Yoga For PMS, Other Aches, & Gentle Realignment ♥ Your Self Love Doctor Is In

Yoga For PMS, Other Aches, & Gentle Realignment ♥ Your Self Love Doctor Is In

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Self. Love. The. Idea of truly, loving and appreciating all. That, you are. Physically. Emotionally. And, energetically. Listen. To that voice within you that, whispers, in your ear to. Tell you that it's okay to give, time to yourself, to. Love yourself. To. Nourish and. Be gentle, with yourself. Be. Gentle. Become. Aware of those moments of when it's time to push and, time. To hold back. Today's. Practice is, going to be all about being gentle, and loving with your body, giving. It exactly, what it needs and. Giving yourself that space to, listen to. Calm down to. Move and breathe. With. Love and care. Today's. Yoga class is, sponsored, by fabletics, which. Is your one-stop, shop for affordable athletic. Wear they, have everything from yoga wear to even shoes, and accessories. The. Outfit, that I'm wearing in today's class was created and designed by fabletics. Their. New Styles collections, and prints, are released every single, month so if you do decide to become a VIP member, you can get up to 50% off, free shipping and other additional, perks. Today. If a blood X was super kind to offer all of our viewers with an opportunity to get two leggings for only $24. So, click the link below in the description and check it out. With, that set if you're ready to get started with our class grab your mat and let's, begin. All. Right, friends spring that begin today seated at the top of your mat with, your feet in front of you go ahead and bring your hands behind your knees starting. With the seated cat cow inhale, opening, the chest opening. The heart and. As you exhale rounding. Of the spine and tucking the chin into, the chest. Great. Nice fluid, motion here, as you inhale open, yourself up and. Exhale. Around the. Spine extending, through the elbows. Welcoming. Lots of movement, into the spine here and. Release. Wonderful. And again deep breath in drop those shoulders away from the ears look, up. Exhale. Release the hands, and I'll begin to take yourself down through each of our tour of your spine once. Your back is on the floor give those knees a big hug and once. You're hugging your knees just begin to rock side, to side a gentle. Massage for, the lumbar spine. Letting. Go of any, tension any, pain. May be feeling in that area of your body today. Great. Now release the feet soles, of your feet together knees, opening, as you reach the arms all the way over your head soup Tabata konasana. This. Is a wonderful, way to welcome, release. Of the hips here so. Breathing deeply into that hip area into that lumbar spine. Focusing. On the inhalation and, the exhalation. Allowing. The gravity, to open up your legs. Sealing, the release through the inner thighs. Continuing. To stay present with, your inhalation and, your exhalation. Rewarding. Your body with this moment of peace and. Calm. Great. And again deep, breath in, exhale. Out. Just. Allow yourself to, let go. Let's. Slowly bring the knees together hug, the knees back into the chest now bring your forehead, towards your, knees as well and. Then extending, your right leg all the way out as you release that left, knee to the chest from here. Begin to rock side to side with that left knee, massaging. That left hip joint. Listening. To your body in this position feel, free to make this movement as small or as big as you like, this. Is all about what feels good for your body today now. Once you're ready go ahead and take that knee across the body extend, the other arm all the way out and let's take a full spinal, twist. See. If you can look over that left shoulder feel. Free to close your eyes here bring all of your awareness internally.

