Yamaha R15 V3 Review | Best 150cc bike in India | Road test | RWR

Yamaha R15 V3 Review | Best 150cc bike in India | Road test | RWR

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Yamaha. Were the first ones to give the average Indian motorcyclist. The, thrill of performance. In 1983. The Yamaha Rd 350, brought, the thrill of speeds to, the shores of the subcontinent, and later, it was the rx hundred which, made performance, affordable. And reached, a mass-market but, those were the days before I was born let's, skip ahead to 25. Years it's 2008. And Yamaha, launches, the r15. A motorcycle. That completely. Changed, Indian, motorcycle with super sport inspired design, razor, sharp handling and Yamaha, initiative, like the one make championship. For the ar-15 which got many young riders, onto, the track pace for, the very first time but this is where the story takes a wrong turn where. The Indian motorcyclist, waited, for, the r3, and the r6. Yamaha kept giving sticker, upgrades, to their r15, yes. They did some changes to make the r15, more sporty, with the video but, that received, mixed reactions the. Introduction. Of the KTM, redefined, performance, whereas yama focused, mainly on making. More scooters, and making, more money and competing, with Honda, but it's 2018. Now and Yama has come back with a fully kitted out r3, and the new, heartthrob. Of the young Indian rider, presenting. Yamaha. YZF r1. V @ p3 will. Jump right into the right discussion, but let's first take a look at the specs and what's, different, in this column, version the engine has been upped from 149. CC, to 155. CC, single cylinder motor, which is producing, 19, bhp, at 10,000. Rpm that, astronomically. High rpm, figure had me worried about the lack of low-end performance, but, Yamaha claims that with variable, valve timing they. Use two different camps want, to deliver low-end torque and the, other to deliver more power from. 7000. Rpm onwards start figures are 15. Newton meters and that isn't something groundbreaking and, that is why you do feel the sluggishness in the lower rpms, the Yamaha r15, retains, the Delta box frame from the version 1 it's a 10 year old frame now but, even now the frame feels just, as good and it's one of the favourite things of mine on this motorcycle braking.

Duties Are performed by, a, 282. Millimeter single, disc up front which, is provided, by by brake and a 220. Millimeter single, disc at the red which, is somehow, provided, by innocent the front brakes could have been a lot better they, lack the initial, white but offer great, feedback, to, the rider and the progressive, braking is also, decent but I still would have wanted much from the front brake especially, since it's a sport bike you cannot really use the rear brake too much and it doesn't come with ABS which has shocked many even, an option, labias, is not an offer the, suspension, has been beefed up and it's now a 41, mm force from the 33, millimeters on, the previous version and that does increase, stability on, the front but unlike the international, version the Indian version doesn't get the upside down ports, that, is probably, because of cost-cutting, the, rear suspension is a swing arm length type suspension, and I absolutely love how much feedback and feel it transmits, back to the rider from, the rare breed especially. In the corners we, still are running MRF Nilo gripped bias-ply tires and, a, lot, of people would have wondered. Tires though, these styles are great on the try their wet crypt is questionable, the motorcycle, weighs 139. Kgs fully filled which, is just 3 kg more than the previous version they have shortened, the wheelbase by 20, millimetres to give this bike more agility, and which is obviously, required, since the tiles have been beefed up revised. The seat height and raised it by 15, millimeters that's gonna be a little bad for the shorter riders the fuel tank capacity has, been reduced, to 11 liters but, with 38, to 40 kilometers, per litre mileage, this, motorcycle has a very, decent, range, of 400. Kilometers or, more which is really praiseworthy since, you will not be taking this bike to tour I think that kind of range is more, than enough for every type of rider the motorcycle, also comes with the slip SS clutch and all, new LED, headlamps, apart from looking good they're also pretty functional available. In two different paint, schemes we had our hands on the gray and red combination, which I absolutely love. The Daytona series, of mods to offer further, customization, and, rupees. 2204. Frame sliders, which will save your ferries from a highside and low-side crash are my first recommendation the, second recommendation from. The letona mod skit would be getting, the bigger disc brake from the front and that's gonna make your worst cycle more safe so those are my two favourite mods on the Yamaha r15 p3. The six-speed gearbox is perfect, and with. This kind of a smooth clutch it, really, takes, your shifting, game to a next level and launching, this motorcycle off the line is a real, pleasure and it was finally, time to do, just that, put it onto the actual road, test. See how this. I think, that was pretty good. Let's, talk a bit about the ergonomics, the, handlebars, are low that's ar-15. Tradition, but you, know they've raised the seat height so you really feel and, that much more comfortable to be honest because there's more legroom right now it's 815. Millimeters, so even if you're five feet five I think you'll be comfortable on this bike a lot, of taller riders like six feet and above but didn't want to write the original ar-15. And they didn't buy the motorcycle, just because they didn't like the ergonomics, now I'm not six feet but I think there'll, be a lot better on this bike, the. Foot pegs are air set but they're not that aggressively, rare set so, in. The city is manageable, but while you're going into the corners you do feel that they're doing just about fine I think they've got the ergonomics, a lot better because I've been riding this bike for over one hour right now and, it's been mostly slow riding with a little, bit of fast paced and, a slight bit of cornering, but I think what we are getting out of this is, pretty, good pretty decent, on, the, comfort side so if, you can manage it in the city it, will be very easy to put it around with it's very light it's 139. Kgs wet which is 3 kgs heavier than the previous bike but, you really don't feel the weight because the wheelbase has been shortened and it's a very agile motorcycle, right now I'd, like, to talk about the styling a little bit first let's talk about the LED. Headlamps, they look absolutely. Brilliant, this, is the low beam and you flick, it to the high beam it looks really great and, then he. Had this mirrors new, shape but, the same sort, of functionality, and, they're, adjustable, they fold in pretty nicely they've got a hinge action, so if you're doing filtering, you can easily fold them in and.

