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Young Couple Raises A Child - Rapture - Free Maverick Movies

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Bottom. We have to go to the city and see a movie a. Movie. A movie. Is. The adventure, small. Things in life you learn, appreciate. Yeah. I. Told. You not to call me right. Yeah. What I know. That. Well. You should have thought about that before you took it this far. Oh. Yeah. Okay I know. Yeah. I'm gonna pick up you don't have to worry about it. I'ma, talk to you later. That. Was Desmond. He. Has the test results. He's. Coming over I. Am. Sure everything's, going to be okay. You. Want me to take Kelly up for a while. She. Doesn't really know what's going on. Comment. On. Vanessa. That. Nothing singing I, can't. Believe you're acting like this, yeah. Look. I told you I don't have nothing to say to you I can't. Believe you're acting like this how do you expect me to act huh it's because you don't mean about killing us together look. In the mirror brother because, you're the reason you and Raquel ain't together oh she, did me a whole lot dirtier than I did huh that, is a matter of opinion, oh. I. See. So. What kills not speaking to you either she, know. I've. Been calling her and she has not answered my calls. That's. Good yes. I mean you ruined my life and you betray. Her trust so, I guess you got exactly what you deserved, I did not come here to argue with you Desmond so why don't you go I came. Here because you and Raquel, have a little girl and that is bigger than all of us I'm, here, on her behalf. Regardless. Of what you want Raquel got going on that little girl loves, you but Kelley is none of your business all right just. Pick her up one time, Mona. Told me that since you want Raquel broke up you don't even come around no more you, stopped seeing your daughter. You. Make promises you can't keep. Okay. Horseface I don't need you to tell me nothing like that I know. You, don't need me to tell you anything but, understand, this. Kelly. Should not have to suffer for, our mistakes. Are. You finished. Are. You sure. You, don't have to. Please. Raquel honey my man is. Romantic. Here. It. I. Can. Look. And. I'm gonna. She's. Country. But, she wants to cut back on the brick city and represents. What. Essex. County. How. Y'all doing. You. Know I've been. Back. In Jersey back in the Brick City. It's. My homie over there I will play magic, we go back to high school maybe Comicon. Say how. You doing what's, up dude. That's. When I moved all the way back to high school East Orange high school and, just seeing him reminds me of the, exhibition, games we, used to hang out I, remember.

Desmond First met the, love of his life he. Looked across the gym and he saw a cow, and. He looked at me he said. He. Got, up and he. Walked right over there and he read the others poems and. I thought he was crazy but. Today. I celebrated, ten-year anniversary. So. That's been he, gave me this poem you gave it to me you, bastard a little bit and he has to be just to do a little bit of this way I'm, just gonna sing a little bit I don't have any music so we just go in. There and, snap. I. Wander. Through the song a. Lonely. Legs I. Was. Just a broken, man. Caring. For only, me. He. But. It was you that care, for, me you had, love, for me even carried. My see for, me and. Now I need the one, above, to bring back the love lost to, me. So. If I had the chance I'd soothe all, your fears and, I, would even drive, away, your tears this. Time around, I keep. You, near. You're. My future. My. Everything. Baby I will soothe, all, your, fears and. I would even wipe. Away your, tears this. Time around I'll keep, you, near. From. My heart to God's edge. Of. My piece of heaven. Oh. Oh. A, my. Piece. Of, heaven. Oh. Oh. You're. My piece of heaven. You're. My best friend. You. Might love her. You're. Part of me. Don't. Know why L fuss with your hair like that you. Need to be an independent woman like, myself throw. Even in and get up and go, please. Do. You remember we miss Vanessa, uh-huh, this. Independent. Decides to go natural, and all the men naturally left her. Last. Time you got yourself so. I will. Not answer that in here. Mm-hmm. It's. Been that long. All. Right you still cool with me. Even. Though being frigid, has turned, you into a bitter old hag. I'm. Talking about hair as usual, you, heifers, always, reduce, it to the Dingle II. No. You. See I don't need a man for anything good, for you mm-hmm, I can, take care of myself I can feed myself the, only thing I need a man for. If. You, settle, you. Will