If. You, feel any discomfort in, any part, of your body today. Consciously. Take, deeper, breaths into that particular, area of your body, welcoming. Healing, and relaxation. Beautiful. Job let's take another deep breath in, through the nose. Exhale. Out. Stay. There just a couple more breaths. And now, slowly let's bring the knee to the chest, I'll. Get into the chest one more time and then. Release the leg awesome. Let's go ahead and take the other side so now the right knee to the chest go. For you to drop your head all the way down and a. Gentle, rock side to side without right knee now so. Now we're focusing, on releasing, any tension out of the right hip a very. Gentle, movement to, the left and to the right. Okay. Just keep breathing and. Then. Once you ready take your spinal, twist on the other side so, you're pushing that knee all the way across the body as the, other arm reaches. Over to the other side look over that right shoulder, feel. Free to close your eyes here and just again bring, that awareness to the breath. Allow. Your mind to stay present here, be. The watcher, of your thoughts. And. As soon as you begin to feel overwhelmed by any other thoughts, besides, this present, moment right now bring. Your awareness to the breath let. Out a big exhalation. To remind yourself, in your mind that. You are here right now and this. Is your moment to breathe, and to let go and, to. Focus on yourself, and your well-being. Let's. Take another deep breath in. Long. Exhalation. Out, just let it go. Beautiful. Coming back to Center now releasing. That leg and. Once you're ready to go ahead and bring both legs up, to the sky for lexing. Your feet we're, gonna reach for the outsides, of your feet and release. The knees all the way down into your happy baby posture, this, is a wonderful, way to release, tension out of your hips to, welcomed blood flow into that particular area of your body. Keeping. Your head rested, your back is grounded, just stay, here with each exhalation, add a little bit more pressure, pushing. The knees a little bit closer towards the floor if it. Feels comfortable for you you can rock side to side if that feels good otherwise. Just stay here breathing in, the moment. Pay. Attention to. Your breath. Feel. The sensations. Of the inhalation and, the. Exhalation, as. You. Exhale add. A little. Bit more pressure to, that particular, posture. Go. A little bit deeper into that hip opening, position. Inhale. And. Exhale. Let's release, and. At this time bring the knees into the chest and let's, begin to rock ourselves, up and, onto. The mat and then, step your way over into, a plank position and then. Push your hips back into our downward facing dog. Good. Feel free to open up your feet slightly here add a little movement to your body if that feels good or just stay and breathe. Allowing. That sternum, to fall towards the mat, with. Each exhalation, letting, the heels come a little bit closer towards the floor so letting go of any tension in the calf muscles, in the hamstrings. Just. Breathe, focusing. On that deep inhalation. And exhalation. This. Is your time today. To. Move slowly, and. Gently. Listening. To what your body needs. Let's. Slowly, come, through into plank drop. The knees to the floor and then, take your chest all the way down extending. The legs and opening. Into our baby Cobra, stretch, inhale. And. Exhale. Push yourself back Child's. Pose release. The forehead to the floor set all the way back to the heels, deep. Breath in exhale. Out. Stay. Here for a moment. And. Then once you're ready roll, yourself back up into all fours tuck the toes and push. Yourself back into that downward facing dog, breathe. In through the nose go. A little deeper with the heels to the floor. Beautiful. Now their inhalation. Through the nose. It, oncee ready exhale. Walk your feet, one, by one all the way to the front of your mat. Coming. Up to about halfway position, so you're really lengthening, the spine and then, release the hands behind your, legs either to your ankles, or even behind the knees if you need to and. Once you come into our standing forward fold begin. To slowly walk, out on the spot so all you're doing is bending one knee at a time, extending. The opposite, leg. Allowing. Deeper, and deeper of a release into that hamstring.

Good. Just keep walking, it out and then once you feel good release, both legs just stay here in the standing, forward fold with. Each, exhalation, going, a little bit deeper into the standing forward fold. Get. That for it as close to the knees as possible. With. Each exhalation, pushing. A little bit further if you can. Deep. Breath in exhale. Out. And. Again. Big, breath in in through your nose I. Want. You to let it go through your mouth let all that air go. Let. All that tension melt, away out of your body out of your mind. Allow. Yourself to be fully immersed in this present, moment right now. Inhale. Exhale. Beautiful. Now let's release, your, feet and then. Slowly roll yourself up to standing. Inhale. Big reach, with the arms up to the sky. Exhale. Hands, to your heart now. Opening, your feet a little bit wider than your hip width apart and, then drop yourself right, down into that yogic squat Ermel asana. Making. Sure that your knees and your toes are pointing away from you your. Elbows, are touching the knees and, really. Focusing, on lengthening, through the spine here, as if. Somebody is pulling you up through the crown of your head a. Wonderful. Posture, to release any tension out, of your hips. Good. Just breathing, deeply see. We can push a little bit more with your elbows into the knees forcing, the knees to open a little bit wider if possible. Again. Listening, to the body hair. Not. Pushing too much but. Continuing, to gently, challenge, yourself if you can. Breathing. Into any uncomfort. You may feel here, and. With each exhalation. Visualizing. That tension. Melting. Out of your body. Deep. Breath in through the nose. Exhale, out. Good, stay here will almost done, feel, free to close your eyes if you need to keep. Your awareness internally. Beautiful. Now slowly release what you're gonna do is just bring yourself right up and then, heel toe your feet together arms. Are. Reaching up to the sky and Hale and then. Exhale, dive, yourself, right down into that forward fold, inhale. Halfway lengthen. Then. Exhale, you're gonna step back into a plank position, drop, the knees to the floor and then, chest and then the chin. Opening. Up into our baby Cobra, here drop those shoulders away from the ears. Beautiful. Release the chest push yourself, up to your knees and round. Through, the spine into, that child's pose. Inhale. And. Exhale. Come up to Center tuck your toes and push yourself right up into that downward facing dog again. Going. A little bit deeper now get that sternum, a little bit closer to the mat if possible, walk. Your feet about the middle of your mat and then sit on over to the floor, extending. The legs in front of you from. Here let's bend the left knee and place the left foot to the inside of your right thigh hips. Are square inhale. Reach both arms up, then. As you exhale releasing. The chest all the way over to that front thigh reaching. For your toes or your ankle wherever is comfortable for you today. And. See. How far you can allow your body to relax over, top of that leg. Your. Forehead, is reaching, for the knee your. Other knee is opening, so again welcoming, a little bit more of an opening, stretch into the left hip. Letting. Go of any tension in the hamstring, and the inner thigh. And. Simply staying aware, of. Every. Feeling that may come over your body. Being. Aware of, each breath. With. Each exhalation.