Well. The gear shift lever is, perfectly, positioned, so. And. And it is a great lever you don't have any. Problems. With the gearbox no false neutrals, and it it shifts, with very, little effort but there's a good amount of feedback to it the, front brake which, I'm going to talk about has. 282. Millimeter brakes up front and that's, really, nice because it's, it's, giving a lot of feedback, and feel. And progressive, brake but to be honest it doesn't have that much initial, bite I don't, really like to use break on a sport bike especially. Since they do have a tendency to skid very easily on the version one the rear brake used to lock, up the rear wheel pretty easily and that was a very thin tyre so, right now I think it'll be better with. The styling, perspective. This. Very. Nice curved. Windshield. Is. Great for having, it on a stock bike, right. So. That's, definitely. There if you compare it it's. It's, very curved, body panels, it looks like a bigger bike it feels like a bigger bike while you're sitting on it and it. Doesn't feel heavy at all. So they've given it the big bike looks without. The big bike weight because obviously with this kind of power if you increase, the weight too much you're you're gonna feel that this bike has no power at all so they've managed to give it a big bike look and feel without increasing, the way too much there. Are plastic shrouds, on on the metal tank, to make it look even bigger and it's a new shape tank and it looks really aggressive, fits, very well with the rest of the motorcycle, so overall pleased with the bike and now looking, forward to some higher speed testing. Now is the time where we get to see. Allow, the wind protection. I would, say it's good but not as good as, the Apache or our 310. But, the bike is really stable. On the straights, and not. Gonna gives you confidence. I remember, this is one of the most bumpiest, highways, so. At higher speeds, its destabilizes. Almost any motorcycle. And. We can't really blame the wife for that. But there's. A. Say that how the suspension, will be here under bumps. 120-140. Disorder. Speed. On this way. Thirty-four. Speedo indicated, on that and. That. Was good. It can, go further I believe, but. After. 130. The speedo, Rises, very slowly, so reaching, to that top straight is not gonna be like some of those bikes that you just go up, and up and up and you've hit the limiter because, on, the highway you would feel that the taller sixth, gear is really for cruising, so it's not in a hurry to hit its top speed anytime. Soon it is a very happy engine so even, at 8,000, rpm, the engine doesn't feel stressed because, it can be wrapped all the way up to eleven thousand five hundred rpm, so that's one thing that you may not enjoy it in the city but. In the highway you can take good, advantage of, that and that is exactly how I used to ride the motorcycle when. I was. Having this, same, bike. So, when. We are on the Indian, Highway the general thing that I wanna see is whether the motorcycle, is capable of cruising at 100 km/h speed, without. Stressing, out the engine and that's gonna be at the 6th gear but, right now we're on the fifth, we're. At. Seven seven and a half thousand, rpm and. We can move it up to sixth, and say, the RPM is dropping to five to five and a half thousand rpm and, if. We move it back up to seven thousand rpm. We. Have exactly. Hundred km/h, speed which is the cruising speed and, at 7000, rpm I'd. Say the bike is almost. Vibration. Free so. It is capable of doing cruising, speeds 100 kilometers per hour pretty easily on the highway and that is I think a say, sweet for this motorcycle because the brakes aren't there for. Any higher speed I would not want to cruise on a higher speed with this kind of braking performance. And, it is it is not safe actually, for any smaller capacity or cycle to do, that sort of stuff and specifically.

Because They don't have the sickest aisles of the best brakes, it. Is still the best 150cc, I mean I've written, quite a few and right. Now as the CBR 150, which was the only motorcycle, which could challenge this bike is no longer being sold it's, kind of like having, a monopoly on the indian market for a sporty, 150 cc motorcycle, the. Next thing would be a jig sir which is much more inexpensive, but. It doesn't come anywhere, close to this motorcycle in terms of technology, or anything for that matter so. Yeah. It's kind of like the, king. Of the 150s. You. Could argue that a, pulsar. Rs200. Is, just about maybe. Seven thousands, more expensive. And that is better for overall, touring, and that, is also better. With, because it has it comes with, an. ABS, system I think they, have made it dual, channel ABS this year I'm not sure, so, the. Habeas version of the Pulsar must be expensive than this but it will still. Be having more power is, more. Comfortable, and it has abs, so if you guys are looking for a motorcycle that is more, tool worthy, I think the Avis version of the Pulsar. 200 RS makes. More sense but. The way this motorcycle looks, feels, and handles. That's a completely premium. Different. Idea. Now it is not late. For Yamaha it is not too late for Yamaha to correct their, small, mistake, on this motorcycle and to, equip this with, an ABS system even as an optional I mean they can release an optional abs version later if they feel like next. Year law is gonna come in and every motorcycle, of 150, 125, CC motorcycles, are gonna have abs but we don't know that laws getting delayed for the last three years so we not 100%. Sure whether that's coming in next year or not if, it comes it's better for the Indian rider, because that's gonna. Be putting. An end to, power. Crabbing, about ABS because it'll become the law I will be mandatory just like wearing a helmet is now. Waiting for that day but till that day I really. Appeal. To manufacturers. Because I know they watch these reviews, to. Give us an ABS system. That, would be really nice I've, been on this motorcycle for, since. 7:00, a.m. in the morning now it's 11 I haven't been riding constantly. And, I put in about three hours of riding so far, I, must, say that I'm feeling a little bit of pain here because I wasn't leaning, down too much I was. Just locking up my elbows a little bit in the cruising position, and. Still. I would, say the, seats are good it's not like those KTM, super. Hard seats, it's. Not super soft as well so. They've, got that part right and the seat is white so, that has always, been there in the our own fives he, gives great. Amount of support. For. The lower back. Now. Comes my favorite part, cornering. Beautiful. Motorcycle holds, right, through the corner there was a lot of traffic and I, couldn't, really get the initial, in, but just. Look, at that bike and how its holds, through the line this can absolutely. Murder. At the track and especially. At those tight tracks like collie Motor Speedway, trust, me I've been a to Carly and I would love to take this motorcycle there even, with this stock. MRF, tyres this is the level of grip and performance, that this bike has to offer I cannot, imagine what. Would happen if we got the Mozilla's on this bike I mean. I've. Been getting, one, or two corners here and there not. Really getting it to. Put through the line, exactly I had, it once before and, there. I was, not. Like. Recording, I wasn't recording I had a good amount of corner speed as well this one. Absolutely. Amazing. I mean. I could have gone much lower if I wanted but as. You saw that there was a lot of traffic and I was trying to find. A gap so we're doing some city rides right now.