not be. Treated the way that you need to be treated that's, right, you can't just tell me anything, you have to show me. That's. What I like about Desmond, he shows me all the, time, and, when we're together it's. Just, yeah. But that's when you're with him what, about when you're not. No. Offense right now but Desmond, was a dog, in his early years a straight, dog, he, did hurt you and, you know that could not have been me, behind. A long time ago that was eight years ago. Des, I just had Kelly what was I supposed to do, I'm. Sorry but, Kelly has nothing, to do with this you. Could have taken care of Kelly all about yourself and you know that, me. I'm not having anyone. Disrespect, me like that. You're, gonna need a touchup in two weeks. You. Know what, people. Use, kids, as an excuse for everything. That's. Because you don't have anything, you can't relate to that. Besides. Did you grow up with both parents, in the house I only had my mother, my. Father would come around every once in a while but that was to drop off money or for birthdays, it's. Not the same. That. Is a lonely feeling yes. It is, and. That's why I promised myself that my daughter would have all the options before I took away her father I hear. What you're saying Raquel. But. That has nothing to do with how you treat yourself. You. Should not allow any man to disrespect, you. Act. Like good that's cool that's cool oh good. You know treat. Me like that. Um. What's. The deal with us having to babysit Anthony here. He. Shouldn't pop any time for themselves, how'd he get that loan I. Mean. He wouldn't have all these money problems if Keisha just went out and got a job. That's. Their, relationship, you. Don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Wait. At key she was poppy I know, that's gonna affect Avenue, I mean, I just I, just. Expected, that it was for me just just. Hush baby, I mean. How money quality time with my lady life. Is now always about money back. Any, problems could be avoided. Take. Us for example. Twenty dollars could last us. Esra. Special, yeah. It's basketball right, hmm, wish. My dad could see them. He, apologize, for missing Kelly's birthday he always misses stuff like that just, relaxing, I don't have to relax I've put up with it over and over again you. Know what keep, probably. Frying your brain right now then, you're getting a little toasty hair you, need to slow down on the wine, you got a Drive, Kelly home anyway where, are you going I told. You I was going to Poppy's house - or plastic game. Mmm. How, about some, some. Pork chops in that spicy rice you can make it. Babe. You. Can let me $30, Desmond. I'm, saying I mean you, know it's just that I'm gonna, need a little money cuz after the game we might go to the ball and just hang not gotta, have a little pocket change pocket change. Come. On girl you know I got you. Get.

Many Guys just. Broke right now, this. This. Is little change right now time. You over to I give it my check. I. Got. A couple ideas but. We're, gonna weep. Babe. Come on. Let's go. What, watch. No. Hey. What's up angel. Bless. You. I. Forgot something, listen, baby I apologize. For missing my granddaughter's, birthday party. But. Anyway I'm here now spoke, to your mom she told me you guys are down here so I came down to make it up to you all. Well. Desmond brings me down here the other Saturdays, and he's got time today Desmond. You still with that guy it's. Good stick, with him look. Gonna off your old man some wine some strawberries, or something. You, have time, don't. Worry about that I have time tonight. We're. Gonna be late for the movies. Listen. Woman I know about the movies we'll make it just relax I'm talking to my daughter, you. Say that every time if, we're late you owe me. Look. Relax. In a minute. Look. You want me to take you to the mall buy you something nice is that what it is give, me a minute why. Just go. Just. Look. We're. Gonna be late but. We'll do something tomorrow we'd get together I'll call you tonight how's that that's, great all. Right but. On my way out I want to say hi to Kelly. She's. Over there. Daddy. Loves you sweetheart. That's. See. Me and my wife we don't change our life, we. Don't and. We will get rid of sophisticated. For. What, because. I want to know what you got the same thanks. Guys but I don't. I. Have, a lot of. These. Around they complain, woman, ain't she isn't. Waxed, around her bikini wax right. Should have her her, stuff. I. Talk during sex, before sex and even after, sex, the. Only problem, is though I just can't talk to my why I'm doing it. All stuff that keeps