Surrendering. Into this position and. Allowing. That tension, that discomfort, the pain whatever, no, longer serves you to. Melt away. Let. It go. Let, it release. Let's. Take our final deep breath beam. Now. As you, exhale slowly. Lift yourself, up and. Then releasing, that leg in front of you bending, the other knee lacing. That foot to the inner left thigh both. Arms reaching up and then as you exhale releasing. Your body over to that left foot now, allowing. The right knee to fall away from you so. Focusing, a little bit of awareness into, that hip but. At the same time continuing. To reach forward, with that forehead to the shin. Welcoming. Release, of the hamstring. Trying. To keep that front foot flexed, so, you're engaging the calf muscle as well. Breathing. In deeply. Let, it go as you exhale. Focus. On the breath. Stay. Present. And. Simply. Read. It out. Let's. Take our final, deep breath in here. Exhale. Lift both arms up, releasing, the arms to the side of your body extending. That right leg and then, once you're ready let's go ahead and bend both knees and. Bring the soles of your feet together, hold. On to your toes making. Sure that you're square, with your sit bones grounded let's, take a deep breath in and. As, you exhale begin, to bend the elbows and, release the chest all the way down to those toes as. Your. Knees are opening, away from your body you're, allowing the chest to release closer, towards, the ground. Staying. Grounded with, both of your sit bones on, the mat. Feeling. That energy of the earth. And. Breathing. Deeply as you allow yourself, to surrender into this posture. Being. Patient with yourself here. No. Matter where you are in this position, you. Are exactly, where you need to be. Deep. Breath, in and. Exhale. Out, as you continue, to fold forward, from your hips. Let's, take our final deep, breath beam. On. Your, exhalation, begin, to lift your chest up. Great. And then from here what you're gonna do is just bring your knees together and extend both, legs all, the way out opening. Them out as far as you can to, a point where you feel comfortable and, then. Once you're ready go ahead and walk your hands forward either, to your elbows or all the way down with, your chest to the mat, so. We're going a little bit deeper into that hip opening position, while, we're still staying grounded and, balanced, here on the mat. Just. Breathing, deeply keeping, your feet flexed and your toes pointed, towards the sky. Breathing. Deeply, and simply, folding, from your hips. Just. Finding, that Center. Finding. That breath and. As. You exhale allowing. Yourself, to go, a little, bit further. Get, that chest closer, to the ground of possible. Breathing. Into any resistance, any tightness you may feel in your hips. Welcoming. Oxygen, into that area of your body. Breathe. And. Let. Go. Wonderful. Job now let's slowly bring, your hands back to the chest, lift. Your body all the, way up and. Then. Bring your legs together facing, the front of your mat again, scoot. On forward, inhale reach to the front of your mat then. As you exhale begin, to release through each vertebra, of your spine as, you take your spine down bring. The knees into the chest and, giving yourself a one more big hug here and gentle. Rock side to side if that feels good on your body. Beautiful. And. Then once you're ready you're gonna bring the soles of your feet together again. But. This time we're gonna keep your hands on top of your thighs and if, you like a little bit more of a release in the lumbar spine push, the thighs away, from your body as you, begin to pull in the opposite, direction with, your head. So. Your elbows are extended, and you're pressing the palms of your hands, into, the thighs. You. Should feel a very, nice gentle. Pull in that lumber area of your body. Just. Breathing deeply. Decompressing. The spine. Lengthening. The upper body here. Inhale. And. Exhale. Breathe. And. Push. Very. Gently. Pushing. Those thighs away from. Your head. Do. You breathing again and. Exhale. Release bring the knees together and, then. Slowly just bring them side to side and a gentle, windshield, wipe, just. Letting go of the spine here a little bit. And. Then. Once you're ready your. Knees are going to come to Center you're. Going to extend one leg at a time opening. The palms of your hands up to the sky. And. Letting go into, our final posture our shavasana. This. Is a moment for us to truly surrender. Let. Go. Closing. Your eyes and allowing all that, tension. To. Release into, the mat into. The floor, into. Mother Earth. Leaving. You feeling light. And. Calm. And peaceful. Letting. Go of any tension in, your face in. Your shoulders. And. Your hips. And. Your thighs and, your. Cats, allowing.

