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Alright, guys, this. Is yard vlog Levin they, haven't done one for a while and it's come up to about a month so, they've done the last one but. Like too nice because they they, like a video, diary, for myself so it's, law sandy so. I swear I'm doing I'm and to show people what I've been doing, to. Be honestly always been crazy it's. Just I've, been busy to be cut in volunteer, but. It be honest to do is Peter me they. Tell you I under today, I'm. Gonna spray on the bottom of caravans. Swinging. A string around the bottom I done. Something yesterday. And. I'm gonna spray, weedkiller, way to on the bottom each one and we see like oars I don't. Mind if it's a bit of a dirty brown, patch but. Least this last day of marking, and where the cart of I'm gotta be and. Stop everything going, be less time for me trying. To maintain their so. You're just cutting with a tractor line, out. In the open areas a little bit of push, more in between. So. I'd save me a locks I go, so don't struggle up there it. Goes so fast, I still. Got a still on them they're using, Pushmo in I've. Cut up today so, gonna, do only easier. But. I've kept going on with the tractor have you so often. Yeah. Soon as the ground is gone all scorchy. We've. Got some really off days. Look. I. Don't. Cut them really low, jeez. You've got a nice my site to this but. I see a lot of scorching, this year so far. It. Said that's, all I do is they I found. Be like an outline. Bones. Yeah that's, gonna cut blown them too they salute, someone in the caravan then. Yeah, so these yeah. Today. Now. Like. The unpaid fill up walk for us but they've literally turned up two weeks ago unpaid they, paid will fight went upon I think. Anyway. Is then paid for use so. They tied the aisle up from Derek I walked ID again. Do. These bits. For. An old camper van in a Volkswagen I can't. Seem to tykes I don't want to cut they say. She didn't just. Tidy up in by they room, this one caravan. That's. Pretty good down there. And. I got in you to do we got a car we just took a card in. Just. Storage for a minute, tide. You all up on day. Glasses. Come in tidy up, your. Last we. Never kept this here because we don't shut the fields off too late will, be or says. It's. A lot of people do one a old ID my brother done X he got a farm, even. Some last week some he. Was. Coming alright, so. A butcher lie you'll be doing some edge so look over some good videos then tell. Him that much farm and stuff at the moment. That's. What happens just goes on a bit. Of a dry spell and, we, all kicks off again. Not. Much of a but they mind you all still yet. Should. Have fertilizer these.

Fields Are not fertilizer, for over 20 years so we've, all been all the, nutrients, every you robbing, it away when we cut May and. Open. Nothing back we are manual, on over the years lots of times, but. It don't seem to be doing it's like patches in, the other field really. Thickening the thing thickest Blake patches blotches. Away but. Tussle eyes honey flow selves anyway so there. Aren't gonna be a crazy crop. While, I'll do I'll cut to the Zita. Put. Us home or what on is P Zed, 165. Yeah. P 8p z CM, 165 it. Was red, I had. A shared lot of orange paint to everything when Orange Crush paint there I will. Do a tidy red in the future I fixed. All this up then, he will up a new drums on it look. Good more one hole that is. A. Daleks. To work on the international, 7/8 for most. Table at bay de la la they. Listen recover they, massive. Innocent 20 it's great bail a small square baler. Use. The Zita. De. Daleks nobody could everything we got problems really a 12. X nobody good on the Zeta so. It doesn't pick up they, won't pick that up once, they start captain you, will not pick up so for 20, years I survived are they I was grown and long and long whose northernmost need testing but. You're just gonna leave them or down and. Say. Only coming into Ted, to myself anyway to turn it so no, one's following me so I'm gonna be smart on, Bootsy. I when I'm doing anyway. So. Yeah. I don't. Know more softly how Ted then, for. This Lily via he's Gemini. It's. What Ted with this could really as a good job head in I. Need. Gates to the a Bob the, gates were pod so it did stripping them I didn't get I just give up on him Anna's gonna buy new gates so. I might just for the center for the sake of video, use. Jakob I've because normal people doing them go, went up with these this. Needs paint but it, would do the job I got a tweet. Us for this another. Four-wheeler Spade there. Are lots of bits for there so. I'll put on this David Brown, we're Ted with the David Brown and then. We'll go up with the David Bowman and, I paid will either the you, said the David the International, Rosita. Alright. But. Astray in you as well look it's complet on for my friend you, just gone mad yeah it's just hard to keep it all down plum. Balls ever the way we show the garden now. Well. The chickens go it's. Crazy in there yeah, so like I said we're doing favor. Of outside work, only.

