YR 1 PORTFOLIO TOUR! (2018-2019 / Visual Arts Major)

YR 1 PORTFOLIO TOUR! (2018-2019 / Visual Arts Major)

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Hi. So. Today, I decided I was going to film a portfolio. Review of everything I made during this first year as a visual arts major if you don't already know I go to Bismarck State College, which is a community, college here where I live as for the first year, I can. Genuinely, say that I really. Really. Enjoyed my experience there, it was loads. Of fun and because there's not a lot of visual arts majors at this school I got to really. Have close connections, with all my professors and classmates that, were also interested, in visual arts which is super. Super nice to have those kind of connections luckily I was able to take three studio classes, my. First semester I took drawing, one which is just a basic overview of the, elements. And principles of art and how they apply to drawing. And so I won't be showing all of the projects, from that because some of them were just simply to, learn about. Very. Specific things that I'd rather show other drawings, that I'm more excited about than, just these practice ones so just. So you know I have more drawings, that I'm showing today but these are the most. Good. Ones in my opinion I guess so yeah I took that and then second semester I was able to take drawing too which is, taking. Everything you learned from drying, one and applying it but now we were using color, and we, had more freedom, and what we were drawing. Because. First semester drawing, one you. Have specific, still lifes given to you that you have to draw our very specific, guidelines of what you need to do or, yeah second, semester we have much. More freedom and I'll talk about that later and also, a second semester I had to take a class called 2d design it was essentially, learning the same basics, that we, learned in drawing one but taking them and, applying them not only to drawing but painting, as well and having, a, varied. Amount of projects, that again these had more and then drying did it just because you were able to come up with your own subjects, so yes before, I start showing the, actual pieces I want to let you know that I do have an online portfolio created. Now and, it will have all of my pieces that I'm showing today along. With in the future it will have all of my new. Projects, that I'm making and working on through college and on my own time which is super cool it's a, fun place to have all of my works at once and so. I will have that link in the description, so you can go check it out if you want cuz you can see the images, straight on your phone or on a computer and they're probably better. Quality, that I might be able to muster up through this video so yes. On, that note, let's. Get started so first off I'm gonna start with a few of my drawings. From drawing one as. I said before a few of them I'm not going to show but, basically we started off the semester with some gesture line drawings, just to get into the swing of drawing, while standing up and on big pieces of paper but, our first genuine. Project, was a ladder project, and it's kind of hard to explain unless you can visualize it really well but, we have a ladder placing.

In The center of the room with, a bunch of random objects, on it and it. Was a focus on positive, and they give space which positive, space would be like me, with, this door actually, taking up space and, it's there and negative. Space would be everything around, me because there's nothing there but the air, and so, what we did was we flipped, the two around with this ladder and so we made on our drawing the ladder and everything on it had to be connected as one whole. Positive. Space but we flipped it so that there was nothing going on there in the photo and then, all of the negative space around the ladder and the objects, was, the. Positive space, and that's where we had to put some sort of design and, so, my title of this piece is platter. Because it's a ladder and I did my pattern as plaid in the background and. It's just done with graphite I liked, it it took a lot of time for it being my first actual, project, which isn't a bad thing but. I think, I had my mind in the wrong spot and if I were to do this again I probably. Wouldn't. Do. The plaid. Because. It kind of takes away a little, bit from the ladder and all the straight, edges that I have going on but I still I still enjoy it because it was my first genuine, piece and I did a lot of time to, make sure that cloud looks nice and so I'm so proud of it next. Up in this semester was a piece still focused on positive and negative space but more leaning. Towards, a trying. Out contour, line which is when you just do the very straight. Edges around something you don't have any value, or anything it's essentially, like coloring, book pages. So. We did that but this time around we were just supposed to color in the negative space and have the. Subject would be the positive space the, subject being an upside down bicycle, in the middle of the room because. Bikes are very hard to draw as it is and so they have it upside down and seed from any of you actually may, but easier, because we had to come at it with a new approach and we couldn't try. To do it for memory we had to physically, look. At the bike to make sure we were drawing it correctly which is important, and. So I entitled my piece old bike I remember, this one taking me quite a while to decide, where I wanted to draw the bike because I really wanted to do this section to see how I would do on it but I also wanted to tie her in there and, I. Will. Say it's not one of my favorite pieces just, because I did, I did sharpie a little on the background and that looks really nice because I did so many layers of the black so it's super thick and you can't see, the paper through it but. The, moment the part that I wanted to convey, the most, it. Doesn't, look that great in my opinion but you know it's. All a process and, I still think it is good and it looks like a bike but I. Would. Probably give us another shot eventually. And. So continuing, on with the contour, line drawings, the next project, was the. Subject was a big skeleton, in the middle of the room and it had objects, strewn throughout it and we. Had to just draw it it wasn't dealing with positive or negative space or anything we just had to do a drawing. Of all. The outlines of everything, on the skeleton, without any value, in it so, I entitled, this piece leave, me, alone because. I chose. An area I wanted to do the leg of the skeleton, and have the foot in there but to do that I had to draw a lot of toilet and a lot of leaves. Which I really, didn't want to do but I'm actually very proud of how they turned out especially, all these little, strings. Coming from them that took a lot of time to make sure I got it looking right and all. These little points on the leaves but I think I think they did pretty good this next piece was something we've kind of had to make on our own time the assignment, was to draw five different hands, contour, line drawing against but they try to be expressing, different emotions, five different emotions I have would.