I Would like to show you how clickable this bike is. So riding this bike into traffic. Not, much of an issue filtering. You're gonna fold in the mirrors and then it's just gonna be as easy as any other bike it's very light so. You're, not gonna face much issues yeah it is front heavy and that is not a good thing for this. Type of. You. Know corner, cutting and stuff like he's doing right now. But, what I tell you is. Great. By to filter it, now. Very easy by to live it you know I've had a lot of questions about the ergonomics and how it's so aggressive and whether we could actually live, with the spike I would. Say until, unless you're, middle-aged. Or until, unless you're suffering, from back, or wrist pains I am. Carrying a very heavy backpack, around 8, kgs, I believe on my back and I've been riding with that most of the time and. I. Really don't feel much different, to be very honest and the. Throttle inputs, are. Very precise, so the, moment you. Decelerate. You. Can feel that it's. Coming in there, is no hollowness. There, is no what. You call the false throttle. Whatever, you do 5, degree turn you feel it so, that makes the throttle very accurate, and it's, a it's a boon to use in the city it's, a boon to use in the cornering because you can be, much, more confident, and you can rely on this bike to, do exactly, what you wanted to do one. Thing I have to say is how refined this bike feels at five and a thousand, six thousand rpm vir and the fifth key we're doing 60 km/h, video, indicated, which is like most, of the cities have this kind of speed limits on the, main roads so. It. Feels like a very effortless, bike to ride but, if. You're accelerating from, this kind of a speed you would obviously feel, a little bit hollow so, if you want to enjoy that power you have, to play around with the gearbox quite, a bit. But. In case you're in the relaxed, mode I think this does just fine. And, with this kind of agility. Any. Kind of turn this, becomes, like. A racetrack I mean you, really enjoy, putting the bike through. The corners I. Wish. We had some twisties I really wish we had some twisties. Do, you see one thing interesting, is, when, I'm kicking into 8000rpm. There, is on top of the speedo there. Is a vva, that's. Coming, in so probably, it's telling, you that, the vva is turned on I I, don't. Think, I've. Seen that before, I will, show you the, vivia turns on right. Now it's it's showing VVA so. That means a variable, valve adjustment. System which, this engine, has a new feature that. They're actually letting you know when it's kicking it apart, from the clock, the, console, has everything, gear, position indicator auto, meter RPM, meter which is a very nice curved thing the, speedometer is obvious and it's very big so just a glance down you can check out whatever's, out, there and, the. Fuel we've. Ridden, it quite hard and I would say that we're getting good mileage it's about an eleven, litres of fuel, tank road conditions, get bad then this, aggressive. Riding pressure what happens is you feel more of the road because there's a lot of feedback from the front and that, kind of tires out your wrists, and if, you're carrying a backpack that way it's gonna be more onto, your back, and, for pillion riding as well if the pillion spitting in too much pressure on your back that's gonna tire you out as well. The, pillion seat is. Lower, on the spike so. That's one thing they, have done but. It's still a small sized seat and it's not very well cushioned so you. Can expect your slim girlfriend, to fit there just fine but just don't expect, to do any long rides with, her because. She's gonna complain about it so, we're back from the ride of the Yamaha r15 v3, and I must say that I'm really impressed but let's just walk you through the conclusions, and some of the drawbacks that we found a lot of you have asked me questions about, the headlights, and their nighttime performance, the owner of this motorcycle AG Neff also owns an FZ 25 and he told me that the headlight performance, is a lot better than FZ 25, but, I haven't tested it out myself, this, has four headlights going out at the eye beam so obviously, the performance should be a lot better in the low beam you have two headlights going out and it's, still better than the FZ 25, but there's great isn't that white and it's.

Not Gonna be one of those best headlights, but, I think it will perform reasonably, well. Second. Thing is about, the, tires I have told you that these tires, have good reasonable. Dry grip but tomorrow's. To struggle in the wet yama is offering, you an optional. Metal upgrade in near future so a lot of you guys were finicky. About me about tire grips can go for that the, third thing that I really did not like about was, the front desk and the. Amount, of bite it had the. Bike is really fast and it would do be the better braking, there, is not, much, else that I could find wrong with this motorcycle, some. Might say that the pricing is really high but I really, don't think that the amount, of tech and styling, that it has got to offer that, the pricing is any higher ABS. Would, have been an absolute. Boon on this motorcycle even, if it was an optional. One and, those are really the some of the small nitpicks that I have with, the ABS being the biggest, one the. Owner is claiming a mileage of about 438. Kilometers, 240, even plus sometimes he's saying is getting more than 40 I haven't, tested it out myself I was riding pretty hard so we were getting much less returns but those are not ideal, riding conditions so. I would say that you were good, with mileage, Yamaha bikes in fest have aged, and when. They age the mileage reduces, but, initially, you can expect, any are anywhere, around 38 to 40 kilometers, per liter mileage I still, think this is the best 150, cc motorcycle in, India right now and it, always was you know for the last 10, years this, has been the top 150, cc motorcycle it, having, the new more, aggressive. Organ ah max I personally, think it is more comfortable because, it's, giving you more leg room with the hot dollar seat item and. The red rear set foot pegs are not really that much aggressive, so, for comfort, I would. Say it's better than the previous one though most reviews don't agree to my point of view but that's just me if, you like this review go. Ahead and hit that subscribe button I really, need your shares guys, really work hard on these reviews but we don't get that many views so. It really reads your support, to share out in the social media and maybe recommend, it to your friends who, want this motorcycle because I try to put out as much information as, I can these reviews get long but I know you guys love it thanks, watching, and I'll see you very very soon this, is rahul goodbye. And a big, big, tanks, before I go to, an Bureau for facilitating, this review and the owner of this motorcycle Agnes, for, trusting, me with his bike he had some issues so he Cunha company as he just trusted me with his bike thank you for again and goodbye.