Some Things I video. Because. Two of my regular, clients. An. Old, like. A llama and. They. Not too impressed with videoing for. Safety for security reasons they don't want it prom nurses they. Properly being shown which, I fully understand, that so. As soon as this they show it not so impressed I'm, not too keen on the idea I don't, don't push you then. I covered. The one Volvo, so. That's all coming up now for the win for the, for. A few years you yeah I suppose I. Try. More team my van. To. Work on that I, gotta. Cut that top bit of edge there, I kept the fun the bottom, bit I don't. Know if you allowed to get an edge level I'm not doing pretty good be honest live at the moment I. Have. We killed alone year whatever year law. I'll. Show you what I we. Kill now today, it's. Just taking over month just mad Gong yeah. I. Still, wait if my belt for. My. Man. Songs which. I can order our next week so. I'll be going again next week so. Be glad to get, like a win again. I. Say. This is a big deal. Do. Some clippings I bring back I just. Come in ton bags, bring. It all back, it's. A morbid a bag. There I'm, gonna check it on the back of the tractor in and, they. Take it but for you just dump it off I got a big pile up there so. What's the booty I've been on the farm that is at me a lot like. You bring all equipments back VOSH pile a just. Walks away so. That's the big deal I always. Have to charge more I think. Somebody. Like definite, dump, it off let, me show you 100 trees is day in a way about two of them I'd say so. I'd be for the future to chop it down a lot to cut it down we. Turn the cam around. Left. Side. No. Clothes oddly stay. In a way right. Side still. All right I was. Creating a lot of weight my. Way so in a gap they soon, just, whack him off of my pole saw get. All my weight off and. The reason is all, the bark is okay this side so, we still taking more turn up. The. Side. Walk. Away like. It's. All just loose yeah. So. Just walk to the way so. I'm sorry I think.

She Gotta come down. The. Trouble is people be knocking nail him if I'd fences, on yeah so you can hit stuff dumb yellow and, cut me. She. Was all on one side and. This one you just, I. Won't come at all this you. So. Baby. Videos for the future, this. One definite, tool now be. Taken man like, I said I don't like that wait. Let's. Play she or towards yo so it's. A place where the way to the leaves. I'm. Saying that's gonna pull you over but, just. For a peace of mind, cut. Them off I've, been walking around we, kill him should. Be no class really there on, the floor I did to the top of the bank all. You got to give another Court. Along. Yeah, so. Just gone crazy, all. The artists, is gone mad so. I saw the yellow bits, and. We can let's work in like. Treat. I, didn't. Pull off a liquid in with a mix which are used to when I stood in my vinegar mixes white. Vinegar. So. I don't I forgot about and. The last mix I did, hold. Only I got to do one. Bag I could see what I mean with the tree all. On the one side. Soon. Anyway. Yeah. More we killing, our. Good on it for a walk now look at ya, put. The dog in just. Crazy and muddy is. Good. Killed by yeah, late. Day and off nice, I, got. A do this yeah Lucy idea. All. This I've, done some in you got. A watch because the chickens in yeah I could, have cut it down expose I wanted to kill it off I'll. Do but yeah I. Look. At all this. So, I get a good dose today now, and. Keep the chickens out for few days Doakes. It all I smell. Chicken time they said somebody I. Thought. Am, I gonna do any bad move Bobby I put, them back in the barn for a few days. Or. Week. Dohsa. Make. She's all trade-off Potemkin, out then oh. Yeah. They. Said it's odd to do. What I'm doing other. Stuff as well I stronger. Long time doing that car yet, and. I gotta do it I gotta put a pressure on the door so, so. Just. Such a big area so. Much stuff to do oh. Yeah. Yeah really should be done then the space booth. Austria. On both the grass in the field. Did. It go in like clumps. One. Bits really thick it's. Thicker glass and yeah the outside of the field could, be robbed so much office in the officer is everything been eating out today. You. Sure what I mean. This. Is eita everything. Is full up with diesel ready. To go. Nothing. And. It's, just patting Celino patches away now. So. That's, just Ruby other silage her Elledge knows, feeding them but. I'll do all this field there's, like a three acre field over. Three guys so it. Was captain. Yeah. So, I say July we, shall wear this going on and. Many. Videos, making. A videos. Alright. I did. One or two DS all day international, when I started one day I started a so. I filled in mock up now she's follow I put. It more in than it was. I'm. Just starting back up. David. Wrong obviously just using on the top but now blushing, groom well. This. Was a bit of rest through the Sun no really I do. A lot more weather in the winter. It's. Just like oh it. Does now is top in and.