Be Rock on or hardcore for. This. Signal. Groovy. For the peace sign, connected. For the pinky-promise. Confused. Which would be the middle. Hand that's kind, of just grasping, at nothing and then. Anxious. Or. Not giving out with the the, bottom hand that's holding on, to something almost and, then next we have another contour, line drawing and this. One initially. I did not like it how, it looked but. Right. Now after. Showing it to people and hearing, their comments, I have a new view on it and I actually really like it I just entitle it choose because, the, subject, matter was literally just a pile of shoes in the middle of the room and we had to try out hatching. And cross-hatching which. Is these pencil, markings that you see all along it i had, always really admired drawings. That could do cross hatching really well for shading and then, i was. Able to do it here myself actually, and i I really liked it so, next we were moving on to doing a lot more value, and shading which meant we were using a lot of charcoal, just because we could cover a big surface better, with it now this, next piece is honestly, my favorite from. The whole semester of. Drawing. One this was one of the first ones where we were able to really use our imagination. More so on it because, there was a, subject. Matter in front of us which was this skull that I'll show you but. There was nothing else around it and we were we, the rule was we had to come up with our own background. For it to be sitting in. And it's, framed currently, because I actually as, you might have seen in the vlog I put this in, the. Gallery for the student show because I'm so proud of it so it's still in the, frame and I might hang it in my room but I called, this one Kubrick, because. I placed. The skull in the, hall from the shining if you don't know me I've had, a little bit of an, obsession with the movie for a while it's it's, slowing down now but when I first thought I was just so, and on I still, think it's just it's film so. Crazy. Beautifully. And just, weird and I really, admired that and so this. Stole, kind of ties into some of the theories people have about the movie so I thought I'd place it in the hallway this was one of one. Of my first attempts, with charcoal, I went piece by piece I, just slowly work when I went down and actually honestly. Surprised, myself at how well it looks because I don't. Really like charcoal, but I really. Love this piece so yeah, and now the. Last pieces I'm going to show you from drawing one are three. Landscape. Pieces that we had to do what we were instructed to do was draw an interior, landscape, exterior. Landscape, and then an abstract, one they had to have some. Sort, of point perspective either one or two point in a room which means you line up everything, and you have to use a ruler for a lot of it to make sure it's all angled, correctly. And, looks realistic. And I'm. Not a big fan of these just because I don't like working, with rulers, a ton. On drawings, just because it feels more, robotic. Which I don't really enjoy but. These pieces do look really nice so I thought I'd show them for this this is the interior, landscape I call it living room because it's my family living room and then the. To your earpiece I called down on the corner this is not based on a real place as you can see because we don't have a theater really like this here done a landscape, piece before because. A lot like this actually so, I thought I'd take a new spin on it because the, previous one I made in, middle. School I believe so I was like let's let's, compare when I did then to, now and this is a lot better and it represents, me a lot better now I think and so this last piece was the last piece of the entire semester and it's the abstract, landscape, I call, it interruption, because. What, I did was I tried to make asteroid, looking things in space and I have two, different. Perspectives, happening, here one's coming straight down that way and then, this piece is just interrupting. All of them and almost crashing into them at a different perspective and, what I did around it instead of just coloring it all in black I decided to.