Your Feet to feel heavy. Allowing. Your arms to feel heavy by your side. Completely. Surrendering. Your physical form. Let. Yourself, go. And. Welcome. A beautiful, radiant light of positivity and. Healing. Over your body. Allowing. This beautiful, radiant, light to. Travel through each cell, of your body. Healing. Any area, of your being that. Is need of healing today. Visualize. It. And. Then allow yourself to surrender to that light. Breathing. In, health. Vitality. And, happiness. Inhale. Exhale. Now, let's slowly begin to bring awareness back to the body. Starting. To move your toes, and. Then. Your fingers. Then. Once you're ready reaching, the arms up over your head, give. Yourself a big stretch here. Bend. The knees and roll over into your fetal position on your side and, then. Come on up to your seated position, on your mat with your feet crossed in front of you, sit. Up nice and tall, feeling, yourself grounded, be. Energized. Let's. Reach both arms up, to the sky gathering, all that positive energy and then. Bring that energy over to your heart, and. Then one more time deep, breath in reach both arms up, to the sky and. As, you exhale bring, the hands to your heart and thanking. Yourself for, your beautiful practice today, thank. You so much for joining us in beautiful, Hawaii I send. You love and light and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day namaste. Thanks. Again for watching before, you go don't forget to click that link in the description, and get, to leggings of your choice for only $24. When you sign up to be a VIP member, with fabletics. If. You enjoyed this class subscribe, to our Channel and of course don't forget to follow us on social media like Instagram and, Facebook, sending. You love and light and we look forward to seeing you again.

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hello, what is zip code in Fabletis and where I can find it? Thank you)

Another great one!! Thanks!

love and light to you two :)

Boho Beautiful..very beautiful indeed

You look so good in that outfit - so lean and effortlessly beautiful. And I really love these gentle yoga videos.

Juliana, I can't thank you enough for your beautiful videos, especially the yoga and yin yoga ones. I've been a practicing dental hygienist since 2011 and last year my poor posture and ergonomics along with an absence of any regular stretching routine finally caught up with me. I had been dealing with on again, off again neck and back pain for my entire adult life but in 2018 I began to experience A LOT of pain and for the first time it was affecting my ability to work. I spent a fortune on massage therapy, physical therapy and even medication but those only brought temporary relief and didn't address the underlying problem. I was feeling very depressed and starting to think I would need to find another way to support myself. I had followed some of your pilates videos in the past so I decided to give the yoga a try as well. When I saw how much it was beginning to help me I purchased the Boho Complete series. I'm almost done with the 21 day program and it's not an exaggeration to say that you and these videos are saving my career and drastically improving my physical and mental health. The yin yoga in particular has helped relieve muscles I didn't even realize were a tight mess. My traps haven't been this relaxed in years, possibly decades, and I never knew I could be so flexible! Holding those poses forces my mind to relax and I'm learning to be more patient as well. I'm still a work in progress but you've given me hope and a more positive outlook. I can't even begin to express my gratitude and I wish you and Mark all the happiness and love in the world! Namaste

Thank you :) yoga while on your period is a controversial topic - and for a lot of women there still are lots of insecurities regarding which poses benefit the body's process at that particular time of the month. This routine is really nice :)

This was so beautiful; thank you Juliana ❤️

Thanks love... Request yoga for pregnant

Beautiful guidance  

Hi beautiful! Your videos are the best and I do it with pleasure. However, right now I am pregnant in 5 month and I can't do them anymore as some of them are too intense, especially Pilates workouts, which are my favorites. I looked but couldn't find some videos for pregnant girls - something that can keep me from gaining too much weight and it is safe for me and my baby in this period :). Do you have or intend to do some videos at this topic? I would love to see some! Thank you and keep doing what are you doing!