Ted. It and tedamy a, turn. In would be row in I. Will. Give them to Pinckney. One day finishing it off there. Are so many things to say the same note. I'd. Start this up one day the. OJC be, JCB. 3. You. Wouldn't think it but I will start put a battery on a she'd. Fire it up pretty little diesel back you know but. Bun you start on it as well. Sounds. Nice enough feel, at 465. Underneath really I suppose that is nice. Leyland. Is my land over/under they found over 90 I, go. Out one day and show you. It's. Been left yet enough so I played for the logbook now been left about five years so. Acquired ah. Je, vais Jill 92. Anyway. The future. Touch. This discovery yet they still are not the logbook back. And. After put in the tubes in it because I've seen the fun tirelessly one back down just until. I get better tires I. Played. Through a logbook for eight weeks ago they. Said it could take up to six weeks nothing. Back phone them up they had no application, so 25-pound, lost so. I do it again. And. Not touching until I get, logged work back know. What I am like I, said my friend died and it, was awkward with a family, together. Logbook, I was. Given, the Jeep by the father. And my friend. So. Go. For me. So. You're sort of busy doing the cars, because. His is aged like, 1990. He's. Not too well. All. Right. If. You tell me where they were. Let. Me see. Yeah. I'll. Do this, Matt. Was everywhere I had, the top on the tractor. Lost. The Jap leaves not we leaving it laying over before I move it too much cut, the hell off Sunday morning put on the water and. Spray all this yeah. Spray. Wrong there I'm. Gonna move them forwards as well. Look. A fun-filled, because. Docs was just just crazy. Look. Just. Over, Chloe tried. To keep on top of a. They. Will just pay a lot of a. So, after the samarth be back to normal and be. Like chainsaw, work back, to chainsaws you. Restore my mower I. Will. Get into doing more mowers restore restorations, all. That kind of stuff so. Just. Bear with me on now and you see a lot of variety, of stuff I want to go to Salt X this year definitely. Want to go they, will. Clear meet up some people a or. Look out for some people they, I'm. Gonna be interesting, before da next, about a weed killer now and, do. What we killing. Tell. It we were story a man died and. Had some weed kill him for a customer last week his property and. We kill has dangerous, stuff y'all good mask, but. Don't worry enough clothes so. I'll wrap up better I was. Mixing I'll just tell you and like attain the safety, aspect he's gonna think about I. Was. Mixing up the weed, killer I'm. A backpack, sprayer I. Was, tipping the concentrate, the weed killer into a and, he must have run down the side and, I. Didn't really realize I, put me on my back and must have touched it be there, so. I saw a spray and it's the second time second Lord I was doing so put it on, it. Felt a bit of a burden I felt, it like wet, didn't. Hear nothing, of it starts. Playin when. I finish the look today and. You want to show where that was today I was. All it was eaten in it. Was eaten in LA I mean now he was eaten in he. Was a funny texture of UCLA, I. Quickly. Got under his outside top, washing. Like ow I'm lucky, enough it stopped it when any further but. Dangerous stuff I'll never do it again now without. A jacket on I have. Got thick caught, when whatever me today like. A robbery caught on suit are, weird I don't have to boil not in the summer and. In a way that I'll just put a jacket on today but. Never to it again we. Pay arms, we're. Not stability. It's. A bit of a safety advice a gloves. Really wrap yourself up. That touches you we will burn fleshly, the war stuff to concentrate. On. The side. On. The side there, let's. Shoot my arm and. I. Separate my arm so. Just. Be careful. Wanna. Know. One always. Be covered up I'm, sure I mix it up now the. Weed killer, I'll, see old spray, as you see you always used to single, Arness over the shoulder ones it's, the first backpack, one itchy I'm. Poor I'm gonna get a real good on just. Chest in water at the moment this. Is stuff for the news in this dad stuff what do you see use, it's. Still a fair bit well it was like a fly gone through enough, clay. Force, so. I look for some more that, or, is, it washed fate or, some like that also. Used over, some. One of the customers, good stuff are strong as well saw a new. Thing about then I, might. Go only one of them a small one but definitely it'll get a good quality one of. These I'm looking into at the moment. What. I'm gonna do this after some time studying a 2%, I don't, do 4% today get, a bit stronger so, I mix it up now 10. Liters of water squid. You feeling liquid to make you stick to the leaves. 4%. It's, 400, mil so. Up today I said the twice as much as using last summer than 2%, windmill, d. % 300. Obviously. Percentages. Millimetres to 10.