you push it to you who asked you to sit up in my face and tell us that you ain't never once hit, something else full but, I at least want to hit something yeah yeah. I, see it in my face right yeah I want to. Get. On my nerves sometimes me, sometimes, I. Mean. I, love, him I mean he definitely knows how to work me out he, knows each, part, of my body I mean he knows where the kid is Whittle it with a stick. I. Can introduce you to Melissa she, can do all that. Desmond. Takes me places a. Woman. Hold. On. You. Know. My. Girl it's, just a satisfying, and. I'm this, way for a reason because, then you. Know it's, the best thing that knows me with a woman because as a woman, we want somebody who understands, our bodies, I'm gonna bet away her to. Not. To the extent the motherfuckers, anyway, so. Who better to understand, a woman's body than another woman mm-hmm. Ladies. We must be open to things like this you don't know what you're missing. I'll. Shoot. Minutes. Wait. Right here let me just go see. Mr.. Raymond, Raquel. Is here to see you the friend I was telling you about sometime, okay thanks. Okay. I. Wonder. What's taking them so long it, seems like they're having a good time to me in there yeah. Raquel. It says here that you attend monthly State University, yes, I graduate, in May. Looking. At your resume I see that you have some experience in marketing uh yes. I'd done for marketing for my mother's business actually, tell.

Me One of your best qualities and, one of your worst qualities I. Would. Probably say, one, of my best qualities is, them very ambitious. And. I. Focus. On my goal I, believe that one of my worst qualities, is. That. Sometimes, I become a bit too focused and I have to learn to be a little flexible. I think. Your. Guy. I've. Been behaving why. Do you think this is love again. She. Does that to you to. Let. That make you feel uncomfortable needs, you. I mean, it doesn't bother me he's cool I'd. Rather work for him than a bunch of catty women. That's. True. You. Don't even know that they're being caddy until someone tells you right. There's. So many scary things in the wrong. I worry about what Kelly's going. Library. You'll. Have to Democrat tell. Me whether you're black white male, female. Like. The stripes, just. Use the tools. Something. My mom is telling. Men. Women. I. Just. Let him sing. What, is this that. Is, some, number that, I found a man's pants so. I called it the. Sub snake hooks you know. A series. Very. I never. Like me. They're like is waiting hair I always, said that but guy takes longer do his hair than you do with. Two problems, he's. Either a dog. Yeah. Well, the, cheating bothers me a little bit, I'll, get over it it's just sex. But. If it is some big. Mistake. Poochy. I, can't, deal with that. What, would I look like cheap, my man he was some crackhead her same shop. Or something. Got, the kick him to the curb anyway. You. Know that guy. Man. But. You know first I will, get a couple of mills out on the end and. Then I'll change it up act a little shady, he's. Gone, see. I don't think that's right I think you need to be upfront with them. Cut. The holier-than-thou perhaps I'm just keeping my options open. Ceramides. You have to call Desmond. Hey. Because. We want the. Baby. You don't have to worry of course. I'm gonna make sure she eat our vegetables. Kelly. What. You don't trust me I got this, relax you may I could do this thing up I cook them myself. Look. When you stop worrying trust, me everything, is under control you, just relax. I'll. Talk to you later all right I love. You too I bye. He's. Got. You. Don't tell your mother nothing about this I. Let. Me get some of that yeah come on now come. On look, if you don't let me get some I'm gonna tell your moms you didn't eat in this Sunday yeah. Good. So. Anyway. What. You want to see I. Forgot. To pay the phone bill. Even, give treble. Now. Mommy ain't go get nobody. I'm, the man in the house I've run days you know that. So. You, not gonna do anything, I. You. Know what I'll just call papi in are. We. Get back and I tell them the pain. Just, to rock your letter I forgot, to pay it I paid, them all can't. Get twin gathers what. So I'm tell mommy you you. Are you trying to. You. Trying to get money at me. Wah. To. Buy stuff at. I fed you this nice banana. Split you won't cheat me like No. This, is clean. That. Goes dirty, car. That's, clean. Now. This. Is crazy. There. We go we need a baby yeah, we got what we need no thanks to you you, know you always got something to say you know if we throw this party, out here in Jersey we got in this nice