Your on maui.

Feeling amazing.tnx❤

You always seem to know exactly what I need! This was perfect for me today.

What backsound music is that? :D. Thanks! Xx

This video helped me so much! I was literally in the middle of an intense cardio workout when I started feeling PMS cramps coming on and knew if I pushed it, it would make them worse. I listened to my body and remembered this video. I then thought, "oh man, I don't think I can get into down dog!" But the video started so slow and gentle that by the time down dog came, I felt so much better and finished the video with ease and in a meditative state. Thank you so much for all your videos! Some push me and make me physically stronger, while others strengthen me emotionally, but all of them strengthen my commitment to love myself and listen to my body!

Amazing practice! your reminders to keep breathing and letting go are sooo helpful

Hi Juliana, plz post a yoga video for pcod and other hormonal imbalance.

These are almost all great for sciatica.

this was a great release before i go to work. i think i need to add this into m weekly ritual. thank you.

A wonderful class. I felt really relaxed and stretched at the same time. Thank you

Thank you! Juliana, do you practice Kundalini Yoga? Would you and Mark put together some Kundalini videos for us? :)


Great video, but I think including pigeon/lizard would be the best moves for this video :D

Thank you!

I had gotten away from doing pilates and yoga everyday and was feeling very guilty. Letting my busy life take precedence over taking time for me has just made me suffer emotionally and physically. This workout was just what I needed to remind me of how good my body and mind can feel if I take some time for me. Thank you both so much for all you do! You are truly changing so many people's lives for the better.

the best ever

Your videos are SO well filmed! Seriously you guys are life savers!❤️ Sending lots of love❤️

Really need this Thank You!!!

Please do one for self love

thankyou ;) u brighten my day

I love your joga

A beautiful practice spoiled by advertising. I get that your money needs to come from somewhere but encouraging people to consume immediately as they come out of shavasana was like being aggressively shaken awake. Is Fabletics even an ethical brand? Yoga is what I do to try to escape all this stuff!

how inspiring, loved watching this! thank you so much for sharing (have literally done this five times - check out my page! ❥

ahh just what i needed. THANK YOU SO MUCH you angel

Oh my, my hip-area is so sore today, this was not easy- but it felt good.

You literally inspired me to start yoga. Started two weeks, haven’t stopped til this day. Everything you put out (even though I’m pretty late) is crucial and important for the body. I’m sure you have it in mind but if you make a book that would be golden.

Thank you so much for another great video I love all your videos

Very kind exercise... Very good time for relax.

Thank you for this class! It was exactly what I needed today. Bless you for the great work you do!

I just love you. Thanks from Barcelona

This was a great one. I have a lot of pain in my shoulder and joints. Thanks for all your videos. You are great.

putang ina sarap kantutin nito

I just had a hysterectomy a few days ago and this was my first yoga practice in a while. Thank you. It was perfect!

Thank you for sharing this video. Hope you post more.

I really love it! thank you

wonderful flow especially after being sick, thanks s'much!

Omg my cramps are ruining my life and this video makes me not have to feel like I have to stop moving because I’m in pain

Boho beautiful I love doing yoga class with you I need a make a healthier list for me

I have had a really rough couple of days. This vid made me feel so much better its amazing! Thank you so much for all that you are in my life. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. You are truly changing lives.

Tell us the truth Mark acts feminine for a man I mean he is not a Man's Man.  Are you cool with him going both ways ?

woke up to my period today and this class was perrrrfect! thank you :)

Is there any man here??

What's the song's name?

This is great for during your period as well :)

One of my favorite videos from you! This has been everything

Aaah thank you so much for creating this! just right when I hit my PMS period.. it's a beautiful and comforting sequence. So much love for you Juliana and Mark :)

Wow! This super gentle class has been making my mornings so cosy and peaceful lately! ✨ It's the best to recharge and start your day fresh! Thank you so much for creating it. The BeAnimal team is sending you love and light from India

I don't think straight men's will be here in this chat

Love your videos!! Where are you filming this? Usually you say where you are, I didn`t hear that on this video.