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R15 V3 can't be compared directly but R3 vs RR310 vs CBR 250 can be made.

With each video you reach new levels of perfection

Ride With Rahul my support is always with you dada

Your narration n ur driving

No matter whether you put abs or not. Indian riders r not gonna change

Rajib Paul agreed ..and ABS are for noobs and uncles

Man this is the best review. U r so underrated bro.

If content is more important...then why do you speak like that?

No, it's because retarded mentality creepswho think accent is more important than content and watch fake content motovloggers.

It's because he thinks he is power drift. And he has British accent

Sir I can Control Honda CbF stunner easily, my height is 5.3inchs .. Can I control it???

Skip to 1:20 if you only want review

lovely honest review indeed.. Do u have the RR 310 review also, however i have subscribed ur channel ;)

Thanks and yes, i do have apache 310 review as well: https://youtu.be/sIRhe64DwUY

Awesome review brother

The video editing is awesome compared to your previous videos...

Rs 200 or v3 ?

Kailash Rava thnx brother I’m gonna buy in the next couples of month

Tiger Costa v3 is teenager and youth that loves thrill and speed with agressive riding .. rs is for cheap and comfort looking bike with saftey features ... rs is like a uncle bike

Good and useful content. however voice, diction and presentation needs a lot of help. learn from MKBHD.

How much it costed total.

Very nice review. Maybe its time for me to switch from v2 to v3. Whic stretch was it where you did the top speed test?

I don't know if it's a bold claim.. The number of subscribers you have don't really justify the kind of vlogs that you make.. Your content is more informative than powerdrift, is what my opinion is. They do come with fancier videos though.. Fair deal to them.. Not drawing any direct comparisons but a fact is a fact and no hard feelings.. Honestly I used to wait for powerdrift reviews for any new launch.. I still do but I'm happy watching your reviews more.. Keep doing the good work.. You'll reach those levels of subscribers count eventually is what I foresee.. Good luck Bro

Ride With Rahul Definitely.. I hope you do get there and I sincerely wish you do.. Hope to meet you in person one day to share some of my passion about bikes with you as a fan.. Cheers

Many thanks! I don't know why my subscribers don't increase but as long as I get comments like these, I will keep pushing forward.

Do it for duke 250 plzz

Did it last year, check out the review.

Will miss your shoot days

good job sir

Your Weight....?

65 kg

If i were to choose between Yamaha R15 v3 and CBR 250R, which one would you recommend?

Pruthvi TR Thank you buddy.. I appreciate that. I will take that in consideration

Striker 7 I knw u r asking rahul...but let me give my opinion too... I'd choose r15 for my daily college/office commute and weekly short rides.... And would go for cbr250r for long tours(only if i want 100% relaibility and riding comfort, with compromising a little bit on power)

You r the best of review of all itr truth

Please do share ahead in facebook and whatsapp

What is this air intake in front of that and what it's mean

Its just for looks, its not a real RAM air intake.

Superb review

Thanks, please share it on Facebook and WhatsApp

In future abs has been came or not as a optional

We still don't have information

Just the review I have been waiting for ! Would love to hear your views of the R3 and the Kawasaki Ninja 400

I am always trying... hope the dealers share the bike for review.

Introduction is dope... Giving me goosebumps... Awesome Rahul keep it up

my only doubt is shall i buy r15v3 (150cc segment ) or pay nearly same and go for some other big capacity ones? im confused as im already using hornet 160r (my first bike) plz help

If u r Thinking Practically Would Suggest u To Go for RED DOMINOR 400 ABS Just 35k Xtra!

gopal raju.v v3 lele .. accha bike he ... agar akela chalayga toh ... mom ya dad ko pich nehi bitha payaga.. pillion seat comfortable nehi he ... thik he ...

gopal raju.v just go for the r15 v3 it doesn’t actually look like a 155 cc bike ,it has 6 gears, it’s a sport bike, it’s fresh so new technological features, slipper assist clutch and obviously that crazy design inspired by the big brothers

Ride With Rahul but it has lots of vibrations and it's not reliable I guess ... so if we have to choose between fz or fazer25 and r15 which one ... and I pretty much not concerned whether it's faired or naked at this moment as there are not much of faired bikes I need punchy engine but comfortable posture too Plz help BTW thankq for such great content ... enjoying ur content from first video of urs

I think you will enjoy moving up to a bigger motorcycle like RS200 ABS.

It's 19.3BHP.

Ride With Rahul mileage batana bro

Your review is so good. Your technical solid review of the bike is informative, interesting and clearly neat and appreciable. Your sincere hardwork in conveying a detailed review of the bike needs a great applause. Keep the good job.

Hey Rahul Please tell me the comparison difference of Yamaha R15 V3 and KTM RC200. Which one is more comfortable. I want to choose between these two. Please Reply. And your videos are just awesome and mature.

The RC200 is more powered and has handling comparable to R15 it's more aggressive I guess in the seating posture but not by much. It is an overall higher segment bike with the brakes being a lot better than R15. Only downside would be the harder suspension and the lesser mileage of about 32 kmpl vs 38- 40 kmpl on the R15

How can we upgrade the disc brakes? Does it void the warranty? Is it useful?

If the Daytona mods kit have the disc brake upgrade then you can easily do it without voiding the warranty.

bro the information I was looking for in many videos, you gave it

Thanks, do subscribe and stay tuned for the future videos.