house you always got something to say what, what is it now why. You give Desmond $200. This one is more pretty. That's. Your problem you don't think that's. What we in this Jam we in now. Anthony. Going. Back. Why, you got throw to the back is fine. And. Then I need to speak to your mother for a minute. Go. Play. What. You. Know why, isn't it means, Jam because you. Want to dress Anthony a top name brands on the clothes I don't you yeah you spent $80 every weekend, you're here and your nails done funny, enough only one of us is working first. Of all my. Mom pays for some of those clothes secondly my hair my nails is just as much for you as it is for me but I can walk around here looking bust it if you want me to I'm. Just saying you. Got priorities you, got a family and I don't see how you can give him your friend $200. If, I got it I give, it. Money. Is nothing. Look. Desmos. Gonna pay me back I. Don't. If. You want to talk about the money on one on the next fun but I don't feel like I have to discuss every dumb that, I have with you I'm, not saying you got to talk about everything with me I'm saying I'm your priority. Anthony, should be your priority don't. Put us in a sand category, with everybody, else. Don't. Play what I'm not playing with you. Well. Maybe Paul. Well. Since I'm graduating, in 1 3 weeks. Let's. Say we do it uh. What. Two months after you graduate. Serious. As a heart attack. Okay.

That's Fast though because we have to get any patients so to get them printed we have to get we're. Trying to place we have to get them out in time Oh Oh, slow. Down slow down. Never count it. Under. That cuz. See the man is on top of things I remember. The date that you want. That. Lover. Like myself. I'm. Gonna put it up. Invitations. For. One. Step ahead II always, think. That's. Right there's, nothing to build for me baby. I. Want. To do is be with you. Look. I'm tired, and. Wet it's raining. Will. You stop it I think we just ran a marathon, look. I got a husband at home and go 100. So. You say. Don't. Talk about my mare Raquel. But. She riding he's got a thing going. Like. This anyway, mean all of this aerobics and all this stuff is, for white women I, know. What you mean I light eat right and cleanse my body again I. Wanna. Be engrafted Li's like Vanessa. They, say that stuff takes your booty away, that's, my white woman's blood vessels, alright cuz all you need is this problem, big. Boot days. Be. Sure you are so corny that's, why you're still single mount up you're so getting. Get. Up. Will. You two stop it, please, you get up please, stop. It I. Know. You not, talking this, Raquel, debating, a white boy. And. There's. Nothing girl to take the white boy. Yes. And. He. Wants, and, he does and. You treated me like a lady. So. What do you do for 11 Oh. Who's. The big. Mona. You. Date a black banker. He's gonna wine and dine you to. Wednesday. You date a black garbage, man comparing to the white banker, and talk about how the white boy treated your brother I. Don't. Do that. Okay. Wait wait wait so how many black men you know our bankers Keisha. Forget. About that I have an announcement to make. You. Ready I. Have. Broken. Up with Manny, and. I've made your own money. Now, he's not polished, but he'll do for now so. With his own mr. Jerome do. Jerome. Is a barber, oh I, know I don't I know I, know I know I know but. I. Need, a little mates you know how that is okay. How. About they a nice guy with a decent, jobs, for this practice business. Sweetie. Don't. Try to justify working. Hard your. Man is a job. My, man is not a dog okay. As. It's, time for relationship, to flourish not. That you would know with the way you jump down Papi's broke all the time okay. So. You're saying, Destin. Is taking care of business at home yeah. Okay. So why did he come see my husband, tomorrow $200. To pay for your. Quiche. You didn't tell me that. Think. You gotta go. No. Vicki I'm serious you got to go man trying going nowhere, Vicki come on stop please oh. You. Need to handle your business you know what you're, right. Maybe. I do need a hand in my business are we gonna do about that namo, you. Knew I had a girl before you came up and you got a man. Monique, is on her way up here so what about the doing me. This. Town the ground we can only be lovers, and not spare time remember. Where the folks think stay in line. So. I'm not gonna be sneaking around like some Tramp. Vicki. She's a cop, she. Got a gun now, what you think she's gonna shoot first you. About. Her baby's dead. How, do I get out of here through, the window. The kid. Yeah. Keep. Down. Des.

