Zhangjiajie China: 4 Days of China Adventure in Hunan National Forest Park [Small Girl Big World]

Zhangjiajie China: 4 Days of China Adventure in Hunan National Forest Park [Small Girl Big World]

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Here, in jang hijae china join me to explore, his magnificent. Having, on the earth for me explored, a fantastic. UNESCO, heritage, site own England, scenic area, the. World of Vandana from James Cameron, obadah the. Stirring experience, of glass bridge. Mouth-watering. The under the hula food and my, encounter, is a to minority. The. Welcome back to news episode, of jang hijae, you will have not watched my previous two. Videos of, jang hijae, you can find a link in the description below, i started. My journey by flight to Changsha, Hunan province and from. There at tribal, the hired driver to jeong-ja tea. But. He bank, and. He edged up jaunty about it which, is one of the most. The tour is a sports. This actor. Before. Reaching the yellowjacket. Near, plenty, of bottle sports good food analyzed, architecture. Trees. Every. Committees, that. Some. Tourists. To come inside. In. Size up with that one should have it at home you see there's a la open. Center crease. And I'm sure we shall talk about the. Celebration. Of my gosh. About oh so you're a visual. -. Yeah. See, - yah-ha-ha. Matsushita. Yokohama. Associa. The. Total logs of nested is never, point five few meters but, we were being exploring, about 40, meters is now Romania, Street kilometers, is dear and exploit, this. Four kilometers, is divided. Into two tricks, 800. Meters waterway, trip is about the. Right there are three point two kilometers, will be climbing steps, in the clift this. Over. 1700. Opening, down steps and 48. Adding. Panos. It's rich in this kingdom. It's. Just. Which is above. The river. So, now, let me show you the true beauty, of magic. King. This. Shop is what about his neck from all your tomb editing. You. Back, sip. Tea and be. Now. Julie, it's one of the. Which. Is here, this, is my ticket for the versus hopes need. An error in, the. Full price is. 245. And you, can stay here for two days with. One ticket. And. And. That, is the, balloon and later to the car. She. Symbolizes, the ticket for the banner elevator, and, the, ticket price is. This. Is the map of the whole area, I will be going one round on this when judges, lenok arrow. This. Is the Honua mountain, in the avada movie, in, the movie the bottom, part is removed for the floating effect a, heavy. Time the bottom part will be covered, with fog, net quick rate same in a floating effect. This. Voyage is the wishing, bridge you, can see many red clothes tied as well as pack rock with writing, wishes on it. Actually. It's very cotton so I suggest, to him to come here just, the well comfortable shoe, I'm gonna spin the clothes so. Harry. Many. The same. Price. You ready take a long time to open the, biggest omelly covers, a salary. This should sway. Is. Oh. My, survey, is. Timbi. Stream also, known as golden, web stream is, famous, for its pristine, water subordinate. Mountains, steep, cliffs and is a Sarah, Manning.

The, Next stop is jang hijae, the most natural, gallery as the, name implies that a mouse long picturesque. Have, not a beautiful, scenery, the. Cost sandstone. Picks padding in the clouds changes, are not will attract people got. Model. Forest, worse more beasts. You'll. Get that, back so, get that son. Yogi attention. Some. Of the brains behind me is the most offenders. And. There. Were special shoes. On. The bridge already, and, you, can say yes is, beatable. So you can say it. To. The end every stage. To. The end. They. Will go to the end and go, to the bottom the bottom is a lot of any the, Big Bang. So. It has to cross the bridge. So. I go, down to the middle part of this, Grand. Canyon. And the lower I'm facing. Two. Choice one. Choice is I go down this path it's, very little way and. You. Need. To. Take. The path then the others knees take, the elevator, so we were running. To, the end to, say who is fast. -. In Chima time, use with. Unity, I'm I. Meet Juan, Tabo -, Jack majority. Just the. Mountain. And then they tell me every, day they go down and go, down this, ladder pass, to the end you never take elevator, and then they and they are used to take this this battle, path and, they go down to buy some acts so much the worse the bank and come, back, to the top because, now homie is just. Now, I have reached the bottom of the canyon and I can say the beautiful, jewel of the glass bridge. Well. I will finish the, letter path so, now we go to the boat. Irony. Is. That they more my tongue-tied entry. Everything. Tim. Among them famous for a spectacular. View from, a stable car, now hydrant, 90 nice that's to, the heaven, door last, guy walk in a plank. Depends. On the weather so every night. Come. To Chinatown, to zhongshi you deserve, it.

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Long time no seen. Where you been?

Great! I hope you are enjoy in your new house

I was busy with my new house renovation, Chinese New Year celebration, family moments and travelling

They shut the bridge down the day I was there.... you are fortunate to get a Sunny Day - 2 of the 3 days I was there had clouds thick enough to cut with a knife

Wow very nice scenery. Thanks for sharing. Like ur video very much. Thanks

yes it is!the real scenery is just much more fantastic than in this video,camera just can not show the true beauty of this heaven in the earth!welcome to china,and welcome to Zhang Jia Jie!


Thank you for your watching,hope u like the video.☺️

OMG Looks sooo nice! I want to go to China!

Yes, the place is very VERY beautiful

The caves look BEAUTIFUL!

truly it is!welcome to zhang jia jie!

I have only two days at Zhangjiajie. Is it possible to see everything?

Suyog Richa you are welcome!and welcome to china

Thanks and lots of love from India! Thankyou so much. I will take care of this.

Suyog Richa btw,for me,last day in tianmen mountain is the best part!also the glass bridge there is much more challenging compare to glass bridge in Grand Canyon

Hi there,I watched back my video and try to memorise back,if u really want to visit the yellow dragon stone cave,I suggest u can put the grand crayon with glass bridge to the second day with tianmen mountain maybe,as whatever yellow dragon cave is much near to day 1 spots,but pretty far to tian men mountain,tian men mountain to Grand Canyon abt half drive if I don’t mistake,it’s not in the same area,but also not that far,just when u get down the mountain remember always take the elevator,or cable car or small train,choose all convenient way to save much time for you!also tianmen mountain with glass bridge too actually in half day u can visit generally.my last day in tianmen mountain we go down around 2pm. then we go to the airport.if can try to hair car with local people who familiar with spots or just find tour guide!hope you will enjoy your trip!

THANKYOU so much for your BIG help. From your video, I marked the following places for my Day 1: Yellow Stone Dragon Cave Bailong Elevator Avatar Floating Mountains Yuanjia Mountain Natural Gallery Glass bridge in the grand canyon Day 2 Tianmen mountains by cable car Day 2 heavens gate Day 2 Glass bridge at Tianmen I would be extremely grateful if you could just sort my Day 1 (order of travel)? I removed Golden Whip, but I really want to see Yellow stone Dragon cave also. Kindly help me. I will be staying near to Airport. Please please... help...

then I only suggest you can go to wu lingyuan area for the first day,and Tianzi mountain for the second day,they get half an hour drive away,tianzi mountain really deserve your visit.since wu lingyuan area very big with too much spots,I don’t suggest you go to the golden whip stream,yellow dragon cave is also at different direction no need to go,actually two days can visit main tourist spots,good luck!

May I know what camera you use?

I am just using iPhone and Huawei smartphone

this trip must follow your guide?

actually it’s very flexible,no need follow my guide,just Tian Men mountain is separate spot which is more far away from other tourist spots,better arrange it on another day especially

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