Stipple, With a thick. Sharpie. Marker and, go. Around it because. I felt like that showed, that they were genuinely, going through space rather than having it just completely dark and as it but these, asteroids. Were forced, to be there so. Yeah. I feel like it give it a more natural look, to it so, yeah that is all my drawings from my drawing one class, it, was really fun I had a wide variety of people in there so we were all able to inspire each other a lot with the, varying levels that were at and the varying ideas, that everyone had it was really fun but, the next class I had would, be 2d. Design and drawing to you but I'm going to show my drawing, two drawings first. They, go in a cohesive order, whereas 2d design is just kind. Of all over the place, so again, in drawing two we were now introduced, to, color and varying, materials, using it such as oil pastels chalk. Pastels. Colored, pencil and we were encouraged, to use color on all of our pieces compared, to last semester, where we were just learning the basics, so we had less drawings, but these ones are more advanced. Than the previous ones in my opinion because, we took so much time for them first piece we had to make was, out of contact. Crayon it's literally like a, chalk. Stick but just more. Heavy-duty and. The, assignment, was to create. Subject. Matter as a meaning and we, got to even create our own still life and we just kind of jumbled. Everything together mind, you we had five people in the class at the start of it and at the end of it we had two it was just dry in an eye but, at this time there were five of us and still there was just really, random jumbled. Still, life created, and we, were able to take whatever we wanted from it and we had to reap like draw, it in a way that represented. A meaning thus. Became. My, piece I entitled grasping. The. Subject matter I chose from the still life was. A glass, bottle. And the. Skeleton, that was against the wall at the time originally the skeletons, hand was placed, down, on the table so, I had to do. A lot of practicing, drawing, my own hands looking at bones and everything to make sure I could draw it correctly since I having it face a different way and then, I took the bottle and almost. Placed it in his hand but, not really it spits floating that's why a piece called grasping, the original, meaning I had for it was. Something. In itself just about this. Subject. This, this person. Here, but. After. Doing the critique for this piece I learned that it can have a lot of different meanings for a lot of different people, so, I won't really go into much detail of, it because I'll have you make a bit what you, have for yourself but essentially, it's kind of representing, this person who even after, death is still grasping, for something so the next piece we did was a triptych which is um it's. An. Art piece that has three different, sections. Of it the assignment was to pick a subject matter of anything, we wanted which I chose the slice of an orange and we had to take it and draw on the first trying it had to be as realistic. As possible and, then the second drawing had to be abstracted. A little bit to the point that you could still tell what, it was like can still tell it's an orange but, you know it doesn't look right and then, the third drawing had to be completely, abstracted. Non-representational, so. That if someone looked at that drawing on its own they wouldn't know what it is but with the three of them together um. You. Understand, that it's all in orange I did these in chalk pastel, it was my first time ever using chalk pastel, and let me tell you it. Was a lot, it took a really long time to get everything to, look the way I wanted, it to especially, on the realistic, orange because I had so. Many layers of color but, in the end I'm really, proud of how they look through the critique we realized that all of my pieces since, the orange goes off of the picture plane if. You put them together a certain way which I'll show here. They. Actually kind of flow into one another and look as if they're. All one, orange. Morphing, into different versions. Of itself. I thought, that was super cool I definitely like the realistic orange the best because it took me so, long and, I'm so proud of how it turned out but all, of them together look, really, cool as well our next assignment was entitled expressive, color which again we were told to choose whatever subject, matter we wanted which eye shows two hands again kind of like the ones that I drew before hand and that other picture, and what we had to do was use.