Bro can we fit abs in R15 v3

Ride With Rahul ok

No currantly there is no option.

its is slower then r15 v2 in top speed i seey many videos

Buddy don't worry about the views you are getting right now. Hold on for some time and you will be leading some of india's most renowned moto reviewing channels for sure. And just mark my words,cause the kind of contents you are giving in your videos are way better than some so called 'beams'. Sit back,relax, enjoy your own video till you get to that million mark hitting on your videos. Thanks and it would be great meeting you and having a coffee with all some rev happy stories!

Ride With Rahul Sure!

Do follow me on Instagram so that you get to know about my rides to CCD NH2, and we can have that coffee.

Great video boss......Boss i have one query r15 v3 or rs200 in me se 2 sal yea 3sal bad me engine refined kaysa hoga?? Mera fav bike rs200...Bt mayne suna ki 2 ya 3 sal bad me iska engine bigar jati hay....So kon sa bike best hoga r15 or rs200 plz reply

If only the v3 was 200cc,it 'll be one hell of a bike.

Jacob Benign then it woudnt be called r15 ...


Bhai please do the full review of Yamaha YZF R1M

I can't able to buy this cause I'm 5ft 4

I am 5.4 . We can't ride this. WTF!!!!!

Test drive niye Dekho, bike ta halka, tip toes a manage hoye jabe.

Wow!! Thats one hell of a review!

Thanks, I will try to raise my quality constantly and give even better videos in future.

Millage kitna he bro, aur long drive ke liye kesa he

It's all discussed in the video

watched the video. awesome job. great cinematography. it contains all the information we want! also shared the video! all the best bro!

Many thanks

Nice review man.....what about vibes man at higher rpm man....does it vibrate like apache or pretty managable

Not much vibes even at 7000 rpm. Vibes are there over 8000

will it suit the height of 5.2ft?

It will be tough.

Are you facing any lower back pain?? Since I am getting lot back pain while riding this. And tips for sitting posture?

AK's WORLD definitely rs200abs

I owned 1 r15 as per my experience 5k rpm is ideal for r15 in drag sry if am wrong

The amount of torque is low women both torque and power are high and add that very tall gearing setup.

Kailash Rava and v3 is quite slower than rs so thrill of speed and even sound is with rs.

Kailash Rava r15 v3 even today wont turn as much head as a RS200 does.

I want to choose between pulsar RS 200 and Yamaha r15 v3.. I have already taken the test ride of RS 200 however m not getting any delaer in Delhi who can provide me the test ride. If someone know any dealer in Delhi who are providing the test ride or if there is any person who owns this bike and ready to give me a test ride please let me know.

Its not best 150cc bike.. Try to Review Apache 160 4v. Its power to weight ratio is much more better than R15 V3

I will you have me curious now.

Try that you will be shocked. But still review u've have given is of high class

I will try to review it, however I doubt whether it can match the R15 in a lot of other departments. (example handling, accelaration, etc)

R15 v3 pay kitina height wale log ride kar sakte Han Mara height 5.6 ha muja ha hoga

Eska height ka Barama ek video Bana duna

It's mentioned in this video itself.

Mileage kitna hai : highway,offroad and traffic a

Milaga? ? ???

You are doing a great job.. just keep it a little short. Say around 10-12 min.

What is your height bro?

I don't see much of a problem but this is a small bike so take a test drive.

My height is 6ft... so is ths bike suits me?


Shud I go for rs200 or v3?

I say if touring is first target then RS200 or else R15

Good review

What is on road price. And in which place ???

1.41 lakh in Kolkata

Bhai kon se state mein ho rode bohot acchi hai race ke liya

Kolkata, West Bengal

Is 19.xx bhp feel adequate? How is it compared to fz25 ? Can it cruise effortlessly at around 100 to 110 all day long ? Or engine feel stressed at high speeds

Adequate is a personal question a lot of riders will be happy and some would crave more, yet it can cruise at 100 kmph at 7000 rpm on 6th gear and it doesn't feel stressed, however 120 will stress out the engine.

U deserve 1 million views

Ride With Rahul sure

Thanks bro, share it with your friends and maybe it will happen!

Wow so cool review. Thanks

Rahul sir you are compare RR 310 just a 150 cc for ex you Gixxer sf I agree you compare RR 310 cost 2.5 lakhs but just 1.5 lakhs so compare other 1.5 lakhs so I not fighting just message

I have a 150cc comparison video that I shoot 2 years ago.

Ride With Rahul compare with other 150cc but you compare RR 310 that saying

Don't understand what you are saying.

Ride With Rahul omg.... you are a so lucky. In west bengal state it's price is 1.46

Rj punekar r15 ka body manufacturer rs se a66a hay keya??? Or weight?

Bishal Baidya go for r15 value for money and milage is also best trust me after market value is better than bajaj..

Not 19.3 man.. 19.03 bhp... Plz refresh ur knowledge

What is ur height

2018 Yamaha R15 V3 or 2018 Honda CBR 250R...Which one is better ?. Can you please Review ?

Can't directly be compared and price difference is big as well for the ABS and this but for more comfort and touring go for CBR and for sport riding and light easy bike go for this. Cbr safer as wider tyres and better brakes with ABS

If you are sport riding , why would you use a clutch to upshift ?

These bikes don't come with a quickshifter and a little wrong up-shift can damage the gearbox which I definitely don't want to do a bike which a friend has given me for a few hours to test.

Good review, you guys made sure to cover every aspect of the bike. Highways, City ride, Cornering which is much need for an Indian to consider before we plan to buy such sport bikes. Really well done and much appreciated!

Thanks, I hope you have subscribed for the future videos.

Which colour should i buy thunder grey or racing blue which one is eye catching

I like the grey / red

Hi Rahul. I drive approx 110 Kms daily back and forth to office....would you suggest this bike for me ? I heared ppl saying that this bike is not for long distance rides...do revert

Daily 110 km commute I would rather pick the Fz25 over this.

How can u compare a 310cc with a 155cc bike dude... Get some knowledge

I can compare the fairing and the windblast protection that doesn't get affected by CC.

