YOU WON'T BELIEVE this is KALABURGI | First ride after lockdown - Chandrampalli Dam | Aerial view

YOU WON'T BELIEVE this is KALABURGI | First ride after lockdown - Chandrampalli Dam | Aerial view

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Its 6.30 AM in the morning And we are now leaving Gulbarga Its a foggy morning today and the temperature is very low right now. I'm wearing thermal and an inner liner inside the riding jacket So friends, this is Kharge Petrol Pump We will head towards Gunj, and hit the highway The roads will be empty then, and it will be fun to ride I came back to Gulbarga is July 2020 After July, I am going for a ride in December. Its been 6 months already.

The trip from Bangalore to Gulbarga was a one stretch ride. There are many villages on the way So we will ride for some more time Its still 6.30 AM. We will ride for an hour and stop for breakfast Oh man, its so cold out here Its so f**king cold out here I'm wearing a Jacket on top, but no riding pants. So I'm feeling very cold Look at this There is so much fog here. But I have driven in more foggy... Suddenly its very cold on this side of the bridge Its cold man Friends, I woke up at 5.30 AM today

Although I wake up at around 10- 10.30 AM but today, especially for this ride, I woke up at 5.30AM The feeling you get when you hop on the bike and start riding cannot be put in words I'm so happy today!! I have never been this happier in the last 6-7 months I'm feeling very happy today There is so much fog here There is fog in all directions (meme) I think I need to slow down a bit here It's so damn cold.

My hands are so numb right now! I think when I started from home, it wasn't that cold As we are moving away from the city, its getting more cold here. Its so damn cold here People are warming their hands here in the open Where next? Directions? Do you know the directions? Chetan: Mahagaon Me: Need to take a right turn there? Chetan: Yup Me: What about breakfast? Chetan: Umm, let's see at Kurikota if we can get something Its so damn cold dude.. My hands are frozen literally Its more cold after crossing this bridge Let's go? Will see if we can fly our drone here and show you guys the beauty of Gulbarga The breakfast is getting ready We will eat breakfast and head to Chandrampalli dam and we will exploring this other place called Ethipothala falls So guys, the breakfast is ready. This is a very popular breakfast spot Kurikota

The dish is Susla This is my second plate. I am very hungry! Breakfast is done, now we are having tea. Will leave quickly after this. So we left home at around 6 - 6.30. Now its 8 o clock already We have spent quite some time here eating breakfast. You will get he best susla here I ate 1.5 plate full of Susla and this guy ate 2

We will leave after tea and show you the beauty of Chandrampalli dam So, our breakfast is done, now its time for Dhanno's breakfast Chandrampalli is still a bit far.. The real journey is through this kind of roads which goes through the village and is away from the highway. Its so much fun to ride on such roads The road is not bad, but I'm loving it. So this is a small village on the way Small puppy This so beautiful. So many birds flying, the water is so blue

I have never explored this side of Gulbarga This is the first time I am exploring Gulbarga That bridge you see is closed due to increased water level due to rain And this bigger bridge is still intact So, we will quickly take a click here The time is now 8.30 AM approx We will be there at Chandrampalli in 30-45 minutes Will show you the scenes from Chandrampalli once I reach If you haven't yet subscribed, go and smash that SUBSCRIBE button and like the video and don't forget to press the BELL icon. and watch this vlog till the end, lots of drone shots coming up If you like the video, please share it with your friends and family You can follow me on instagram as well little_detours Just need your support We have parked our bike back there, and we need to walk a bit Will walk some more and see how the dam looks and show you the same.

If possible will get some drone shots as well. I am out in the open after so many days. There is no one around here. Just the 2 of us

This is Chetan biker

2021-01-03 15:37

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