Hey. Yo you see this, is exactly what, I'm talking about what you meant, I mean. You can't even laugh on your own porch she got you so sure of course I can laugh in my crib man oh man you crazy laughing my crib you crazy. Soft. Less I don't want to hear Kisha mom she already got a big enough mom I don't want to hear it right now I, don't. Want a relationship where I'm locked up and I came and I can't, talk talk, around my house and my friends know something I made, you come be in the same boat I'm gonna being. My. Kids I. Mean. When I I see you acting like this man. How, she punking, you with got you like this man, it, gives me doubts about even getting mad I look at you man and. I look at Troy. Troy. Running around he do his thing and get his ladies and I don't listen to Troy could I had Vicki jumping out the window, when. He came up and knock on the door and I know he. Was scared to death, he. Act tough but he's scared to death, for. Troy Troy. Gonna get you in trouble you. You can't. Do nothing I mean top, man you, can't go back to school you work in a job that you don't like. And then you got to come home and deal with the drama every day what Lakeisha don't. There's no drama me there's, no drama doesn't when. I come home it's. A give-and-take relationship that's. What our relationship is about, not. Give a little she. Take a little she take a little bit noisy take a little and, we, got to sit on your porch they talking like me two old ladies come. On what's up with that hell, you love Raquel right do. You love do you love Raquel, that's a song my past five that goes without saying okay don't. Get me wrong pop I love Raquel, man. But. The bottom line is I think you know every. Knot in it it'd be something else out there better. Listen. Man would say you selling then you get your best reporting. I'm. Gonna hook you up and by, then. You. Hopefully forget about all the other things out, there oh no bad Ivy I I just know I hope this bachelor party don't be at your career fair because we'd be out here whispering, on the post. You. Know what is theory. To. Work I, understand. I am. Just upset, that, we didn't get to eat breakfast. Let's. Say you were gonna cook me breakfast, I'll. Make you anything you're. You'll. Make it that yeah. Hello. I'm. Sorry I wasn't. Sure if I had the right number earlier. May, I speak with Jerome please. He's. In the bathroom right now may I take a message, oh. No. That's okay, I'll, surprise him later okay. Can, I tell him who's calling. Just. Tell him peach is called. He'll. Know what that means, peaches. Who's. That underfoot what, the hell is your problem, guns, money other bow yeah. You know what at first I thought it maybe when she just called, and hung up but do you know what she had the nerve to call back and leave a message. Me. Don't, you ever touch. Me again. You. Know but I want, you to think about touching me when you touching her touchin, who peaches. The, trick said her name was peaches. Peaches. Yeah. See, that's what I thought. Peaches. Is my, sister. Sister. Um. You. Know what I, just. Totally lost I just you, know what you're crazy. I. Think you should go me like just listen to me go just let's just talk about this. Sorry mom he. Seems like a decent guy I. Don't. Know how I acted, I was crazy. Mashaallah. Know if. He's filling, you the way that you said he was he should understand. It. Was his sister for God's sake. But. How can I forget the system staying at downtown hotel. What. Was I thinking. I was, just so caught up in here what. Do you want me to do, shove, sunshine, up your butt and pretend everything's gonna be alright. You. Ready one of the few good, men out there and. You didn't know how to handle. I'm. Just so tired of getting hurt. You. Know. Wait. Wait it's. Not like that. But. I thought you liked women I do, know, but I just sleep with everyone that comes along. I. Must, really be drunk right now. Curious. I. Apologize. It's. My berries, right now. Don't. Be embarrassed. I mean. Before. I decided, to be with women I kind. Of figured this is how it always was. Love. Is love. Gay. Or straight, hmm. Nicely. But someone it's because I care and not, because, I'm curious. Point, taken. You're. Good furnace. Girl. You're just looking for what we all are looking for and. That is love real. Love. I've. Learned a few things myself recently. And. What I want and, what I'm looking for. Sure. Anyway. I couldn't afford you girl you do our maintenance for me. Yeah. So. You like a baby you. Know sleep. So. Much. Hold. On you, want to show you how much I missed you. That's, a baby I like.