Whether you feel nick pain

I feel on long ride , can u plz help me to resolve the problem


Bro which cameras do you use?


Ride With Rahul will you share here link?

Watch my whats in my camera bag video.

Awsm review. Thnx Man.

I'm 5.4 feet will it be good for me??

Rj punekar duke mera fav bike hay bt maine suna uska maintenance cost zada hay r hitting issue zada hay...

Bishal Baidya u can choose Duke or rc200...

santhosh kumar thanks for ur valuable opinion

Bhai reliability acha hai R15 kaa.... RS waste hai...pulsar walo chutiye bana rahe hai... Mera RS 2 sal purana hai.... Bike bekar hogaya hai aab.... Better ktm RC 200 lelo best hai... performance ,looks sab mast hai...rc kaa

Nikhil Hareesh thank u

As per me for extra 15k u r getting better performance motorcycle..

nice video :) bro what is your height ?

Rahul, is this bike comfortable for short rider? Will feet touch the ground completely? Maybe for 5’6 to 5,4 height range person? Please suggest.

I liked ur review bro❤️

Which one is better R15 V3 or pulsar Rs 200....????

Shapoorji roads of Kolkata and Newtown roads

Kawasaki ninja 400 pls

Real mileage kitna hai????

I'm still angry with this bike as I waited for it for a year...! I would have taken the Indonesian version but now i got KTM rc.... LoL

What is your height


Guys, I am sorry about writing that it has 18.7 bhp of power it has 19.035 BHP (19.3 PS) as official Yamaha claim, by the way if you want some great photos of the R15 V3 then head over to my instagram, you won't be dissapointed... https://www.instagram.com/ridewithrahul

Bikewale site says 18.7 BHP yamaha official site says 19.3 PS (19.03 bhp) and some sites just write 19 BHP. I think best to write 19 BHP as 0.03 could be ignored. Lot's of conflicting data.

Bro according to u which colour is best plzz reply me bro

Ride With Rahul one last question my height is 6ft so can i ride these bike easily and I'm little fat so can i buy these bike or bullet plzzzzzz one last reply bro

Ride With Rahul thankss bro

Grey red

How are the brakes?

I don't think I missed the discussion on brakes on such a long review.

After how many kms is this r15 back pain happening??

Everyone has a different back, I hope you realize that. Some guys can't ride it all, others have done all day touring on this. I personally find it very easy because the bike weights very less and requires very little effort to steer.

Review was really good... But you should've lower the background music...

Sorry, the music is only in the first part though rest is clean audio.

Hey you are wrong i have tested side by side fz25 has similar throw of light

Sluper clutch er bpr e to ki6u bollei na... YAMAHA have some braking issues with there r15,also on the r15 v2 ,,the front brakes r not soo good as compare to the aggressiveness of the bike..i use the v2 for past 3 years,,it was the best 150cc..now the v3 is the best 150cc...

Front brakes still lack a bite

Rahul da speed run'er jayega kothay?. Near vedic village?

Deeper mai chalao

Should hv abs. Design is super

awesome review loved it. usually ppl tend to have bad voice recording but rahul uve really done a gud job on that. the sound of the bike was also clearly audible wen in most reviews the sound of the bike cannot be heard because of wind and what not . good job bro.

Many thanks, hope subscrive for the next videos.

I have this bike for 4 months now and maaaaan, I love it!

Even Suzuki offering ABS in Gixxer SF which is much cheaper than the r15v3 Atleast a single channel ABS should have been given by Yamaha in v3 Many of us waiting for the abs version

Good point.

No abs???after all these years...why yamaha??

Service interval of R15 V3 ?? Ty

R u from Kolkata

Is it still a cornering king

Dada ami ak taaa bike kinbooo amer jenno kontaa thik hoba ktm rc 200 and Yamaha r15 v3.0 plzzzz dada ami belo

Dada can you please tell me about hyosung gtr 650...each and everyone is giving diff opinion...most of them r saying its engine and built quality isnt good...bla bla bla...i wanna own it...bt am totally nervous and confused now...can you please help me dada???

Ninja 650 is a sports tourer...its not a complete sports bike...the riding position isnt agressive its comfortable...the handle bars are upri8... so is there any option dada?

I wouldn't recommend it, The Ninja 650 current version with ABS makes a lot more sense.

How is the plastic parts

Ride With Rahul is it still a cornering king

Ride With Rahul broo which bike is better r15 v3 or fz25

Thumbnail is amazing

Reviewed near Uniworld, Kolkata

1.43L in Tamil Nadu (Madurai)...

Is this rajarhat?

Dada ktm RC 200 best hoba na R15vs3?? Amaka suggest koro dada

Bhai Brakes k bare mai bnao video stopping diatance kesa hai

is it tallrider bike? can people above 6 feet ride it comfortably on day to day usage rather than for track?

Dada can you share the rsn why you wont recommend the gtr 650

Which handles better rr or r15.?

Is it worth?

Very nice review. helped me a lot bro.Thankyou

Sound quality is good

do u recommend to mod the tire to Metzelers and disk to ABS could it be done privately ? if so where it could be done in Tamil Nadu @ the best & personally im ur big fan and i loved the way u give away data about the bike u ride

+Ride With Rahul Thanks a lot bro , and another query is that when i get the track edition with dyno exsost and metzelers radial tyres Nd strach pads Nd tank and seat covers will it any way affect the mileage ?

Aftermarket ABS systems are not available as it has to be tuned to each bikes specification, upgrading to metzelers will give you a lot better grip on the wet roads and better grip in the corners.

I own r15 v3 and i think rear tire is too much slippery while cornering and even braking.

Upgrade to Metzeler, you will love it.

When other colours will available?

Bhai tu b such chhota sa aadmi itni badi bike pe kaisa lagega... Honest opinion no offense

fz25 or r15 or royal Enfield

Nice review ... Really helpful... Appreciate your work

Hey I have also uploaded a video for r15v3. Do watch and subscribe. Thank you

Why the rev limit led is not showing in the bike...????

can i tour 300-500 kms. ride??