Color In a way that isn't realistic whatsoever. But it's expressive. To. Ourselves. So this piece is bigger than the average pieces of paper we use I went and bought a black piece of paper actually and, we were told to use oil pastels, on this when I do here was I chose on this hand I was gonna represent sadness. Anger and anxiety now emotions, that we don't really like having and these. Are the colors that I associate them with obviously. Red is anxiety. And anger and the, bluest sadness. And then in this hand I chose to represent happiness. Called. Content. Joy. Eagerness. And love stuff, like that the good emotions that, we want to have and, they use the colors that I associate, those with yellow, obviously, is more of a happy color alone with orange pink I titled, this piece hands, tied as it's, literally representing, two different emotions. And how they are bonded. Together but. At the same time this one is much bigger and, it can overcome that one and even though they work together hand in hand and I'll, put our noggins. There. Can always be much more joy the, next project was the self-portrait and it didn't have to just be a realistic, picture of ourselves it, had to be something. That represented. Us in some way or another and, the, material, we had to use was, colored. Pencil and this piece is framed currently because again this one was also in the, students. Show but. I call this piece me and green I chose. To, do me making, this sort of face because, I've just always admired, art that. Can portray faces, doing just non attractive. Kooky, and weird expression. I chose to use green because it's my favorite color even. Though I knew I would look like, an ogre. It's. Me I wanted to represent me so, there's. That there were only two pieces left in the class and the, next one was a collage in the class we had to do a style research project, and pick, some sort of art style from the past and research about it and eventually make a piece based, on that style, I chose. Five ism and even. Though I was doing a piece already based on it I kind of wanted to try my hand at recreating, one. Of the pieces because we did that in the previous minister, and so I was like we're not try it with collage because if you know five ism you, know it's all over the place with color and I was like this so this would be cool with magazine, cutouts and so here. I have a, recreation. Of woman, with a hat by Andre Matisse it's on cardboard. I really like this one because, I had always wanted to try collage and originally. I've never really wanted to do collages like this with just random paper everywhere, I wanted, it to be the more precisely, cut out and organized.

Pieces, That. You sometimes see but. I figure this would be a good first, attempt at it because if it didn't go well and, whatever, but. It did go well and like. Previously, stated I studied, father's and so this piece is based. Off of the. Techniques, they, used in that style we could use whatever medium we wanted and any. Subject, matter it didn't matter what it just have to be representative. Of the style we studied I use a chalk pastel, again surprising. This is the landscape drawing. From. Outside, of the window of the art studio which is why I entitled, it day in the life it was a lot of fun I actually got it done within a day because I just, went at it and it. Was so based on feeling, and just intuition, that I was able to get. It done pretty quickly and. I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially, the trees that was my last project and drawing - and like previously, stated this class got really, small really fast but it was nice, still because even. Though it kind of sucks to not have all of that inspiration flowing, from their classmates it, was still nice because straighten and I are, super-close, friends obviously and, so we were able to talk about it in and out of class and get. To know our professor a lot better because we, have him next. Year for I'm gonna have him for three. Maybe, four classes, I'm not sure yet and I learned, so. Much so. So so, much from this class whether it be from the projects themselves and, pushing the limits of what I can personally do or, from, the conversations, we have about whatever, we, were having conversations on. It. Was really influential. And, really glad I took it when I did these last pieces, are from 2d design and like previously, stated they're just kind of all over the place and they were focusing, on different elements of art I won't be showing all of them like the, drawing one class some of them are so random, and just kind of focusing. On practice, that I just I won't show them okay so our first project in this class was called line dynamics. And we had three different drawings, we had to make one was a circle, one was a square and one was a rectangle, what we had to do was use Sharpie markers to create, depth. In a piece and it had to be abstract, it didn't it couldn't represent anything, specific. It was a lot for it being the first project in the class but I really got blood flowing with creativity. Because again this class was filled with people. Of all different levels so the first out of the three that I made was the square and I called this one inspection. This was the one I was most excited for but, honestly, it's probably my least three, just because the other ones turned out really cool there's, nothing wrong with this one I kept a theme in all of the pieces, of a checkerboard.