It Tight. How. Does a day, about. To get real good. I was. Thinking about you all day. What. Can you. Don't give up, Raquel wait come, in blackout. Get. Off get off right. Now it's not what you think come on give. Me out of it. Stop, asking me questions. Did, daddy do something. Is not good to lie. Be, still love him. More, than you know. I. Really. Appreciate. Once. A cheater always a cheater you've taken him back before do, not disrespect, yourself but I love you leave. His, ass it's, a little bit more complicated than that Vanessa, now. We have a child together mm-hmm. And he's a good father he's a good person. He's. Supposed to be those things yes. Leave. His, ass but, it's gonna shrink. My. God that's why you've been behind don't have anyone right now. Okay. Now. I just need my dad to show. Oh. No. This is Mona's boyfriend, we met him at the party two weeks ago. I'm. Sorry about the misunderstanding. Congratulations. On your graduation. Still. My boyfriend. You. Still crazy a. Little. Bit. I'll. Always be, a boyfriend. Let. Me go check my Anthony make sure you're not getting any trouble take. It easy you're, at a party. See. That show problem. You always putting your little nose and where don't the mom what up Vanessa. If. Keyshia. Wants to check on Anthony, then she's going to go and check on Anthony. Besides. Where's poppy. No. No he was gonna come but you, know that thing between the friendship thing between him and Desmond you don't want to get in the middle of it see, now that's whack poppy. Has been friends with Raquel to Donna's, what you up surprising, him to tonight. Is not about you and Desmond's, relationship. Mommy. Is that daddy. Um. You. Were saying Meza Oh, Allison. I brought, somebody with me. Racquel. Can. We talk. I'm. Here to see you, I. Understand. If you don't want to see me but I. Knew. You was graduating. I came over here to congratulate, you and I figured that maybe, we could talk. No. Thing. You. Know things that have been the same since you left. Babe. I'm not eating, I'm not sleeping, I can't. Live without you. You. Can't buy me. Into. This, please. I mean I. Love, you. Please. With, my life without you. Congratulations. Everybody. Seemed. Like everybody had a good time today. It's. Over. I'm, done. Why. Do you even have to come here. But, I don't know was quite that easy oh it's. Easy. When. You have to put up with him over and, over again. I'm. Tired of dealing with this junk. If. This is the same man at three months ago you said with such a family man. No. It's not the time to say I told yourself. I'm. Not saying I told you so, but. It just seems like you are so willing to, give him to the curb when you give your father chance after chance after, chance again. And. He does nothing but disappoint, you. And. You have Desmond, who, shows up every time for everything, that you need, and. You are so willing to kick him to the curb you won't even listen to what he has to say, it's. My father. But, this is the man that.