Is this bike is for short ridera

can i do 200-300kms ride with this bike ?i booked this bike bt i"'m to much confuse...my age 25 and i love to do short rides. i'm also from kolkata plz reply

Good video! Keep it going

Message my Facebook page: ride with Rahul or Insta @ridewithrahul

You can but it's not the most comfortable bike for doing that.

hey broo..! this is my first ever public comment on social media..iam very fond of bikes coz i dnt have one...and iam too eager to own one...from then i have been watching reviews on youtube....so far i have seen a quite few but you did a bit more work than others , took ur time , gave us the best review in detail, its like more genuine than others..i wud like to buy r15 v3 ..and iam very much attracted to indonesian paint schemes they are awesome and aggressive luks.!!! i have a question and i dnt know whom to ask so im asking UU ...can I buy indonesian version in any possible way...????(i wud just like to know)

R15 is my most favourite bike.... which colour of r15v3 is the stylish & attractive according to u... which colour should I buy ...thunder grey or racing blue...

The best intro loved it good English tho


Thanks rahul for the honest review

you are welcome! Seeing you on the channel after many, many months!

Bro can i do long rides on r15 v3 once in 6 month? I m 6 feet tall is it comfortable? Reply asap so that i can book my bike

Is there any possibility of back pain when riding ???

Yes, many people can't handle the riding position. It's okay for some people but not for all.

No you can't buy the Indonesian version but there are a lot of wrappumg services who can give you that paint scheme via sticker (wrap job) in India.

T.S.D ABHIRAM IMHO yes it is. Its design exactly simillar to R 6.

Bro can 5.4 can ride this bike or not

Yeah but you have to tip toe it.

Bhai.. Hindi Version me v bnao..

Please recommend me a bike...I'm having quite a trouble choosing between R15 and Dominar.......I love R15 but in comparison to dominar the power feels quite less and considering ABS as well...as they fall in the same price range....i love both bikes....please give your honest opinion.....(about my background....i have riding experience of about 10 years...i will take the bike to work, College and sometimes on ltours)waiting for your reply

kevin mathews many thanks!! I appreciate your support.

Rahul da i am in urgent need of your help i am confused between fz25 and r15 v3 though i have booked for a r15 v3 it will take sometime i want a fun riding machine which i will love to ride and also want to go for some minor touring between the range of 200-400km ocassionaly once in 6 months i also need to sometimes carry a pillion i am not a track guy but i want some power to feel the adrenaline i mean which bike would you suggest and plz do keep in mind i don't want to be bored(unsatisfied) of that bike and i am a new rider basically this is my first bike and i am learning and yes my hheighht is 5ft2iin

i have a budget of 1.5 lac

CBR 250R ABS would be best.

What a fantastic review of this beautiful machine ! Indeed it clearly shows a lot of effort has gone into doing this review. Your job is really commendable as your effort for covering all the aspects about the bike is quite prominent. Your attitude seemed to just exhibit your frank thoughts about the motorcycle which is appreciable. Keep going brother. A lot of wishes and i really look forward for many reviews in this fashion in forth coming times.

Quality content well done bro,SUBSCRIBED.

Best review ever...........

Your english is pretty good compared to all those shitty Indian fake accents.

Thanks! Please do subscribe for future reviews.


FZ25 then

Rahul which one is better to buy r15 v3 or duke 250 confused???

I wanna ask you is there a back pain while riding more than 100kms

Wanted to go for this but due lack of ABS went with Apache 200.

Is it worth buying for long rides?

Bro i am confused about ns 200 and r15 v3.0?

It looks like an old honda cbr600r

Compare this with dominar, same price range

Yamaha fz25 vs r15 v3 which is better

Great video...you deserve more subscriber....

Have you seen my motorcycle short film? Moment we live for?

Guys this bike doesn't have abs feature. It is a very important safety feature in any bike. Please consider your safety before buying it.

Great review ! Gear change timer ain’t there ? Also if the ABS law comes out does it mean the non-abs bikes cannot be used on the road ?

Can we gearshift down to control the speed..from 100 to 20kmph without breaking.?

Not pratically possible as it will take a lot of time to slow down that way.


do some B-ROLLS❤️

I follow Peter McKinnon but I don't have the workflow to match him, our crew isn't that good and since I am riding the bike I can't make the B roll myself. But I am always looking for ways to improve. I will launch a Patreon soon, if people support I can hire some guys to shoot with me, right now it's just me and my friends.

Try Peter McKinnon for some professional b-rolls, anyway love the cinematic quality ❤️

I was doing a lot of them, in the intro.

I’m 5.4 feet.. Is this bike comfortable for me?

omg i just disliked it because of too much spam ads, sorry the video was almost great until the spam ads.

Ride With Rahul make a walkaround video

Bro will u suggest me which colour s best it too confused fa me bro pls u can bro

R15S or R15V3?? Pillion comfort?


R15 v3 or rs 200 ? Which should i go for ? Really fucking confused !

Plese wache thise video https://youtu.be/4LLD1WoVt7o

One of the best review.....osm broo

Rs200 or r15 v3 what will you choose ??

Is there any option to adjust seat height???

Kapil Kumar r15 v3...

THE ROAD RUNNER BIKER they are called fiber..

What is the best bike to buy under 1.5 lakhs please help me to buy my first bike

Best sport bike for street

Rs200 ABS since you said touring, otherwise this.

A faired bike for city commuting and week end touring

motorcycles are more than just a budget. Your best bike will depend on your requirements.

i am 5.3 feet does this bike suitable for me?


Please try to make a video on Apache RTR 200 race edition.... Eagerly waiting from this channel buddy.

Ride With Rahul sorry sir , my friends or even me we don't have any bike..near future if something I can arrange I will surely let you know....