I'll. Go up then and we'd spare you on the caravans and any customers, come in the caravans any owners come I'll. Warn them so there are many kids playing about, nothing. For the day or two underneath make. Sure the dog is in as well do one dog. Out when we do one the chicken so keep an ominous rally on for few days. People. Ready. To go gloves, off for Kingsland and waffle ice underneath where. I can't get to with this trimmer slide be a bit neater under there and less. Chance of going up into the caravans I know, what their nest want to try this this year, just. And if it works alright then save. Me a lot of time streaming on. The caravans. All right guys, loves, today's video. Quick. Vlog on, a bit of weed killing so. I hope you enjoyed a and. I'll crack on no, it's. More off a deal and, just look for some more videos. Do. You think of subscribe thanks for watching, she, has.

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My brother has bought a battery backpack sprayer. It wasn't that expensive. He's got a licence for weed killer. He got one for the quad aswell. That's got a rail to spray.

Hi. I might get an electric one in the future and maybe get a licence and get into this spraying more professionally. All the best Calvin

Are you any relation to the tovey family in pontypool.  Have you got a link to where I can buy the weed killer you use as I need to get rid of some stingy nettles that's coming from my neighbours garden. A few years ago my uncle gave me some bayers weed killer that they use on the council and it killed everything the next day but it was like 60 or 70 pounds for 5 litres.

I've been looking for glyfos weed killer but I couldn't find it so I don't know if to try rosate 360 tf or spend £50 on roundup proactive as I've heard that's good stuff.

The stuff I'm using in the videos is good stuff. Glyfos, A soluble concentrate containing 360 g/l glyphosate present as 480 g/l (41.2% w/w) of the isopropylamine salt and tallow alkyl amine ethoxylate,,, This is what it says on the label. Its an old container so I'm struggling to find the same replacement. Cheers Calvin

I read rosate 360 was good but the rosate 360 TF don't get very good reviews and they advise to buy roundup.

Hi. No relation sorry lol. This is good strong weed killer I use for one of my customers. (very strong) 5l = £31.99. Here's the link below. Cheers Calvin https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VERY-STRONG-PROFESSIONAL-WEED-KILLER-ROSATE-360TF-KILL-GRASS-AND-BROADLEAF-WEED/223012368797?epid=503833848&hash=item33ec92b19d:g:wgwAAOSwnOVanQun

Hi. Sorry I take it back. Rosate is not that good. I went back today to a job I sprayed 2 weeks ago and it hasn't killed as much as it should of. It killed the grass where I didn't want it to lol. I hope you havn,'t bought it yet. Round-up i think I'll go for next as soon as my glyfos is gone. Cheers Calvin

Calvin .Always rated clinic Ace weed killer unfortunately its been discontinued some time back i still have 2 litres left . Kills most weeds needs care with use .I have brough & used the replacement for comparison to clinic ace and find it less potent

Hi Garry. Ok I have the same problem I have an old 10 ltr can of glfos my father used it is really strong stuff. I cant find the exact can now. I think the glfos on ebay is not as strong. Thanks for the info. Cheers Calvin

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