This is one of my favourite videos! Calm enough to focus on myself and a tranquilizing breath... great one! I would love to see more of those slow, calming sessions from you! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


Every stretch from the very beginning eased my lower back cramps. Thank you.

Thank you ❤️ Namaste

Her voice is relieving....very calm n relaxing....

Thanking myself and thanking you

Hey I live in Hawai’i

My gf would love to have you stay at her house if you do yoga in different states, im sure your stay and food would  be included for your teachings if your interested ..

Dear Juliana! Can you please give some tips on the food that is good for those days - especially before - when your body asks for some sweets - what do you usually eat or maybe that would be an idea for the next video) Thank you!

That was perfect! I gave birth two month ago and am in need of realignment, thank you so much guys :D

Really love this class, truly amazing. comforting. ❤

Omg this is what I needed after long day of hectic schedule my body felt relaxed

This was great. I did enjoy it although it was a bit fast I was looking for more time in each pose

I needed this. The release made me cry several times. Thank you for being so inspiring and helping me to tune with myself.

this was perfect! i just did dofe gold whichs basically 4 days of walking over massive hills over long distances! thank you x

+Panda 7113 thx!! :)

Link is in the description

Thank you so much!!! Very very helpful class

Your voice is so beautiful.

Saved me from intense cramps! Thank you, love and light towards you

Thank you for this class. Amazing

Do you have a yoga routine that you would recommend for someone with thyroid disease?

umm this class was phenomenal. Thank you!

Beautiful workout as usual Feel centred now.

Hello Juliana.... Love your yoga..... One request please though I have quite flexible body but due to cervical Spondylysis can't do hold the posture for long.... Please teach some cervical yoga.... Thnks with lots of love ..

This was perfect and exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you :)

it’s nice to do some of the poses but you should do more beginner stuff and then progressively as doing all these poses without regularity does cause frustration of not being able to do it

Thank you I'm a new subscriber, I am recovering from a surgery and this was the perfect routine after my first week of healing. I look forward to doing them all! You are a beautiful soul and so inspiring! Namaste

@Panda 7113 thx!! :)

As always..... BEAUTIFUL PRACTICE ! Merci ! :)

This is one of my favorite ;) thank you! Love the yoga clothing partnership too!!

this was exactly what I needed thank you

Awesome video, I love it ! :) . Gosh , I hadn't realise how stiff my lower body was till I did the yoga exercises!!. Thank you so much. Self-love is definitely what we need on a daily basis. I love the beautiful beach setting too xx

That was exactly what my body needed!

Thank you for this flow, Boho Beautiful. ❤️ Such a lovely, relaxing, opening sequence of postures. I thoroughly enjoyed giving my hips love. This was a perfect pace while I’m on my cycle.

I was experiencing the worst cramps all day. No matter if I sat or walked, I could not bear the pain. So grateful that I found this yoga sequence. I feel so much more relieved and relaxed. I'm going to have a peaceful sleep. Your videos never disappoint!

Would be awesome some yoga restorative and yoga therapy videos.

This is so relaxing! It's perfect for first thing in the morning to wake up a lazy aching body! I really like the lumbar stretches to help elongate and release tension from the low back. I have sciatica and low back muscle tension a lot, which causes a lot of pain and stiffness. But immediately when I did the lumbar stretch laying down that you suggested, I felt my spine loosen and a gentle pop of a release as it elongated and stretched my back out perfectly. Thank you so much for this! I can't wait to try your other videos!

My the most favorite poses, and very slowly time of doing! Thanks a lot! Wonderful routine! ❤️

Thank you for this beautiful practice with the right amount of movement for PMT days.

After several days of intense physical activity, my lower back was angry with me this morning. This was absolutely the perfect video. I pick one of your videos every morning. I love Boho Beautiful!

Super helpful for PMS and a great stretch after one of your more challenging workouts. Thank you!

love your video

I have colon cancer and I think its brought on by a bad relationship. I finally did some boho after about two weeks so I feel ok now. I have a question I'm still trying to figure out tho. Life is hard. Very very hard. My dogs is what I live for. But why do people chose to fight cancer? Isn't it just best to let go and go to paradise? Here on earth there is so much pain and suffering with animals and humans why do ppl want to fight to live? I am just trying to understand. Cos I not getting it .

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