I talked to TVS they are not sharing the bike. Trust me, even I am disappointed. If you have any friends who have any bikes that I haven't covered let me know and I will cover it with them.

Fastest 150cc bike can beat even Pulsar 220

Great work, can you pls try Cbr 650f and triumph street twin as well

I have ridden both of those bikes already, you can check street twin review on my channel and 650F is great and reliable but the looks weren't stunning and the price tag put me off a bit.

I am really confused with fz25 and r15v3. My priorities are comfort and mileage. Can you help me select one?

thanks bro


i have booked the blue color variant but i haven't seen the thunder grey version in flesh so can you please suggest me that which color is better in between two variants.

Red and grey looked better to me. But colours are subjective.

Which colour is best??

Sir my heighr is 6ft is it suit me??

take test drive, you can only understand then.

Do we get back pain and shoulder/wrist pain issues sake of aggressive riding position?

desi Ar. Whats the mileage bro

Hi Dude can you give information about fuel consumption if it's really good fuel effecienct motorcycle the R15 v3?

I don't own the bike, I make the reviews, My own bike delivers 25 kmpl

Is that fuel effecient enough for you?

Yes 38 km/l

Per 1 Liter Gasoline?

It's 38 kmpl as far as I know.

At 16:10, how could the bike be ridden on 3rd gear without clutch???

This review is pretty awesome!!

What do u suggest me bro r15v3 or ns200 abs ?

Bro what about pillion seat.? It's comfortable or not

Let me wait for few more months till this bike gets an abs! Then 100% I'll buy this beast and btw next level review Rahul Bro

what is the engine power and torque ofR15 v3 racing version????


Thank you brother. Best review ever.

Sir can we install abs in r 15 v3 india

Bro I'm very confused which one to buy ktm rc 200 or r15 v3... Im a college going guy and travel 30-40 km daily pls reply cause im about to book my bike this week

Bro for how much kms at a stretch can we go on this bike without stopping anywhere during a long ride not bothering about back pain or wrist pain.

A perfect review must i say.......The Video Introduction was just awesome.....Keep up the good work

its gud for beginners?

can you buy this in America?

ok thanks

Don't think Yamaha has released it on the US market.

Is Pulsar RS 200 2018 model have vibration issues

which bike is best? Pulsar RS 200 or R15 V3.0

Rahul dint you feel the seat hits back at you hard when passing through small patches on roads, even on those railings on the fly overs you went. Is there any way to reduce that impact?

I regularly ride motorcycles far more demanding than this, so on this bike I felt nothing. I can understand that different riders will feel differently.

50 kmpl

eh wait, no ABS?

Bhai ABs nhi hai bike me so pahle safety jaruri hai

Bro.yeh btao ki iska mask our panel hai wo 1-2 year mai awaj toh nhi krega kyo ki only skurub lgaya hua ismay only

Since I have not used it for 2 years it's impossible to say that.

Plzz tell me bro.actuly I am confused

Sir if there any possibility to fit abs in r15 v3 and I want to know About the comfort in daily comuting

The only reason I am bought rs200 instead of this bike is ABS.

I can understand your logic. ABS makes bikes safe, no denying that.

Bhai tomake subs krlam Love you from burdwan

I love yahama r15 v3 and soon I purchase....

First thing I would do I to upgrade the shoe to a Metz..and upgrade to a better breaks.. good to go!!

Wow what an mind-blowing Intro.. Dude U deserve more..lots of love

Thanks bro! Please do share it out, that is the only way we can grow to be a bigger channel.

how's the braking system? bro

I have heard people talk about tank issues . Is it true that the right part of the tank comes out when we put more pressure on it?

you should be on TV

Ride With Rahul Yamaha r 25 launch in India in 2019 it is true

Thank you for the reply and your suggestion. I will definitely buy R3 soon

Rahul you are really one under rated reviewer in India, but for sure you be up there on top very soon. Your total research, knowledge and idea of shooting a video remind me of a bbc channel program use to come on tv called BBC TOP GEAR, for me you are right there. I feel very proud of you, a boy from Calcutta where biking is not so popular making such a professional level of review videos is so wonderful, Keep on doing your job. I am 38 year old but after seeing your videos I feel a 18 year old boy, your videos give a very nice adrenaline rush. I am also from Calcutta and I use to ride a pulsar 180 (2003) model in my college days and use to go to digha very often for a small trip alone. Then in those days I removed the rear mrf tyre and replaced it with a 140 size tyre, bought alloys and coloured them black. Removed Bajaj pulsar tank sticker and got 2 BMW big batches and sticked it on fuel tank and I cut the mud guard to flaunt my rear 140 fat tyre which I got from Delhi. Then in those days many use to ask me that is it a BMW?

And thanks for sharing your story, I read the entire thing.

I recommend you to go for the R3, now combined with comfortable riding posture and ABS and Metzelers it is really awesome.

Ride With Rahul

Rajarhat. Sometimes I miss my native place and view it through your blogs. Btw another nice and informative well described blog. Ignore the mf. Zindagi me 3 cheeze hamesha aate rehte h - tatti, chunauti aur chutiye. Tatti ko baha do, chunauti se nipat lo aur chutiyo ko ignore kro. Best of luck.

It's amazing review, make more

139 kgs dry

can you please tell me how often does the radiator fan kicks in...and when it does.. can you feel it?

Fz25 t r 15v3

Awesome review man I really appreciate ur hard work

That cornering looks really awesome broi

India ugly fork

It does make sound when it kicks in.

Best review of r15 v3 ever

Best review I have ever seen.

Bhai 155 cc hai

Yhamha v3 ki tanki me woter nahi jata....?

I, m sad no abs

I didn't know that the bike came with a front wing as standard... Just kidding :D

Bro do Pulsar NS 200 review

I want to know about dominar coolant and engine oil mixing problem , u also rode dominar but i knew This problem so asking about the same, wanna buy it but if problems will continue my parents will really scold me everytime they get chance.

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