You Were willing to give up your whole life for do. You want to spend a rusty in life with this man you wanted to marry him. Trust. Me I know what it's like. You. Love a man and he disappoints, you but. You. Know what it's about second, chances. Trust. Me I had. To learn that with your own, look. I messed up. And. He took me back. Okay. Can. You please watch the boar so we can play the same listen. Man person, get the last two cards win the direct offer you tell him look. At these two books. Remember. Three books back she. Cut that heart with a spade. Watching. You wanna let's face man, see you dumbass all you had to do is watch the power I'm, not the one you're. Only. Here because of you you. Hear Desmond and I don't think racquel shit even taking you back, Vanessa just, a bit of copy. You. Probably care, for yourself oh I heard that shoes. She probably hope that man you stay broken up I don't even think about your Rock Hill des meet your, jock you, ain't all that. Damn. Seven want me put. Me and Raquel Benton two months together - just give it up like that well maybe one day you will finally love like ours - better being a cave or maybe, possibly. A prison something, like that y'all, boots. That's. The question. It's, the true is. It true. Look. You should even be going to store right now. Talk. To me telling me no stop walking away yes sir stop back to me walking away no no no, use the credit card using. The credit cards papi. Tell me you again keep your hands out of my face no maybe you should have been using them I spent the money on what I want to spend it on I'm not trying to hear that because my money is my money oh. You. Got me living up in here and it broke play with your business. Mommy. I'm. Not here. How's. This. My. So you could you just swing down we'll talk to mom and I'll put it out okay what you wanna set that right yes. That's. My thing it'll. Pop, what are you doing. Oh. Jug, is a skull look, man it's way. Too late for this manner. What. Are you doing. But. I know if I can borrow your place for a few hours he'll no trippin. Well. Man farmers try you let me use it, look. I'll let you is not least a few years ago you, remember oh, you. Don't remember you remember now, look. I figure you just return the favor I saw. It's. All right it's. All right. Smell. Like your family home, here. They. Look bad you. Did wrong. Sit. Upon my hands. What. Smack. That calls keyShot, my name they yo I'm not saying all that and yet. She white in the shitty put your hands one, for. Dull this. This ain't working I. Mean. Need, to go home to your wife and your son man don't. Do something, you'll regret man, and. Then you wanna messing up your family just like I did. Man. You need to just go at home right, thing to do. Well. You should have thought about that before you took it this far. Call. Me yeah okay I know. Education. What. Are you doing, man. Well. Come. On inside, I, mean. We. Could have just not want to do. A, sim. Will go back home you can have food, and. I. Passed out in your home. As, you can tell. And. Not believe the, solution Mahalo. That's. No, big deal you. Know. Passing. Out a funny, adult was the best thing that ever could happen to me Polly, would have this summer run anywhere, but. You didn't do about this thing between Letitia. But. I've got regret call not our name. And. She, punched. Me at my face. I'm, sure. To. Y'all work. Things out, I. Hope. So I, mean. I. Really. I. Never. Never, ever, put. My hands on a woman before I. Really. Didn't want my son to see it yeah I, mean. I know you I don't, even know what we were arguing about but. I. Know one thing for sure. If. Keisha, would definitely think twice before she raised a hand to me. Yeah. So we're. Not. Gonna believe this though huh Wow. Raquel. Called me this morning, Oh real. Did. You even take the results of the paternity test yet. Not. Yet. It's. A. Little. Too painful, is what I mean. Watch. Out man and she's, the best that I then. I could have died. She. Turned out to be as scandalous as the rest of them man come. On man give me a break man. What. I went through it miles. Who. That. Was scandalous. So. I'm saying. What. She did though. This. Is lower than moat man I, don't never ever did. Nothing like that to her Negro, please, you've, done worse and Raquel, has, supported, you for, school Asad to. Take care Kelly may, not even be mine what. About the cheeks that you could have been laying up with and got pregnant, if. She found out you. Want to fly right they. Also popping, them what are you trying to say that, Isis ignore, the fact that she just lied to me no, all I'm saying is that I got a history together like.