Somewhere. In it the next one I made is in a frame this was the last one that I put into the gallery for the student show it's called intergalactic. I really like this piece this would be my favorite out of the three it's not like, when I normally, make because I'm not really, into abstract, art yet I'm still working with how. I, put. My own take on it and this I feel like I did a really really good job and. All, the varying textures, and, the stark. Contrast between these, checkerboard. Lines, -, all of this messiness. Over here and then the last one I worked on was the circle and I call this one oh the places because. It looks like dr. Seuss it pretty. Much came out what I wanted it to be so but. After, wrong there this is another expressive, color assignment, we had to create four. Pieces on bristol. Board using whatever medium, we wanted, it had to be just some sort of plain object, that, we show different emotions on I did a green. Banana this, one is disinterested. And, then I did a blue banana this one's probably my favorite out of them and this would be abandoned, banana. And this is my second favorite it's a pink it's. Attractive, and this is the whole banana this, assignment was visual music so we had to take an instrumental. Piece and, listen. To it and make, an art piece based off what, it made us feel or what we felt the song embody. And again it could be representational. No actual, subjects, so, just an abstract, piece based off the song ended up picking this. Song the breakfast, machine, from pee-wee's, big adventure the. Movie, soundtrack. It's. A wacky song you'll have to listen to it while, looking at this piece I just entitled, it the breakfast machine I loved it so, much I took pencil. And just outlined circles, of the same size all around it, going, underneath. This, outer red butt and underneath, the yellow but. Above everything else, and so I cut those out with an exacto knife and then, I crumpled, up little pieces of blue. Construction. Paper and, literally, just taped them to the back behind. The circles so that they. They. Don't necessarily pop, out but. You can tell that there's there's, depth to, the piece and so this, is the last piece I'll be showing for the entire video this piece was a dualities, project, so, we had to it was a self-portrait, essentially, but we didn't necessarily again. Have to show. With just a realistic, version of ourselves it could be a landscape, or anything that we wanted to represent. Ourselves. But what we had to do for the dualities, was represent, to varying. Parts. Of our personality it, shows this theme before I started, getting, more and more of those heavy migraines, lately, so. I chose this and then I got a bunch of headaches and then, was able to apply the anger, and frustration I, had from, having, those headaches on to this because that's the theme I chose one, part of my personality being, the, fact that I always try to put my best for yourself forward, and try to stay positive through, everything just keep, my hopes up first, the other part of my personality that it's constantly. Struggling with these headaches and stress.

And Anxiety that, weigh, me down at times and make it hard to be hopeful, I have me down here smiling, showing. That, I'm happy on the outside and trying to be friendly with everyone but. Then cut. Off from this point on where my headaches are you can see all this stress, and anger. That comes through it and I tried to make it look like flames which is why I ripped. These pieces and everything but. I chose, red and then a few. I have a hand here that happened to be red and then, this, sad. Looking person this person that's. Literally, like shielding, themself with their jacket, to, represent, stress. And anxiety that comes with these, headaches this part up here is all collage again, and then this part is, acrylic. Paint along with the background another fun fact about this piece is the fact that I didn't sign. It I just, I wrote the date down and then I instead of signing it I taped down the, wristband that I wore from the ER when I had to. Go down there for one of these headaches recently, and it's kind of just a slap into the face towards. My headaches to be like yeah you can you, can restrict me for a few days but then I'm gonna turn around and make that pain into art so, yeah. So, that, concludes my, portfolio. Review, for my first year, as a visual arts major, I. Hope you enjoyed the piece a there's more but they're not worth showing on camera because this videos at this point it's already probably really long but I apologize, for it but not really cuz if, you want to see art it. Doesn't matter the link because it's not art so yeah, you can definitely tell that the growth I think through my piece is from the drawing one pencil. And charcoal ones up to my, experimentation. With all these new mediums, in the second, semester. I had again if, you want to see these pieces and more, detail. And good quality, go check out my online portfolio the, link will be down below alright. See. You.

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