start on pole for the final race of the weekend, as well let's hear from gabrielle, tarquini. Here he is the slyled. Fox, gaby, great to see you back up on top, p2, talk us through that race, obviously you capitalized. On your teammates. Struggles, with uh presumably, just tires. Well i mean. I think 90 percent. On on the grid was with the same tires. I mean the first fuel up was very exciting, because the condition was very slippery, i try to attack hundred percent, like. Is in my attitude, and uh, especially, this year we are not looking for the title so. I was. Big attack. From the first corner. And i, i was, enjoying, very much especially, in corner tree i took. Two position, in, one breaking, i mean. It was very, from outside, i can do the, the corner, but, very limit on the outside but i took two position. This was the key, uh movement of the race, great well done gabby. Thank you. He's loving life isn't he gabrielly, tarquini, 15th, in both races in zolda. And, of course none of hyundai's, were in, the nord schleifer, but he finishes, second here. And, jean-carvernae. Third position here his first podium, for, alpha. He keeps on climbing, this gentleman, now a p3, jean-claude, congratulations. That was a good clean race for you. Ma you know. A very difficult. Race. But no we managed it uh pretty well good start i was on on the bad side a very humid side of the start so, losing one position was pretty cool. And after i just tried to be clever, knew that it's going to be some tough battle, and. Could overtake, magnus. Nikki was, as usual. The difficult man i mean, i don't know you can be so nice, out of the track and such a brick sometimes, on.

But Uh. At the end um no we managed p3, hopefully, the race was short enough that the honda didn't overtook me, because we were swirling, like icing pretty much everybody with a with a rear white tires but, now super happy for, for um alfa romeo and romeo ferraris, of course um. I mean they deserve it we did. Some good job and uh, finally we get some podiums, and i hope it's not the last of the day because we start p4 now in race two and uh. Hopefully, also it's uh it's on the dry condition for sure it's gonna help for us well done jk, thank you. Yeah well done in djk. And, i love the italian, oh my, at the beginning. Uh does speak fluent, italian, so that really helps him with his, current team romeo ferraris. And uh, his his fiancee, is italian so he's spent several years learning italian. Nate bets on the winner then from gabrielle, tarquini. And jean carl verne. Then. Unbelievably. Esteban, guerrieri. Passing. Nestor gerald army to take fourth away, from his teammate. And some important, points away gary airy has been a race winner this season, so too as gerald army, material, army came here with. The best hope, of, closing, down points leader yan air lachey. For. The, honda, team. Lsa. Leading, by, 27. Now, from, chiral army. And guerrieri. Still, in eighth place and still, almost, 50, points, away, so it has benefited, him little. It's benefited, his teammate little as well, but what happens martin, if uh gerald army loses the championship by two points well or one or five or you know it's. It's all about momentum, isn't it and and. And, i you know as much as as you as a former. You know team boss and me as just as a punter, were, astonished. Imagine what lincoln co thought. Well a very wet track at the start. And if you could find grip it made a big difference, nikki katzberg. With the pole man nate bet on, door handle the door handle for three, corners. Jill magnus got ahead of jean carl verne, early on, the alpha, in fourth place under pressure, from tarquini. Luka ensler, turned around, mid-pack. Mckellar's, gonna dodge the bullet on that one.

And It was contact as he tries to close, the door. On, thiago, montero. Catberg. Got the lead early. Gary airy, battling his way through the order getting ahead of tom cornell's, audi. Then john calvin. Putting in the move, to go by for third place. Jill magnus, down to fourth, in the audi. Tarquini, at that stage. Still, in fifth position. Feeling, his way. Nate beton, moving up into the lead ahead, of an increasingly. Sideways, nikki katzberg. Who soon was down to third behind, teammate, tarquini. And then his plunge, down the order continued. As his tyres. Fell off a cliff. Tom cornell, one of many to find, easy pickings. Or relatively, easy pickings, going by catch bird and then unaccountably. Having, pulled up behind, teammate nestor gerald army we thought to help preserve, gerald army's position. Guerrieri, did his very best to take him out of the race. And took points, away. Victory. For the first time, for nate berton, ahead of tarquini. And vernet. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, to the podium, of our first, race, here the fia. World touring car cup at the slovakia. Ring, please, welcome, on to the podium, in third position, from, team mulsanne. It's jean carl. Vernae. It's, gabrielli. Taquini. And our winner from come to you dhl. Team audi sport, it's nathaniel. Baton. Representing. Come to you dhl. Team audi sport, it's, damien. Renard. And our wtcr. Trophy, winner, also, once again from come to you dhl, team audi sport it's, nathaniel. Berton. And, now the national anthems. For both, nate berton. And come to you dhl. Team audi. Sport. Um. Please, stay in position, gents but maybe grab your trophies, for your official. Photographs. Pretty unusual, trophies. For the winners. But a yeah a decent looking podium, and uh, good for berton to get that win under his belt. Yeah definitely. And uh an entertaining, podium first podium, the season for all three of these guys. Nate berton, also the trophy, winner. And, our. Junior championship, winner again chill magnus. So, he's been the top junior.

In, Every race, so far apart, from, race two in germany, when benso baldich, was the winner so jill magnus. Handily, leading, the rookie state side racing lincoln co. With a 37, point advantage. Over, munich motorsport. Come to audi up to third ahead of signed performance, lincoln co which is the, ted burke santiago. Russia side of that garage. In the wtcr. Trophy, cornell, now just seven points ahead, of sean calverny, made their tom in third ahead of shield magnus. Magnus, also, racing. In the rookies, standings. And he will have extended. His advantage. In that, as well, with another. Rookie, victory. Well that's it for race, one, race two, we will be back at, well middle of the morning. 12. 30, central, european, summer time, 10 30, gmt. 11. 30, british summer time. We'll see you. Then. Yes. You.

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