You. Went a lot of her like that right. But. What if she is yours, she. Didn't kill him because she probably thought it was yours. You. Really shouldn't. Throw. It all away you, know, I really think that Josh shouldn't really try to work it out, you. Know talk to a little bit more fine, that was good. Maybe. You know give her a call again. Hello. Yeah. He's. Right it. Mm-hmm. Hold, on. Papi. We. Need to Talk. Look. I've been thinking about our marriage. And. I've been thinking about what, Raquel, and Desmond are going through. Baby. I'm sorry. I'm. Sorry for hitting you. Racquel. Got that job that I'm gonna hook her up with. And. I. Took. The job at the salon. Look. I love you papi, I. Don't. Want to lose you but we. Got to talk before we get together again yes. I said talk. You. Don't put your hands on me and I, will put my hands on you. Okay. No. Problem. Yeah, we talked it out I. Love. You too. What. Back. To you. All, right talk to you later Wow. My. Wife. Hey. Yo. It's. The best thing to do. Are. You okay. I'm. Tired, I'm. Just very very tired. Have. You spoken to Vanessa. No. She. Keeps calling but I haven't called her back I, can't. Hold a grudge forever okay. Whatever. It is I'm doing. I just, thought we were gonna be together you know, hmm. Everybody. Did, that's. Why I put up with so much of his crap. You. Know what just coming through growing pains you. Guys love each other I think you guys have put this all behind, you. How'd. It get like this. Hey. How's. My little angel. Yeah. Okay. Your. Mom in the bed. Don't, you go have a seat and let me talk to her. No Kara. Doesn't. Welcome. I'm. Sorry for not returning your calls I know that was a little. Immature. Tired. Of apologizing. Apologizing. Raquel you set me up set you up yes, you set me up how, you want to know that Kelly is not mine you got me out there taking care but come on I loved, you I don't, wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and you pull this first. Of all. We. Weren't officially together. Secondly. I've only been with one other person besides, you, can you say the same. Look. I. Don't. Want to talk about this here. You. Know, you hurt me. Yeah. Do, you think about that when you were with everybody else do. You think about me. Are. You really hurt or is it your ego like. I. Said I don't like, talking about this. You. Don't want to talk about it. Doesn't. Matter where we are. Did. You think about who you could get pregnant when you were sleeping around with all those women do. You think about getting me killed or, you didn't think about that did you look I wore hats. Listen. To how you sound I. Stopped. By because I loved, you. I. Never. Thought I'd say this but you're a cow. Once. You start thinking with your brain and, your, heart instead. Of your ego. I'm. Tired. Of, apologizing. Just tell. Me what the test says and we can move on. No. No. Matter what this says. I'm. Gonna be here for Kelly you could believe that yeah. For Kelly, what. About me. What. About us. You. Don't want to said you wanted to move on. State. Killing. You. Either love me or you don't. That. Night. Just. Had two club. Dedicated. That song to you I. Told. You it was a poem. That was inspired by. Solitude. Loneliness. As. Such. This, rapid, return from, any. Breast. Assume. D appears, dry. Tears. My, heart to God ZZZ. P7. My, child has made me completely. Maybe me. Gone. Are the days of summer. But. The futures form to shut if I do have to be the one a. Broken. Man flying. Through the storms of tomorrow. Seeking. The Nepal. Searching. For my future. Thank. You for. Taking. Me from this hell into. In heaven. Serve. My food. At. Volunteers. In, the future. The. Dossier. Heaven. He, monitors. Killya. Stop another dinner I've, ever known. I'm. The only father she's ever had. Don't. You hurt. So. Tell. Me. How, does it feel now to be the new. Mrs. Johnson. It's. Alright come on now. Well. I'm just wondering now, that you have. Two. Things I can think of you know. Your. Hubby rubbed all over your body. Oh, that's. Your story. I guess, you deface about love and family. We'll. See now children, are the byproduct, of love. Find. Out that children to keep up you can use. They're. Having a second, child. Roman, I gotta hit the, nest, I finally found it now. That vanessa has somebody, she. Could learn how to my damn, business. Raquel, and Desmond. Very. Becoming more more like everyday. Said. You wanna, go. Mesa. Postponed. All, the duty pay and, not a thousand, man.

It's. Amazing. I was, feeling. Don't. You. Cry. To. Say.

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